Winston admits the ban on letting fees will cause rent increases

… but he did it anyway…

Cast your mind back to October 2017. We were told that capitalism had failed. We were told that dark clouds were forming on the economic horizon and that we should not blame the incoming government – selected by Winston Peters – for the hard times that were to come. We, the great unwashed, were told not to worry. Winston had chosen a government that was going to bring ‘kindness’ back. Winston, on his white charger, was going to save us from those mean, nasty capitalists and make New Zealand great again.

Well, how is that working out?

TVNZ ?reports that Winston acknowledges that one of his government’s policies is causing rents to increase.

(Only one of them, huh?) quote.

Winston Peters has admitted the abolition of letting fees may lead to “temporary rent rises” during Question Time in Parliament today.

Mr Peters was answering on behalf of the absent Prime Minister when National Party leader Simon Bridges raised the issue.

“Does she still have hope her policy won’t lead to higher rents when there are property companies emailing their clients telling them to increase rents by amounts such as $6 per week to recover the abolished letting fees,” Mr Bridges asked.

Mr Peters then admitted that rent rises may occur due to the policy, but said tackling housing supply was the Government’s main focus.

“The Minister of Finance, the Minister of Housing, as well as the Prime Minister and yours truly answering for the Prime Minister, have said there could be a temporary rise while we try and get on top of the massive shortage in supply of housing. end quote.

Here, Winston is deliberately obfuscating. There is no direct relationship between the banning of letting fees and the housing shortage. Most of the houses currently under construction are for owner occupiers anyway, so these will have only a limited effect on the rental market.

Still, he just can’t hold back on his barbs. quote.

“There used to be a time the National Party understood supply side economics but they don’t when it comes to housing,” he answered. end quote.

There used to be a time when politicians actually acted in the best interests of New Zealand, not purely for their own self-interest.

So our government acknowledges that rent rises will be the consequence of their landlord-bashing policies. Well, at least for once, he is being straight up about it.

Isn’t ‘bringing kindness back’ just great for everyone?