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Hey Jacinda, what about the New Zealand trucking crisis?

via Stuff

Thousands more cars and trucks have been diverted through Marlborough’s inland highway after last November’s quake closed State Highway 1 through Kaikōura.

Since then, driving the upper South Island’s alternate highway has been a dodgem of potholes, blown out tyres lying shredded on the roadside, and endless road works.

Earlier this year, truckers raised concerns about the safety of the alternative route between Picton and Christchurch.

The inland route via the Lewis Pass was never intended to be a main arterial route but that changed when the Kaikōura earthquake forced coastal sections of State Highway 1 to be closed.

The New Zealand Transport Agency has budgeted about $60 million for repairing and maintaining a highway that was never designed to cope with the volume of vehicles and heavy trucks, which soared from an average 400 to 2000 daily through the alpine village of St Arnaud. In Murchison the figure doubled to more than 4000 vehicles a day.

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Jacindamania doesn’t work past our borders

We’re heading for a “don’t blame us, blame the government” phase when talking to our friends overseas.  Like many others, they don’t understand what happened here because they weren’t driven to insanity by a media hell bent on turning Jacinda into our own Political Celebrity, complete with a new-age supportive almond-milker at home.

…NZ’s sheep population and to a lesser extent its cattle will find themselves the uncomfortable butt of even more fart jokes as the NZ power troika move relentlessly toward Labour’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, damaging its sheep meat exports and dairy export industries.

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Backlash against police “Propaganda video”

When you think about crimes that are linked to religion in the UK which religion springs to mind?

When you think of a persecuted religion in the UK which religion or religions spring to mind and who do you assume is doing the persecuting?

The major problem judging by both the statistics and news reports are terror attacks against all British citizens and violence against both Ahmadiyya Muslims and non-Muslim British citizens ( particularly Jews and white skinned young girls) by Muslim British citizens.

Despite the fact that these crimes are coming from within the Muslim community and are seriously impacting other British citizens lives Lincolnshire police have made a propaganda video that makes it seem that the problem is actually non-Muslims committing crimes against Muslims.

British politician and activist Anne Marie Waters commented on twitter:

“Our police don’t have the resources to deal with crime, but here’s a pro-Islam video they knocked up.”

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