Even the people helping the homeless are telling you not to give them money

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Christchurch social services are warning people not to give money to an increasing number of street beggars, most of them not genuinely homeless and “making a jolly good living out of it”.

A recent street count found 215 people were sleeping rough in Christchurch, some as young as 12 with addiction issues choosing to sleep in the streets.

Christchurch City Mission chief executive Matthew Mark said the number of people sleeping in the streets had stayed stable over the last few years, but the number of beggars had increased.

People should not give beggars money as most of them were not homeless and the money fuelled their alcohol or drug addiction, he said.

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Jacinda needs to grow the eff up

The left-wing used to throw their toys about John Key when he was offshore. They said he was embarrassing, that he couldn’t pronounce things properly and he was a poor representative.

Now we have Jacinda Ardern, and her petulance and churlishness is even more embarrassing.

The NZ Herald reports:

Sainsbury, who is well known for his impersonation of National MPs on Snapchat, made the claim on Radio Live this afternoon.

He said he was chatting with Ardern while they were backstage at the Vodafone NZ Music Awards on Thursday night.

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Photo of the Day

Joyce McKinney – Kirk Anderson Kidnap – Epsom Magistrates. Evidence suggested the distraught Kirk was telling the truth, and the police arrested Joyce, even though she adamantly denied the charges. Frustrated by her treatment, Joyce jumped bail and fled the country with a friend.

“Madame Mayhem

Mormon Sex in Chains Case

A cloned dog, a Mormon in mink-lined handcuffs, a former Miss World contestant and a tantalising mystery. At first it seemed a straightforward example of the oddball stories which emerge during the long, slow, news days of high summer…

Joyce McKinney said she’d fallen head-over-heels in love with the Mormon man and acknowledged stalking tracking him to England. “I loved him so much,” she told a judge, “that I would ski naked down Mount Everest in the nude with a carnation up my nose if he asked me to.”

It has been 40 years since she committed the crime that cemented her name in history for a sex scandal that captivated Britain and America. But, Joyce McKinney’s life and story still captures worldwide interest.
“Madame Mayhem,” as she has more recently been coined, was the centre of a 1970s court case known to many as the “Mormon in chains sex case” or “The Case of the Manacled Mormon.” It was shocking and absurd for the time period as well.

McKinney is an intelligent, woman who is a former Miss Wyoming World. However, McKinney had bigger plans. These plans involved kidnapping the man of her dreams. She just didn’t want him to get away.

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The cold hard truth is hard to ignore with Trump’s economy

The haters are always going to hate, or in Jacinda Arderns case make flippant comments.

But she should find some reserve because it is getting harder and harder to ignore the turn around of the US economy under Donald Trump.

If Jacinda Ardern’s government can do half as good then I might change my tune…

Progressive Democrats are in a tough spot. It is increasingly difficult to ignore that the economy is surging under President Trump. Both business and consumer confidence are above pre-recession levels. Just this week, the National Federation of Independent Businesses released its Small Business Optimism Index, which continued its “historically strong performance” extending “the streak of positive months dating back to last November, when it shot up immediately following the election.”

The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index increased in October “to its highest level in almost 17 years” dating back to December 2000. The latest labor market report was solid with the official unemployment rate at a 17-year low and a broader measure many economists consider the real unemployment rate, known as the U-6 rate, is at a 16-year low. For the first time in three years, gross domestic product has grown by at least 3 percent for two consecutive quarters. The reports from main street are also positive.

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Cartoon of the Day

Too early to panic over latest increase in road toll

Between 2014 and 2016, the New Zealand road toll increased by 12 percent. We’re also not alone, with the Ministry of Transport listing New Zealand among 19 other OECD countries that have experienced an increase in fatalities.

To try to understand the reasons behind this upward trend, the Ministry of Transport commissioned an independent analysis of the road toll that has just been released. However, no dramatic findings emerged. The report, by Deloitte, pointed to the increase in kilometres travelled and the increased chance of a crash resulting in death or injury. It also highlighted the disproportionate increase in motorcycle accidents.

But its key messages gave weight to the ongoing conundrum over what has caused the toll to head upwards.

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Coalition Government’s broken promises so far

Broken Promises

1.The promise to enter Pike River Mine

GREYMOUTH, NEW ZEALAND – NOVEMBER 30: Flames burn out of control from a ventilation shaft at the Pike River Mine on November 30, 2010 in Greymouth, New Zealand. Rescue teams have been working around the clock to recover the bodies of the 29 New Zealand mine crew that lost their lives following two blasts at the Pike River Mine 50 kilometres north of Greymouth on New Zealand’s west coast. (Photo by Iain McGregor-Pool/Getty Images)

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New Zealand not progressive enough in a world full of change

Photograph by Hagen Hopkins

We were hardly at the vanguard of legalising same-sex marriage. By 2012, when we did it, more than a dozen other countries had. We came to the party 11 years after the first.

Plus, if we were so progressive, we would have changed the flag. Forget all the excuses about the disappointing designs. If we were really into the idea, we would’ve demanded something worth backing and pushed it through.

Finally, while we’re making all the right noises about the Manus Island refugees, it looks a lot like empty talk. It’s like making promises when everyone is 10 drinks deep. You know you won’t have to follow through.

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Wear it or drink out of it: Whaleoil Swag is guaranteed to get a reaction

This GROUND CREW Unisex 3/4 sleeve Raglan shirt inclusive of GST will cost you $44.84 NZD and if you buy it on its own the shipping to New Zealand from America will cost you only  $6.77 NZD if you live in Auckland.

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Labour Lies: Hipkins assures tertiary sector they will not implement immigration restrictions

National Party Tertiary Education Spokesperson Paul Goldsmith is welcoming the Government’s apparent U-turn on their policy to gut the international education industry by massively reducing the number of foreign students coming into New Zealand.

“During the election campaign, Labour’s policy was clear – in order to reduce immigration they would reduce the number of international students by between 15,000 and 22,000 a year which represents about a quarter of incoming students,” Mr Goldsmith says.

“But Education Minister Chris Hipkins has been giving private assurances to the sector that they shouldn’t worry, he has no intention of carrying out that commitment anytime soon.

“And he is also reported today saying he is ‘not rushing to make changes’.

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