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Morrison government signals more wins to come

Australian PM Scott Morrison

Australia dodged a bullet last Saturday when it rejected the hard-left, tax’n’spend’n’ban agenda of the Labor party. But the Morrison government seems to be signalling that not only has Australia avoided a radical “progressive” government but that the Coalition might be preparing to take on other actors pushing the left-wing agenda.

Allegedly “independent” lobby group GetUp is a deep-pocketed left-wing lobby group, allegedly linked to George Soros, who have expended astonishing resources targeting the Coalition. quote.

Peter Dutton has lashed GetUp for “deceptive”, “undemocratic” and “unrepresentative” conduct during its failed campaign to oust him from his Queensland seat, saying he would back “parliamentary processes” to bring the activist group to heel.

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Satirical image of the day

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Brace yourselves, New Zealand: Aussie ‘celebrities’ are coming

Photoshopped image Ccredit: Luke

Before the Australian election, Whaleoilers were worried that a Labor victory would lead to a surge in country-shopping asylum seekers hoping to make good on Jacinda Ardern’s virtue-signalling. The good news is that New Zealand has dodged that particular bullet.

The bad news is that an avalanche of even worse grifters is threatening to flood your shores, tempted by Jacinda’s fairy-dust rhetoric: celebrities. quote.

Jane Caro

Comedian Meshel Laurie called Australians ‘dumb, mean-spirited and greedy’, while author Jane Caro said she wished she were from New Zealand – although she later backtracked after hundreds of people offered her a lift to the airport. end quote.

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Cartoon of the day by SonovaMin

Something useful our PM could do

PM Jacinda Ardern and President Donald Trump

By Owen Jennings

Here is something useful that our prime minister could do.  It would be a major, long-lasting boost to our economy.  It would do more than a “well-being budget” could ever do, or a ban on oil and gas exploration or a massive tax on Kiwis proposed in the Carbon Emissions Bill.  Unfortunately, it wouldn’t mean a trip to Paris.  No hijab needed. Probably not even a TV appearance.  So the chances are slim to non-existent.

That most useful thing our prime minister could do would be to back President Trump on his trade war with China.

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Incite Politics

Jacinda Ardern: The Woman’s Weekly Prime Minister

[...] What worries me most is that the warped mind of Tarrant understood that our woman’s weekly prime minister is so entirely predictable that she would set about turning a democracy against itself immediately after his heinous crime. Ardern quickly began acting out his predictions . . .

Minister of Finance fails GDP question

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Oh dear, oh dear! Ardern did not know the difference between GDP and the Crown financial accounts and now the Minister of Finance, Grant Robertson has displayed his ignorance about GDP for all to see. Quote.

Hon Paul Goldsmith: To the nearest billion dollars, what is an additional 1 percent GDP growth worth to New Zealand?

Hon GRANT ROBERTSON: I believe it’s about $800 million.

Hon Paul Goldsmith: $800 million?

Hon GRANT ROBERTSON: About that.

Hon Paul Goldsmith: Does he think that the people of New Zealand would expect their Minister of Finance to know that 1 percent of GDP is about $3 billion and that’s the amount of money that we’ve missed out on given the sharp decline in growth in the past year? End quote.


Please get out your calculator and follow along:

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Tova O’Brien savages David Seymour

And so it begins… a right-wing politician calls a left-wing politician a ‘menace’ and the world goes into meltdown. That the left-wing politician in question sent the above tweet about the same right-wing politician is okay though… it is always okay if the left does it.

For the record, I want to make it clear that if Golriz Ghahraman really has received death threats, then that is truly dreadful, No one should ever have to put up with that.

I assume that no one is claiming that David Seymour had anything to do with the death threats though, although you might be forgiven for thinking that. Out come all the screaming harpies to defend Golriz, even though Seymour has done no wrong.

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