How to murder someone in New Zealand and (mostly) get away with it

An 88-year-old Oamaru man has been disqualified from driving for three years and ordered to pay $10,000 to his victims after driving on to a footpath in Oamaru and killing a pedestrian and injuring three others.

Waikouaiti man Gerald James Cowley, 67, was killed in the January 2016 incident, in which William Arthur Lee drove on to the footpath at the corner of Eden and Thames St, hitting three pedestrians before continuing back on to Thames St, where his car was struck by two vehicles.

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Photo of the Day

Franz Tschakert and his “Woman of Glass” in the 1930s. Himmler found his man in the technician Franz Tschakert, the creator of the celebrated “Woman of Glass” model for the Dresden Hygiene Museum. According to research by the German journalist Norbert Lenz, in early 1941 Tschakert and his team at the museum were put in charge of a top-secret “Reich project” to construct a fully functional, lifelike “gynoid” or sex doll called “Borghild” that could be mass produced like so many V-2 rockets to service soldiers in the field. The SS officer in charge was Dr. Joachim Mrurgowsky of the feared SS Institute.

Guys and Dolls

Hitler Invented the Inflatable Sex Doll…. Allegedly!

Since ancient times, men have been getting it on with synthetic women. Is this just fancy performance handling or something more disturbing?

The greatest danger in Paris is the widespread and uncontrolled presence of whores

– Heinrich Himmler

The top-secret 1940 mission  entitled “Borghild Project” was inspired by SS chief Heinrich Himmler, who at one occasion sent the führer a memo, alerting the syphilis problem in the brothels in Paris. He had already received far too many reports of SS men and regular soldiers succumbing to syphilis and gonorrhea in the unwholesome brothels of Paris and Poland, and the army’s own mobile “field brothels” were costly and woefully overextended. Why not use true Aryan ingenuity to come up with a “final solution” to one of the oldest problems of warfare?

So, supposedly, Adolf Hitler ordered the manufacture of Aryan blow-up Sex dolls to discourage his troops of having  sexual intercourse with disease-ridden prostitutes.

Purported to be the world’s first sex doll, is said to be the creation of Nazi scientists in 1941. Borghild, was a sex doll or “gynoid”, developed as a “female hygiene project” to stop soldiers on the front having sex with prostitutes. It was believed that the project was developed by Himmler, and approved by Hitler, to give inflatable sex dolls to the troops, that they could carry in their back-packs.

The project was pushed forward by an ambitious Danish doctor, called Hannussen. He wanted to create a doll with an artificial face of lust, for the soldiers.

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Most women believe not getting pregnant is the best solution

Guest Post

What no-one appears to be taking into account is how the world is changing in other ways which effects the decisions being made. It is the same decision, but a different world.

In my youth we set up SOS, Sisters Overseas as I recall, to assist sending New Zealand women to Australia for abortions. In those days if you were an unmarried Mum you were sent to the other end of the country to give birth and never saw the child again. The treatment of the Mothers in the pre birth hostels like Bethany etc was cruel and medieval.  In 1960 in the Maternity hospital there was a locked door between the married and unmarried mothers and their babies so that everyone was protected from the evils of illegitimate pregnancy.  (Queen Mary in Dunedin).    Read more »

Hillary gets one right


Genuine question: how far down from the summit is a mountain no longer sacred?

Guest post

Trampers seeking to climb Mt Ngauruhoe, or “Mt Doom”, will be asked to show “respect” for the mountain by giving up their quest.

The popular trek up Mt Ngauruhoe, a feature of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, is an added bonus for keen walkers who embark on the 20-kilometre journey along one of New Zealand’s nine Great Walks.

The mountain holds a special attraction for some visitors thanks to its famous role as Mt Doom in the Lord of the Rings.

But the Department of Conservation (DOC) wants people to stop walking up Ngauruhoe as its peak, along with Mt Ruapehu’s peak, are considered sacred.

DOC removed access signs to the peaks in October, and up to five rangers will be monitoring the area from Saturday.

DOC biodiversity services manager Bhrent Guy said the department was not telling people to stop climbing the mountain, but rangers would tell them “to respect [the mountain] by not going up there”.

It’s nice to show a bit of respect for other people’s feelings by not deliberately doing things that upset the sensibilities of a stone-age belief that a mountain is a person, but what practical limits do we have to set here? Read more »

Bob doesn’t approve of people who want more than one mother in law. Everyone else thinks they are nuts.

Bob McCoskrie loves meddling in other people’s love lives, when he isn’t misleading the court with his evidence.

His latest crusade is against people who want more than one mother in law:

Oh look! Yet another column by the mainstream media promoting and normalising polyamory.
But hey! Redefining marriage won’t lead to further distortions of the definition. That’s just “scaremongering” …. apparently.

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How about ordering some Whaleoil merch in time for Christmas?

This GROUND CREW Unisex 3/4 sleeve Raglan shirt inclusive of GST will cost you $44.84 NZD and if you buy it on its own the shipping to New Zealand from America will cost you only  $6.77 NZD if you live in Auckland.

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Little Irish gits who live in glass houses should avoid throwing stones, especially at glass factories….

Little Irish gits who live in glass houses should avoid throwing stones, especially at glass factories…

The announcement of a strategic review by Metro Performance Glass is “not good enough,” and its chairman should have already resigned, says fund manager Brian Gaynor.

The company this morning announced a strategic review of “all aspects of the company” and said chairman Sir John Goulter would not be seeking re-election at the end of his current term.

The company’s shares rose 2c to $1.04 on the news.

Mr Gaynor, whose firm Milford Asset Management controls about 6.8% of Metro Glass, said the announcement amounted to an admission of failure by the board.

“As a shareholder we’re very disappointed they have to make this announcement,” he said.

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Greg Sayers calls out Goff and the Council

Greg Sayers is making a name for himself with plain speaking about Phil Goff’s dud council:

A wage blowout at Auckland Council has Rodney councillor Greg Sayers warning ratepayers they should be concerned.

For another consecutive year since Auckland Council came into being in 2010, the council’s staff numbers are up, as is the wage bill – from $615 million in 2011 to $853m this year.

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No hard feelings John, but no one gives a stuff what you think anymore

Next leader? Who cares?

John Key’s phone must have stopped ringing, so he’s decided to come out and offer up his advice for coalition negotiations.

Sir John Key may describe himself as little more than an interested observer, but the former prime minister has been talking to his successor during the post-election period.

Key said it was only natural given his longstanding relationship with caretaker Prime Minister Bill English, but refused to say whether he had offered any advice on coalition negotiations.

“It’s natural I had a discussion with him, and we’ll probably leave it about there,” he said, speaking at new Trading Room at the University of Canterbury on Monday.

An alumnus of the university, Key was tasked with opening the facility at the Business School – a simulation of a trading floor complete with stock tickers and rolling business news.

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