2030 Agenda?: Latest UN Plan for World government

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I’ve come across this video from 2015, which would have been roundly dismissed as yet another crazy conspiracy theory – especially coming from the John Birch Society. But it is well worth listening to, because 4 years on we can see it unfolding.?

It does explain why we’re going through the mill at the moment with the UN Migration Compact and the insistence on drawing refugees from the UNHCR alone – which has been going on unabated for the last few years. I think it might even explain the closing down of anything different (and effective) such as the Charter Schools, terminating gas and oil exploration, the meaningless waffle we’re subjected to, and now Jacinda’s otherwise inexplicable moral lapse in supporting abortion to term.?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we all suspect. It’s not so easy to dismiss as it might have been a while ago – and we must understand the magnitude of what we’re up against before we can stand against it.?