Pauline Hanson mocks Sarah Snowflake’s hurty feelings

In her ten years in parliament, Sarah Hanson-Young has rarely been good for anything except entertainment. Who can forget her jaw-dropping display in a Senate estimates hearing, when she apparently thought that the television drama series Sea Patrol was actually nonfiction?

Then there have been her often barely literate press releases, where she willfully displays her ignorance by claiming, for instance, that Australia Day celebrates Captain Cook?s landing. Less hilariously, she has repeatedly slugged taxpayers for thousands of dollars to fund sightseeing trips to Sydney?s Gay Mardi Gras, or to take her daughter whale-watching.

Hanson-Young also excels at putting on attacks of the vapors whenever she?s in a spot of bother. When Senator David Leyonhjelm called her out for calling all men rapists, Hanson-Young whined and wailed all the way to the lawyers. Still, Leyonhjelm has refused to back down.

Now, fellow senator Pauline Hanson is mocking SHY?s histrionics. Quote:

Pauline Hanson has sent Sarah Hanson-Young a box of tissues after the Senator for South Australia barely survived a close encounter with a real life ?It?s Okay To Be White? sign. End of quote.

Like another Sarah ? Silverman ? poor old Sarah Hanson-Young was viciously affronted by a symbol that she didn?t understand, but she?d heard it was, like, real bad, or something.

Caption: Lefties named Sarah have a problem with seeing Nazi symbols everywhere.

Sarah Silverman mistook surveyor?s marks on the pavement for swastikas. Sarah Hanson-Young thinks ?It?s OK to be white? is the same thing. Quote:

?Just found this on the street outside my office,? Hanson-Young tweeted on Thursday. ?Whoever this moron is? should be named and shamed. Pro-nazi slogans like this are not welcome in Adelaide. Go back to the rock you crawled out from and stay there.? End of quote.

Sarah Hanson-Young obviously watches the ABC. If you only watch the ABC, you?ll wind up believing lots of weird things, not least is that simply saying that it?s OK to be the colour you are is like goose-stepping down the Potsdamerplatz in a natty brown uniform while you do a Roman salute. But, as we?ve all come to realise, Sarah?s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Pauline?s not having any of her bullshit, though. Quote:

Pauline Hanson responded to Sarah Hanson-Young?s complaint by sending a box of tissues along with an apology that she could only find them in white.

?Dear Sarah Hanson-Young, I heard that you were very upset and wanted to help so I had my office send these to you,? she said. ?I do apologise though, I could only find them in white.? End of quote.

When I was at school, it was commonly acknowledged that there is no prize for coming second. When it comes to repartee, though, Sarah Hanson-Young can?t even make it off the starting blocks. Quote:

Hanson-Young then replied to Hanson suggesting she?s the the foot-fungus of Australia? Yeah, really.

?Pauline, I don?t think that fanning racism is funny or something that as politicians we should do,? she said. ?Australians deserve better than this. You are a disgrace. You are like the tinea that grows between the toes of the nation, irritating but just need good dose of anti-fungal cream.?

?This is the worst come-back I?ve ever seen,? Sydney Watson tweeted in response. ?I?d encourage you to stick to politics, but you can?t seem to do that properly either.? End of quote.