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Are some cultures better than others?

Until Winston decides on a government: Whaleoil’s ZIT of the Day


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Unpalletable crime in Norway

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Quote of the Day

Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox. Photo: RNZ / Craig McCulloch

Marama Fox explains why Maori returned to Labour:

Marama Fox struck a defiant tone in her speech as her impending loss to Labour candidate Meka Whaitiri became clear.

Fox said on Saturday night that commiserations were in order for Ikaroa-Rawhiti as they were “about to have a member of parliament who is going to sit in opposition” but saved her strongest words for the king-maker, Winston Peters (NZ First).

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Explaining is losing: Why the polls are wrong (how I was right)

Guest post

It was amazing in a sense that the polls “corrected’ in the last week and actually came very close to the actual result. Colmar Brunton in particular having an amazing “swing” from a week before.

I stand by my original premise that the polls prior to the last week reflected what the media party wanted to happen, not the reality. And boy did it backfire!

As a swing voter, exceedingly cross with National over a few issues, including immigration, 2334, lack of RMA reform and the cluster that is Auckland, those polls and my lack of a serious alternative “home” guaranteed two ticks blue.   Read more »

Almond milk,sausages and fish bites but what he really needs is a gag

Is it just me or are you sick of Clarke Gayford’s inability to stay out of the limelight? He needs to understand that unlike his last celebrity girlfriend he doesn’t get to share the fame on an equal footing. Yes, he will get his photo in women’s magazines but this time around he needs to know his place. Jacinda has star billing and his job is to smile and to be supportive but most importantly to STFU. No one voted him into power and he needs to fade into the background like a good political spouse.
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