Question of the Day

Did two Nat back benchers screw it all up yesterday?

Yesterday all National party MPs were called down for a caucus meeting. A board meeting was set up via conference call after that.

National was, for all intents and purposes, expecting to remain in government.

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New PM in with a nod and a wink

Comrade Cindy is on track to be our New PM. Now we just have to wait for the Green Party to rubberstamp it. New Zealand now has a style over substance PM just like Canada’s Trudeau.
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Tweet of the Day

When the tables get turned

Guest Post

For months the half crazed American media, the Democrats, the Clintons and an assorted bunch of leftie nutters have been desperately trying to pin something on President Donald Trump and his family that links them to the Russians.  The accusations have been plentiful, often bizarre and backed by the flimsiest and most tenuous of links.

It seems President Trump is unconcerned even quite enjoying his twitter repartee with the earnest fools chasing him, laughing at their preparing legal challenges, their getting hot and bothered about every remark, suggestion or connection to anything remotely linked to Moscow.    Read more »

Whaleoil Women *ONLY R18 NSFW

We Whaleoil women make up slightly less than 20% of the Whaleoil readership but that doesn’t mean that Whaleoil has forgotten that you have needs too. My last subscription post was designed to entertain the male of the species but this one is just for you ladies. It contains eye candy but as we are a thinking woman’s publication the eye candy will be more than just decorative. That’s right, the eye candy will be doing all the dirty things that we women are always asking our other halves to do. You know, the things that make you want to jump their bones with gratitude afterwards. We all know what I’m talking about don’t we ladies?

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Should we reform MMP?

Loads of people will now be calling for a reform of MMP, especially after a government was formed with a coalition of losers.

I campaigned twice for FPP, so you would think that I would now be in favour of reforming MMP.

I am not.    Read more »

Did Whaleoil get it wrong?

by Pete

I felt a little gutted last night, to be honest.  I know we were heading for a NZ First / National government in some fashion.  The only thing that could get in the way was if National stuffed up the negotiations.   In the end, it comes down to who wants it more.

There is a sequence to high-level negotiations.  You make the other party believe you have just about sorted it all.  They are mentally relieved.  They’ve got it in the bag!   Their adrenaline drops and they are happy.

That’s when you hit them with the Columbo Special… just one more thing.   Read more »

Bye, bye Bill, two time loser

Bill English has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory after failing to buy the most buyable politician in New Zealand.

National should immediately move to cut Bill’s throat, and any of his enablers. He’s a two time loser. Nick Smith should be top of the list, along with Paula Bennett. His numbers man should hang his head in shame too.    Read more »

Election won by second, third and fourth place getters…first place is first loser

So, now we have a coalition of losers.

The election has been won by Labour, NZ First and the Green party.

Bill English, the leader of the party that won the most votes will be face-palming permanently as he is once again a loser.

Bill English, loser, in 2002

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