Theological Tuesday

It is wrong to normalise violence in British politics

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What really happened yesterday in Oldham

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Daily roundup

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Today in rock history

Today in Rock History is a music orientated segment where we would like to encourage readers to share their thoughts and tastes in music and discus the various aspects of any music topic. This post is not limited to rock music. You are encouraged to bring anything music related along that you would like to share, either by typing the name of a song and artist into the comments section or by sharing a youtube, vimeo, spotify or soundcloud link. If you are unsure how to add a link, simply write the name of the song and the composer and someone may very well do it for you.

Music is a huge part of peoples lives even if we aren’t all music enthusiasts. Music is all around us in advertising, background noise in shops and on the streets. It’s inescapable when you have teenagers but for most of us it is a huge part (if not a ritual) of our lives that we feel close to.

So kick back and enjoy Nechtan’s Today in Rock History playlist and see what new gems you discover.

Today in Rock History:

Born today in 1943, Hilton Valentine, original guitarist with The Animals.

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Automate your delivery of restaurant quality meat

Okay, so you’ve tried our delicious meat products from The Whale Meat Company and you would like to enjoy it on a regular basis.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to keep getting your favourite products every

  • week
  • fortnight
  • or month

We do not want you to risk running out.

We do not want you to be forced to eat inferior quality supermarket meat because you forgot to put in your order.

We know that once you have tasted the best it is to hell with the rest!

So, how can you avoid that Whale-meatless situation?

Rest assured we’ve thought of everything,   

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Tweet of the day

What if they had a mass extinction and nobody died?

Apart from occasional eructations like the recent children’s crusade, you can’t escape the feeling that the wheels are slowly falling off the climate bandwagon. Public concern about global warming waxes and wanes (often suspiciously in sync with the northern summer months), but it’s one thing to say you’re concerned about global warming, quite another to be prepared to put your money where your mouth is, as the cost and reliability of “renewables” begins to bite consumers.

It seems that the globalist embiggeners of climate change scaremongering sense, too, that their bogey-man is losing its ability to frighten. So now they’re draping another bedsheet over their heads, holding another torch under their faces, and telling a new scary story. Mass extinction is the new climate change. quote.

A new United Nations report warns that “global rate of species extinction is already at least tens to hundreds of times higher than the average rate over the past 10 million years and is accelerating.” end quote.

Gosh. Lucky for us, the UN has a handy solution. Oddly, it sounds exactly like the prescription for global cooling global warming climate change. quote.

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The hate crime wave no one talks about

If you were to believe the left-media elite, America is awash with the ‘hate crimes’ of evil whiteys targeting anyone with a slightly dusky complexion. The left are so convinced of this narrative that they believed, against all evidence, the ludicrous hoax perpetrated by actor Jussie Smollett. Indeed, even after Smollett’s clumsy hoax was exposed beyond doubt, many on the left continue to claim that he is somehow a ‘victim’.

But if a ‘hate crime’ is distinguished by a disparity between the race of the victim and the perpetrator, it seems that there are a whole lot of very real crimes going on that appear pretty ‘hatey’. It’s just that the left-media don’t like to talk about them much.

Because both the victims and the perpetrators don’t fit the narrative. quote.

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