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Just a brief note to readers who like to add their own contributions to Daily Roundup in the comments. This post is for family-friendly humour ONLY thank you.

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Today in Rock History

Today in Rock History is a music orientated segment where we would like to encourage readers to share their thoughts and tastes in music and discus the various aspects of any music topic. This post is not limited to rock music. You are encouraged to bring anything music related along that you would like to share, either by typing the name of a song and artist into the comments section or by sharing a youtube, vimeo, spotify or soundcloud link. If you are unsure how to add a link, simply write the name of the song and the composer and someone may very well do it for you.

Music is a huge part of peoples lives even if we aren’t all music enthusiasts. Music is all around us in advertising, background noise in shops and on the streets. It’s inescapable when you have teenagers but for most of us it is a huge part (if not a ritual) of our lives that we feel close to.

So kick back and enjoy Nechtan’s Today in Rock History playlist and see what new gems you discover.

Today in Rock History:

Born today in 1944, Rick Davies songwriter, singer and keyboardist with Supertramp.

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Comedy Corner: Non-PC Jokes Guaranteed to Offend


Welcome to politically incorrect Comedy corner: the one place where you are allowed to read and share naughty and offensive jokes that make us all laugh even though we are not supposed to. If you are offended by these kinds of jokes then please do not read this post

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We Need to Talk About this Twitter Account

Straight out of the gate I want to make it very clear that the person behind this blocklist that I am going to tell you about is free to be a complete jackbooted, authoritarian, self-righteous, finger-pointing, judgemental, conspiracy chasing, racist scumbag.

I believe in free speech and he is free to create a block list and to defame people on Twitter hiding like a coward behind an anonymous Twitter handle. The people he attacks in turn are free to try to confirm who he is and to call him out for his lies and defamatory accusations.

The latest person to find themselves a target of this person is none other than ACT candidate Stephen Berry. I hope he takes it as a badge of honour as the person behind this blocklist is a complete nutter.

angry friday the 13th GIF by Travis Falligant
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Ron Mark Plays the Blame Game

By Rantykiwi

Ron Mark is busily duck-shoving and deflecting blame for the 757 breakdown whilst utterly failing to address the elephant in the room. He should be asking what our PM was doing using a RNZAF plane in the first place.

Defence Minister Ron Mark says the New Zealand Defence Force plane that the Prime Minister used is at the “end of [its] life”
[…] His comments come after Jacinda Ardern was stranded in Australia when the NZDF plane broke down.

Ardern managed to get home on a commercial flight which landed at Auckland Airport at about midnight on Friday.

“Of course it is always embarrassing when a plane that the Prime Minister is given to travel on breaks down but replacing it isn’t a priority,” Mark said.

He said New Zealand was stuck with the 757 aircraft until 2028 and it would be up to the government of the day to decide what to do with it then.

“The number of times successive governments have bought the wrong gear, and sadly I’m stuck with those problems and we just have to deal with it.”

In the meantime, Mark has recommended the Prime Minister use chartered planes to travel.

Maybe the PM should just catch commercial flights as her predecessors have done.

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Stuff Up of the Day

Today’s Stuff Up of the day involved “A popular road”

Umm, It was on SH1, can’t get much more popular than that. And the crash was in Northland, not Te Rapa. Idiots.

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A person is never happy except at the price of some ignorance.

Anatole France

This piece of wisdom was brought to you by The Whale Meat Company.

Busing: Another Liberal Idea That Harmed Black America

During the first round of Democratic presidential debates, Kamala “Look at me, I’m brown” Harris savaged Joe Biden for his 1970s opposition to busing – the leftist policy by which students from predominantly black areas were forced to take long bus rides to schools in white areas. The grand leftist theory was that this forced integration would usher in a bright new dawn of racial harmony.

Like all leftist utopias, it was a nice theory, but how did it measure up to reality? Turns out, that fossilised ol’ whitey racist Biden might just have been right, after all.

For one thing, the supposed beneficiaries of busing weren’t so keen on it. But, hey, what would they know?

What Cleve dreaded every day was not the “racism” of white students (he found none of that), but the bus rides. An hour-plus each way of unsupervised hell. That’s when the teasing and abuse were at their worst.

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Map of the Day: Belief in God

Belief in God in North America and Europe. (Source: reddit.com)