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Maybe I shouldn’t lose weight

I keep thinking I need to lose weight…but then I read this:

In terms of sheer brain size, the sperm whale is top on Earth, with a brain six times larger than that of a person.

And now, scientists have identified key differences among cetaceans linked to brain size.

A study of 90 cetacean species published on Monday found that those with larger brains exhibit greater complexity in social structures and behaviours, with species like the killer whale and sperm whale leading the way.

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Common sense has won this battle but it won’t win the war

Hannah Mouncey has been blocked from playing AFLW. Picture: Ray Strange.
Source: News Corp Australia

Transgender athlete Hannah Mouncey has been blocked from playing AFLW because of the significant physical disparity between Hannah’s body and the bodies of the biological women Hannah will be playing with and against. This is a win for common sense but the war has not been won because it has been turned into a human rights issue and hormone issue.

Mouncey’s testosterone levels are well under the levels that are required to play international sport under IOC regulations.

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They don’t like it up em!

The Left is really good at using boycotts and censorship to hurt those they disagree with but when the tables are turned the BDS bullies don’t like it up em.

[…] In July, Dan Fishback, a member of the militantly anti-Israel JVP Artists Council, was writing up arguments for boycotting Israeli plays for the militantly anti-Israel site, The Forward.

Now the cold winds of fall blow through the glass towers of Manhattan and Dan Fishback in back in The Forward with a brand new message. “My Play Was Just Canceled Because I’m Not Pro-Israel.”

Boycotting plays is fun and games until it happens to you. […]

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Ladies, you need a gun. It’s a woman’s rights issue

How can any teacher possibly be registered AND reckless?

A teacher who drove students without seatbelts and took them kayaking without lifejackets was reckless, the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal says

The tribunal said Stuart Albery set a bad example for his students and was guilty of serious misconduct.

The tribunal’s report said Mr Albery took a group of four Year 13 physical education students kayaking on a local river in March 2016.

He had expected one of the students would have a full drivers licence by the time of the trip, but they did not.

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