The EU is about to criminalise criticism of migration!

As revealed in the Tweet above, the European Union is set to criminalise speech that criticises migration. quote.

The criticism of migration will be a criminal offence. […] Media outlets that give room for criticism of migration can be shut down.?end quote.

This shocking news can only make me wonder about Stuff’s motivation for shutting down opposing views of climate change and the Green party co-leader James Shaw’s enthusiastic support of Stuff’s one-sided and censored articles.

Is Stuff now a government-controlled media outlet? Are they rewarded for toeing the party line on climate change and silencing the opposing view?

Once upon a time, that question would seem far fetched, but if the European Union are going to shut down media outlets that have articles criticising mass migration, then it is no longer in the realm of fantasy?that our own?media could now genuinely be under pressure from our own government. The threat may not yet be overt, as they may be taking the carrot-and-stick approach. Perhaps Stuff is going to be rewarded for what they are doing in some way, such as more access to government ministers for stories? Perhaps the pressure won’t start till later when one of the editors develops a backbone and attempts to provide some balance to the series?

I feel like I have woken up inside a George Orwell novel. Is this really the world we live in now? Who could have imagined a world where the European Union is openly planning to gag the press and criminalise free speech?