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Positive Charter school news story from overseas slips past the censors

The “no evidence of success overseas” mantra parroted by the Teacher unions and supported by New Zealand’s mainstream media was broken the other day when a good news story slipped past the censors. Perhaps they weren’t aware that the special school was a Charter school. They certainly did not highlight that fact in the headline, “Overcoming Opioids: Special schools help teens stay clean”

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Map of the Day

Distribution of the great apes

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Gareth Morgan gives the Greens the shits over his weed policy

I’ll give Gareth Morgan this, he is upsetting the left wing almost every week as he steals their policies and explains them in words simpletons can understand.

His latest upset is to steal Green policy on weed…and boy are they upset.

Gareth Morgan’s political party will soon launch a cannabis law-reform policy after its research found the issue was easily the most important to young voters.

That intention has seen the Green Party’s health spokeswoman, Julie Anne Genter, warn voters against thinking Morgan’s The Opportunities Party (Top) represents a realistic path to decriminalisation.     Read more »

Andrew Little’s second stab at fixing immigration

Latest figures showing another record year for immigration underlines the need for an urgent rethink on how this country can continue to absorb so many people, says Labour Leader Andrew Little.

“New Zealand needs immigrants and is all the better for the skills and rich culture they bring. But now, more than ever, we need to pause and rethink our current settings. We need to ensure the people arriving have the skills we need and that our cities can cope with any increase in numbers.” Read more »

Winston fingers NZ Herald’s Asian reporters for… lying

New Zealand Herald propaganda written by two Asian immigrant reporters stating the top five source nations for work visas are not Asian is completely wrong and based on flawed analysis, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“The reporters Lincoln Tan and Harkanwal Singh base their defective analysis on data from arrival/departure cards (which doesn’t disclose where the applicant originally came from), not on the number of work visas issued, outstanding or yet to be acted upon by their departure.

Not unusual for the NZ Herald to skew the data to suit their world view.   Read more »

Photo of the Day

Never Give Up Hope

Ten years ago, on Jan. 12, 2007, Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby were found. Ben had been missing for a few days, but Shawn had been missing for more than four years. The discovery that the boys were alive and kept captive by Michael Devlin in Kirkwood made national news.

Shawn was kidnapped while riding his bike to a friend’s house near Richwoods, Missouri. Shawn had taken this path many times before but this time, Shawn passed by Mike Devlin who bumped him with his truck. Devlin initially seemed concerned for Shawn’s safety, but moments later put him into the back of his truck and told him “You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Shawn Hornbeck had several chances to escape while he was held by a kidnapper for four years. He went out riding his bike at age 11 in 2002 and never came back. Shawn had multiple chances to make contact with the authorities, but he did not. He even had access to the Internet. He was discovered by police in the home of his captor and returned to his family at age 15. His case has been the source of much speculation, and many believe he suffers from Stockholm Syndrome.

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Who is the new left-wing Panelist on “Stirring the Pot?”

Last week Brendhan Lovegrove, Olivia Pierson, and Cameron Slater were filming Stirring the Pot with a new left-wing panelist. We hope to see a lot more of this person as they seemed to really enjoy being on the panel.

Can you guess who it was? The mystery person is in one of these photos.

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Cartoon of the Day

Can we blame the Nazis for making Nationalism a Bad Thing(TM)?

Olivia Pierson writes

Nationalism has become the filthiest word in the modern Western lexicon (on a par with the word Colonialism), yet the value of nationalism is arguably good for any country which still has the ability to cultivate feelings of unity and pride in people who share a unique identity and cultural heritage. It is exactly this reason why globalists hate the idea so much. They see it as an obstacle to their bleak agenda of worldwide cultural homogeneity. It is a disagreement very similar in sentiment to the clash between individualism versus collectivism – in fact, it is almost identical to this, only more macrocosmic. Said globalists must just loathe the Olympic Games; all those powerful athletes patriotically representing their countries and competing for individual physical superiority. Horreurs!

Marine Le Pen, who has to be one of the world’s most courageous women living today, incurs far too much criticism for standing on a nationalist platform, as if it’s a bad thing. The national character of France is what the French people once felt so proud to uphold since the time of its great influence over the European Enlightenment. This French character promoted valuable attributes – namely: the emancipation of women and children, religious tolerance, a dedication to scientific inquiry, the economic system of capitalism and innovation, and the greatest gem which makes all these others possible – freedom of speech and of the press.

The left and their compliant media have now thrown Nationalism and “far-right” (and racism!) into the same corner and treat it as if it all comes from the Devil himself.   Read more »