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Labour living wage employer threatens employee over immigration?

Not much to go on but public comment has been made on Tamati (Labour candidate, living wage employer) threatening an employee over immigration status.

That they even do some of this in public is just… claaaaassy.

Want a reduced sentence? Blame your religion

Remember the Muslim migrant who had a ‘sexual emergency’ and raped a young boy at a public pool?

The migrant who raped a young boy in a swimming pool because he ‘had not had sex for four months’ has had his sentence reduced and will soon be free.

The Senate of the Supreme Court of Austria has ruled that the sentence of 20-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker, known only as Amir A, will be reduced from seven to four years after he raped a ten-year-old boy who suffered horrific injuries as a result.

…Senate president Thomas Philipp said: ‘Four years are appropriate here.’

Amir A’s lawyers had sought a retrial after successfully arguing that the original trial had not done enough to discover if he knew for certain that his victim was saying no.

The appeal had shocked legal experts because as a 10-year-old minor, the victim could never have given his consent to sex.


Useful Infidels tell us that Islam is a religion of peace and a feminist religion and that it is not responsible for the crimes committed in the West by Muslims yet they are quite happy for the Islamic culture and religion to be used as an excuse to reduce criminal Muslims’ sentences. The ‘sexual emergency’ rapist is only one of countless Muslim criminals who have successfully used their religion and culture as an excuse for their crimes in the West.

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Brian Fallow: the better than nothing Budget

Steven Joyce has hardly thrown fiscal caution to the winds.

It would have been intolerable for the Government to crow about how well the economy is doing and project ever fatter surpluses and falling debt to GDP ratios while doing nothing about the pressure on the finances of lower- and middle-income families.

Both the increases to the income tax thresholds and the changes to Working for Families tax credits are overdue.

The income tax scale was last adjusted in 2010. So we have had seven years of fiscal drag or bracket creep, where as income rises more and more of it will be in the taxpayer’s marginal tax bracket, delivering a slow but relentless increase in the average tax paid on every dollar earned.

To be fair, the government has only just returned to running a surplus.  It did have to pay for some expensive unforeseen events, like earthquakes.    Read more »

We all know a guy like this

It really sucks dealing with a person who takes no personal responsibility for their own actions and who blames everyone else for the consequences of their actions. We all have known a person like that at some time in our lives. It is always someone else’s fault and sometimes they will go to great lengths to hold someone else responsible for their actions.

While we have been away from home fighting a battle in the High Court both our children have been flatting together for the very first time in their lives. I got a phone call from our daughter the other night who told me that our son while at work had banged into young man who got away with murder when they both went to school with him.

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Mental Health Break

Imagine if we applied Uber’s new pricing matrix to other services

Uber in the states is experimenting with a new pricing matrix. Uber is attempting to predict what customers are willing to pay. This is not dissimilar to what I call the dentist matrix. You know that tooth that has been giving you a bit of a niggle? You ignore it and do nothing. Then it starts to become uncomfortable so you ring around dentists and get some quotes. The prices are in the hundreds of dollars so you think I will wait a bit longer and see if it goes away. A week later you wake up with a swollen face and in incredible pain. You go to the closest local dentist who explains that the tooth must be removed immediately and tells you that it will cost you over a thousand dollars. You agree immediately.

With Uber, the method of charging will not be based on need or even demand. They are attempting to charge based on how much each individual is willing to pay based on their level of affluence.

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Map of the Day

World Telegraph Lines (1871)

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“GST to be removed on female hygiene products” petitioner writes to Whaleoil

Melanie and Rebecca – photo via NZ Herald

Whaleoil has always offered an unedited Right of Reply.

Yesterday I commented on the petition to remove GST from feminine hygiene products (If it bleeds, it leads: Petition to remove GST from pads and tampons)

From: “Rebecca” <[email protected]>
Date: 25/05/2017 10:35 AM
Subject: GST to be removed on female hygiene products
To: <whaleoilbeefhooked>

Hi there

It’s Rebecca Jacobs, one of the students involved in the campaign to remove tax on female hygiene products. I would just like to address the fact that we indeed believe that tax should be removed from items such as doctors appointments and fruit and veg but understand this is unattainable at the moment.

We understand that to actually remove the GST from these items would be a very hard task, however are just happy to get the word out there. We do not believe it is right to have tax on an item that we can’t help but buy as a monthly need and intact women spend a lot more than $5 a month on these sanitary products, a majority of women will go through multiple packs a month and that is not including mothers who must buy them for their daughters also.

While you may believe only getting rid of 15% of a cost will not make a difference, it is at least a start and will save money for those who don’t have the money to spare.

Thank you very much
Rebecca Jacobs

Thanks Rebecca.

You have my respect for speaking up and trying to create change in a positive way.   That sets you and your friend apart from most others.

I do choose to disagree with your views, although I understand that you can hold a moral position on what should and what shouldn’t be taxed.

The problem I have is – who decides what’s in or out?

And when governments change and the will of the people is reflected differently, what else will get added or removed from that list?   Will it be used for political agendas to encourage or punish specific industries involved with sugar, salt, fats or what have you?

In the end, taxes to pay for things must come from somewhere.  Just as money to assist those who need it most needs to come from somewhere.

To break the GST system is not the best way to do this, but I accept that’s my view and not yours.

Personally I believe a more effective solution is a community based initiative where churches, doctors clinics,  community centres and schools work in partnership with like-minded businesses.   I would imagine Steve Tindal to be the sort of person that could be approached to see what’s possible.

But before we start that – can you (or anyone) quantify the problem?   Exactly how many women are truly unable to take care of themselves through hardship?

Would a directed and personal approach help them better than a packet of pads that is 50 cents to a dollar cheaper than before?



London becomes Wogistan

The BBC writes

Something quite remarkable happened in London in the first decade of the new millennium.

The number of white British people in the capital fell by 620,000 – equivalent to the entire population of Glasgow moving out.

The consequence, as revealed by the latest census, is that white Brits are now in a minority in London, making up just 45% of its residents.

So where have they gone to – and why did they leave?

Remarkably, they can’t even see the truth.  There is no “white flight” you see.  It’s just a desire for country living.   Yeah, I wish I was kidding.
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