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This is a REAL White Privilege college test it includes “Jewish privilege” (yes really)

Are you for Real?


>>> ELECTION NIGHT 2017 – Live post

Join us here as we channel flick between the major networks, keep an eye on Twitter and other social media, and discuss the highs and lows of election night.

Preliminary election results will become available progressively from 7:00pm.

Targets for release of the preliminary election results are:

  • by 8:30pm all advance vote results
  • by 10:00pm results from 50% of voting places
  • by 11:30pm results from 100% of voting places

TVNZ Election night coverage is streaming live here.

TV 3 live stream.

Election results from the government web site here.

Radio New Zealand live stream.

Errrr, what?

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Where the HECK am I?

People are stupid, really stupid, just watch the video

It seems they walk amongst us…stupid people.

The man who photographed a sign on a Dunedin beach claiming to prove the earth is flat is in shock after it made the headlines across the world.

Stephen Voss noticed the sign at St Kilda Beach while walking to Lawyers Head.

The sign questions why the horizon out to sea is “level” and points people towards a YouTube video claiming to prove the earth is flat. Voss, who works as a doctor in Invercargill but lives in Dunedin at weekends, posted a picture of the sign online, saying “it appears that the Flat Earth Society have infiltrated St Kilda”.

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