Sunday Nightcap

Basil Brush takes on The Chase

Bill Burr’s Guide to Driving Etiquette: Road Maggots *NSFW

Bill Burr’s guide to driving and cyclists. Funny…… but BAD LANGUAGE.

Sunday Stand-up

Chris Addison shows the correct way of dealing with journalists

Britain’s “Have I Got News For You”. A training video for National and journos?

Worst Fans Ever

Stephen Merchant explains awful fans.

Daily Roundup

Ass flavour?

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Whaleoil Sports Quiz

No one knew about our PM’s pregnancy

Credit: SB Whaleoil
No one knew about our PM’s pregnancy Tui Ad

No one knew huh? It must be just a complete co-incidence then that there were media articles about making parliament more baby friendly and lots of photos of Speaker Trevor Mallard clutching babies inside parliament.

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Talofa Chris Hipkins and Jacinda Ardern

From: [Redacted]
Date: Sat, Jan 20, 2018
Subject: Why we need South Auckland Middle School
To: [email protected] nz, [email protected]

Talofa Chris Hipkins & Jacinda Ardern,

I have now had three of my daughters attend South Auckland Middle School (Charter School) and have had the opportunity to attend a number of prize givings for the school. I am also a Pastor in Manurewa and the chair of the board at Manurewa East School.

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