Which is worse for your health, carrots or brussels sprouts?

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Barbecue Bible
By Nancy Loseke

If you thought my headline was a misleading one you would be right. Basically, I took a Stuff headline about bacon and sausages and replaced the words bacon and sausages with carrots and brussels sprouts. It seems that, after first demonising fat and sugar, the next target is now delicious meat.

Apparently, despite human beings enjoying meat since Adam and Eve first spat out the apple and chowed down on a nice slice of barbequed snake, it has all this time actually been bad for our health. Not only bad but SHOCK HORROR…” probably carcinogenic to humans” if cooked on a barbeque.

Probably carcinogenic? Really? I think it probably depends on the chef.

Burnt Steak
By Mikhaela Francheska

In the wrong hands, I am pretty sure that any kind of vegetable or fruit could become carcinogenic.


Yum, these “probably carcinogenic” carrots look rather appealing.

Burnt Brussels Sprouts

The burnt Brussels sprouts, however, are another?matter entirely…