Photos of the Day

A coat sale in Copenhagen, Denmark! 1936.

A security guard aims his gun at a man who holds a knife at the throat of a 22 year old woman in a kidnapping attempt in a Hollywood parking lot, November 23, 1973. Guard shoots and kills man. Woman fine.

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The transgender dating pool is really shallow

There is a joke about bisexuals having twice the chances of a date on Friday night but transgenders have limited their dating pool considerably when you think about it. Gay men are unlikely to want to have sex with a woman who ‘transitioned’ to a male body. Lesbian women are unlikely to want to have sex with a man who ‘transitioned’ to a female body and most heterosexual men and women prefer the opposite sex to be fertile and the opposite chromosome to them.

The above transgender has me really confused as she who used to be a he appears to be a Lesbian as the dating profile says man seeking women!

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Whaleoil News Quiz

This is why the Act party are retards: People like Louis Houlbrooke

This single tweet shows the utter retardation of people associated with the Act party.

Louis Houlbrooke is slamming me for supposedly “shilling” for Winston Peters.    Read more »

NZ First, Labour and the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party?

I wasn’t aware that the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis party was part of the new coalition. I don’t recall anyone voting for them yet already we have been informed that there is to be a referendum on the legalisation of the personal use of cannabis.

Voters indicated by voting for NZ First that they supported a referendum on race-based seats yet the referendum we will be getting instead is one about legalising cannabis for personal use.  Read more »

I got an e-mail from Mr Nobody yesterday

Gareth Morgan- PHOTO-facebook

As I was walking up the stair
I met a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today.
I wish, I wish he’d stay away.

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By-election Bingo: Speculation on National deserters has started

Better Days

On Thursday both before Winston Peters announced a NZ First-Labour coalition and after, English said his continued role in the party was something to think about further down the track.

But with a changing of the guard it’s likely English will call time on his political career after failing to get a coalition with Peters across the line and losing the prime ministership to Labour’s Jacinda Ardern.

And when English calls it quits it’s likely his outgoing Finance Minister Steven Joyce will go with him.

Between them they’ve clocked up a fair few decades, more for English than Joyce.

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Want to be a real Kiwi? Take the Whaleoil immigrant test

How Labour’s lineup is coming together

Hannah Peters

Ardern has signalled her interest in continuing the traditional role of the prime minister, overseeing intelligence and security, and she has a strong interest in the children’s portfolio and arts – although on the campaign trail she mooted the need for associates in some of those areas to lighten the load.

Grant Robertson as finance minister is a given and David Parker is likely to retain attorney general, as one of the few lawyers in the Labour line-up.

Nanaia Mahuta is in line for Maori development, relieving deputy leader Kelvin Davis who is likely to be given corrections but pick up other portfolios, perhaps tourism.

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That was then and this is now – a bit of MMP coalition history

Andy Fyers has put the recent allocation of cabinet seats into a historical context

NZ First will take four seats out of 20 around the Cabinet table in the coalition deal with Labour, announced on Thursday.

The agreement is supported by the Greens outside Cabinet. But how does it compare to previous coalitions in New Zealand under MMP?

It is the first time in nine years the decision-making body at the heart of New Zealand Government will feature more than one party.

In the previous three Governments, the National Party held all 20 Cabinet posts.

Before then, in 2005 and in 2002, Labour had 19 out of 20 Cabinet posts. The remaining one was held by Jim Anderton, who was at that time representing Jim Anderton’s Progressive Coalition.

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