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Labour, welcome to the housing crisis you promised to fix

Liam Dann thinks housing will be this government’s biggest challenge.

So welcome, Labour, welcome to the housing crisis you promised to fix.

I hope you’re up for a challenge because right now the whole market is so complex and unpredictable you’d be doing well just to understand it.

There are two big problems for the new Government as it seeks to fulfil the over-egged promises of the campaign trail.

One is that the fundamental question of whether we want prices to rise or fall was never resolved.

Politics doesn’t allow it to be addressed properly.

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Guest cartoon: Turny

Listen you “evidence-based policy” Green ministers: ROADS WORK

New figures have revealed Auckland’s Waterview Tunnel has helped shave nearly 20 minutes off some commuters’ journeys.

The $1.4 billion tunnel, which is New Zealand’s most expensive road, opened in July.

Transport Agency figures show more than 6.5 million vehicles have travelled through the tunnels since then, with more than 400,000 trips each week.

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Another silly old media fool drinking Koolaid

Winston Peters did not disappoint.

[The] announcement of New Zealand First’s choice of coalition partner – more especially the hours of chaos leading up to it – was exactly the kind of schemozzle to be expected of him on such occasions.
That dignity and decorum were in short supply was no surprise.

His party’s decision to form a coalition government with Labour would have been a surprise, particularly for those on the left who did not dare to believe it was a possibility.

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