Queer theory is “truth”, science doesn’t matter and children know best

Ben Law

Australia’s Gay marriage debate is proving to be very different to the debate we had in New Zealand. In New Zealand, the debate was focused on the issue of equality only but In Australia, the Gay marriage debate is being used by activists to push the disturbing Safe Schools programme as well as an attack on the rights of parents who have children who think that they are transgender.

Ben Law – the young gay activist who recently tweeted that he might ‘hate f**k’ the homophobia out of MPs opposed to same-sex marriage – last week published Moral Panic 101, which includes advice for the mums and dads of Australia on how to be good parents. According to Law, we don’t just need Safe Schools to protect kids from bullies in the schoolyard, we need Safe Schools to protect kids from unenlightened parents. For some young people with old-fashioned parents “neither home nor school is safe.”

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Tomorrow is election day, and Whaleoil will not be what you expect

Hi there stalwarts and recent arrivals.  Thanks for your support of Whaleoil in the lead-up to the 2017 election.  Whaleoil has a unique place in New Zealand’s media where we are the most influential and widely read political blog that provides analysis, background and commentary.

Unfortunately, the law prevents us from discussing anything to do with New Zealand politics on Saturday – tomorrow – election day – 23rd of September.  At least until the polls close at 7 pm.    (Do come join us after 7pm when we will have the LIVE ELECTION NIGHT post and we will continue until all the results are in.) Read more »

How likely is it that you could lose your identity?


If your identity is hacked, it is usually because fraud is committed using social engineering techniques. Other people can hold your identity in their hands. If your bank has employees that seem over-fussy when it comes to authenticating you, then bless them and relax.

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the whole world. Simply carrying a credit card or a driverís license, or using a debit card in buying food, and making some online purchase can expose themselves to identity theft. Thieves are creating more sophisticated, advanced, and unpredictable methods of stealing personal information.
Identity theft happens when someone gains unauthorized access to valuable information and documents like credit cards, bank statements and utility bills and illegally uses the information to make unauthorized purchases.

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Mental Health Break

What does concealed depression look like?

In my experience, not everyone who has depression knows that they have depression. I didn’t know that I had it until a doctor told me that my physical symptoms were caused by my mind. It was a shock but also a relief to understand what was happening. It was only then that I was able to learn how to manage my depression.

[…] People with concealed depression are battling demons within themselves all on their own. They are not sharing their struggles and do not want to burden those around them.

[…] The following 15 habits are some of the most common I have noticed in people dealing with concealed depression.

1. They are often quite talented and very expressive.

A lot of famous people have suffered from mental illnesses, and this suffering gives them deeper emotions. If you really think about it, this is in some form a source to their greatness. While we cannot always see it, their struggles are often reflected in their works. These people are able to bring something beautiful out of the darkness that consumes them.

If you suffer from depression grab this silver lining with both hands. You are clearly very clever just like me. Welcome to the Clever club.

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Are you a Whaleoil virgin?

Hey Good looking

Elections always bring Whaleoil virgins to New Zealand’s largest and most popular blog and we have noticed you checking us out across a crowded blogosphere.

I am sure you have heard a few worrying things about us but being a bit of rebel is all part of our charm.

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Map of the Day

Countries with higher GDP’s than California

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Burning Northland’s bridges NZ First style

NZ First MP Richard Prosser writes to washed up journo Tim Murphy:

Listen carefully Cindy, Uncle Winston has some advice for you

Winston Peters might have given Jacinda Ardern this advice earlier…then her campaign might not have tanked.

Winston Peters won’t say whether Labour’s woes over tax could lose it the election but his advice to Jacinda Ardern would have been not to introduce anything.

Last week Ardern made a u-turn after sustained attacks from the National Party over the vagueness of its tax plans.

Labour had initially signalled it would set up a tax working group in government, which would recommend tax changes in its first term.

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Herald looks for conspiracy in Eminem case

The NZ Herald is looking for all sorts of conspiracies:

The High Court decision on whether the National Party ripped off Eminem seems to be running late, as the wait for a verdict goes well past the usual time limit.

National is accused of using a backing track for a 2014 election ad that was too similar to Eminem’s song Lose Yourself, therefore infringing copyright.

Justice Helen Cull reserved her decision on May 12 – noting at the time that decisions were usually delivered within three months.

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