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Australia’s Green Gunts

Caption: Worst Mr. Myagi cosplay ever.

For a party that spends so much time preaching about “decency”, and who faint like so many maiden aunts if a female politician is so much as spoken to sternly, the Greens sure are a rapey, foul-mouthed bunch.

Whaleoil readers will be well aware of Marama “Gunt” Davidson’s fondness for the “c-word”. Now, one of her Australian counterparts has gone into bat for a serial pest with a habit of haranguing members of the public with it.

Mehreen Faruqi, the Greens’ unelected diversity hire, tweeted her support of Sydney geriatric whack-job Danny Lim, when he was arrested for offensive behaviour.

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Map of the day

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Where Each States Largest Immigration Population was Born

A self explanatory comparison between 1910 and 2013. I guess this is why Trumpet loves his contentious wall?

Convicted drug dealer gets reference from convicted fraudster

We all know by now that Karel Sroubek is a good guy deep down, as that is what Richie Hardcore told the prime minister while thanking her for letting Sroubek stay in the country and get another chance. Sroubek also has another person vouching for him, saying that he is a good guy really. It is convicted fraudster Alex Swney. quote.

As much as a former prisoner can comment on character, I am going to try, because I think there is an overwhelmingly sad and vindictive righteousness playing out in this whole sorry saga.
I’m not attempting to defend a convicted drug dealer. There is no defence. We are a civilised society… Rightly, prisoners have few rights but they are not zero. end quote.

Of course Swney was trying to defend Sroubek. Why else would he write this article? Even if Sroubek is cute and cuddly as everyone says, nothing alters the fact that he is a wife-beating drug dealer who uses fake identities. That is why he was in prison, and there is no defence for any of that. quote.

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Now there’s an imaginary “ethnic pay gap”

Caption: The Met’s minority recruits face their first day on the job.

Not content with having made a fictitious ‘gender pay gap’ one of their great modern crusades, the intersectional ninnies of the left are plumbing the depths of dumbassity even further by trying to claim that there is an ‘ethnicity pay gap’.

But this moral panic is just as uninformed and deceitful as its sister. Quote:

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has pledged to take action after a pioneering pay audit found that the city’s black and minority ethnic public employees were paid anything up to 37% less on average than their white counterparts, with an especially severe difference in the police.

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Disqualified from the race to the bottom

In the race-to-the-bottom entered by the proponents of Silly First Name syndrome there are no winners, the whole cretinous bunch are losers. Fortunately for their progeny, who will have enough of life’s handicaps to overcome given the IQ of their parents, the nanny state steps in to protect some people from their own stupidity. Quote.

Your baby will never be Royal. It is against the law. That kind of name is banned, under the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Act.

The Registrar-General has ruled Royal and 43 other names could not be used, in 2018.

While the most popular names of 2018 were Oliver, Charlotte, Mia and Nikau, the most popular but disallowed names were Royal and King. End quote.

Why on earth would a parent palm their child off with a name like Nikau? Quote.

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View from your window

Where do you think today’s photo was taken?

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Poverty porn

Poverty Porn

Crikey; here we go again. Oxfam spits out a press release about ‘inequality’ and the Dompost breathlessly regurgitates it as front-page news. It’s outright poverty porn, pure sanctimonious self-aggrandisement on behalf of a ‘charity’ that managed to get itself banned from Haiti last year. Now that takes a lot of doing.

It wasn’t the sad fact that large numbers of Oxfam’s little helpers were involved in child-sex trafficking in the country that angered Haiti so much as the fact the prostitution racket was known about at the very top of the organisation who took pains to cover the issue up. ‘Nothing to see here, madam. Move along’.

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Cartoon by Boomslang

Cartoon credit: BoomSlang