Paypal cuts off Jihad Watch after hit piece by ProPublica

Too many payment platforms these days are ideologically motivated and conservative businesses who use their services are at serious risk. Paypal has permanently suspended Jihad Watch because of a hit piece that was written about them. ProPublica defamed Jihad Watch by describing them and other sites as extremist sites that monetise hate. Paypal reacted to the defamation by discontinuing service.

Dear Robert Spencer,

We have recently reviewed your usage of PayPal’s services, as reflected in
our records and on your website Due to the
nature of your activities, we have chosen to discontinue service to you in
accordance with PayPal’s User Agreement. As a result, we have placed a
permanent limitation on your account

We ask that you please remove all references to PayPal from your website.
This includes removing PayPal as a payment option, as well as the PayPal
logo and/or shopping cart…

The SPLC lumps legitimate groups in with real hate groups in order to defame its political foes, but PayPal allowed no discussion, no appeal. It acted as judge, jury, and executioner.

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Why isn’t this man Auckland’s mayor?

Rural ratepayers are being robbed blind by the Auckland super city, claims Rodney councillor Greg Sayers.

He says a whopping 72% of Auckland’s geographical area is rural. “Rural wards, including Franklin and Rodney, are crucial to the survival of Auckland by providing its dairy and other food supplies. Yet sadly, the rural community is the most financially discriminated against in all of Auckland.

“It is calculated exploitation and a secret nobody ever talks about.”

Mr Sayers says while Auckland Council continues to overspend and to waste money, its food producing ratepayers are being systematically siphoned to compensate.

“For example, in the north, Rodney makes up 46% of the land mass of Auckland. Its ratepayers pay $76 million in rates, of which $38 million a year is paid by the dutiful rural landowners. Then there are development contributions collected by the council on top of this as Rodney’s townships are targeted for growth.

“Of the rural $38 million only $1.2 million is invested back, via the council’s treasury, to build the primary asset required, which is sealed roads.”

According to Mr Sayers, it is hardly a comparable rate of return to that enjoyed by the CBD, where he says the treasury leverages every $1 into $2.70 through borrowings. “The pendulum has swung too far and a gross imbalance has appeared.”

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You and the welfare system

Mental Health Break

Map of the Day

Countries that grant citizenship to anyone born within their borders

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Game of Thrones: NZ 2017 Election. 3 Leaders down. Will there be another?

via TVNZ

Peter Dunne has figured out that his time is up.  He’s getting rolled in Ohariu and he’s getting rolled so hard he can’t even be bothered to hang in the race.   He’s stopped campaigning.

On TV he was very emotional.   He’s happy sad and confused all at once.

National have been backing Dunne and backing him hard.   Just this weekend a letter drop went out from National telling Ohariu voters to vote for Dunne. Read more »

Whaleoil’s BACK baby! (Did you miss us?)

TL;DR:  We had a computer problem.  It’s been fixed.

We have ghosted the RAID images to non-failing drives.  With our luck, both drives were having problems.  The delay was the time it took to copy and to repair any problems that were caused by the drives not playing nice.

So nothing shady. No uncooked sea animals, rotund Germans or other shady things can be blamed.

Still some wrinkles… hoping to iron them out shortly.

To all those people who emailed – sorry, but to reply personally would have taken time away from fixing the problem… so you can breathe again.

TOP might as well be called “Gareth’s World” for all the sense it makes

Gareth Morgan

TOP has decided there will be only one “bottom line” policy.  One thing they can’t possibly negotiate away if they are to become part of a coalition government.  Apart from the wishful thinking, and before you read what it is, I’d like you to think about it.

What could be so important to TOP that it will rather be rejected as a coalition partner instead of selling out?   Clean water?   Universal Basic Income?  Nope.

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Campaigning for National using Auckland ratepayers’ money is not cool

The Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance is calling Auckland Councilor, and National Party election candidate, Denise Lee, to do the honourable thing and take a leave of absence for the remainder of the election campaign. Right now, despite spending her time campaigning, Cr Lee continues to receive more than two thousand dollars a week from Auckland ratepayers.

Denise Lee’s annual salary is $107,599. Over the three-month election regulated period, Ms Lee is expected to receive $26,900.

“Cr Lee’s claim that she can be a national candidate and a councillor, is ridiculous,” says Jo Holmes, spokesperson for the Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance.

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National muscles up on roads, beats a stupid North Island railway that’s for sure

National has muscled up on infrastructure proposing billions on new roads, and in areas that desperately need them.

Motorists would get four-lane highways from Auckland to Whangarei under a $10 billion National Party policy announced today.

National returned to a familiar theme for its latest election policy, promising to build 10 major highways around the country if it remains in power after September.

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