Politics cost me my job: Part two of Lisa Littman’s story

Four young women who experienced gender dysphoria in their teens and then de-transitioned or desisted found each other and created The Pique Resilience Project, a video series they use to share their experiences. 

See Gender dissatisfaction is a mental health issue – part one of Lisa Littman’s story.

Lisa Littman identified a new type of gender dysphoria (referred to as Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria [or ROGD]). Quote.

The worst outcome for me personally was losing my consulting job over this issue. Shortly after my paper came out, some local clinicians who are opposed to my research wrote a letter of complaint about the work and demanded that I be fired immediately.


It was an interesting demand, as my consulting work was unrelated to gender dysphoria. Nonetheless, I was called in to several meetings to answer questions about my research.


Some members within the organization expressed concerns that the paper did not support the gender-affirming perspective.” end quote.

Lisa’s contract was not renewed. She lost her job not because of performance issues but because her employer “needed to remain neutral and not take sides regarding the issues raised in the letter.” It was a political decision. Quote.

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Climate activists’ anti-beef campaign is only so much flatulence

Caption: How climage change activists want you to see cows.

Climate Change activists are not unlike C. S. Lewis’ apocryphal schoolboy’s God: “The sort of person who is always snooping round to see if anyone is enjoying himself and then trying to stop it”. The joyless narks of the Church of Gaia have no truck with overseas holidays (unless it’s them, flying to their endless 5-star “summits”), cars or cheap electricity. As for a good, juicy steak…that sort of planet-killing hedonism is well out. Beef farming, environmentalists would have us believe, is so evil that cattle might as well be fed on the corpses of orang-utans and freshly-clubbed baby seals.

But it looks like, yet again, environmentalists’ scaremongering is only so much cow flatulence. Quote:

A fuller picture is emerging of the environmental footprint of beef in the United States.

An Agricultural Research Service (ARS)-led team has completed a comprehensive life-cycle analysis quantifying the resource use and various environmental emissions of beef cattle production in the United States…

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Whaleoil wisdom

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Democrat candidate talks sense. Liberal heads explode

Caption: John Hickenlooper, mansplaining like a patriarch.

Like too many other leftist parties, the Democrats have become utterly consumed by the poison of identity politics. Actual policies, even the ludicrous “Green New Deal”, are secondary to identitarian posturing. So when a Democrat presidential hopeful says something sensible, “progressives” faint and reach for the smelling salts. Quote:

Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper triggered immediate liberal backlash on Wednesday when he pushed back on a question about whether he would choose a female running mate.

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Map of the day

The day Nigerians get angry over anti-gay bills like they have with child marriage legislation is when I’ll permanently move to Nigeria.
‘No’ to Homosexuality, ‘Yes’ to Child Marriage in Nigeria


Let’s not embrace fascism

Image credit: www.punch.photoshelter.com

Ardern, Davidson, Ghahraman, Goff, Nippert and Canterbury University, to name but a few, are part of a growing gang of “hate speech” police. They are donning jackboots and stomping through social media to rid the country of “racism”. Or so they think. What they are actually doing is forcing “racist” ideas underground to fester and grow before they come back with a bigger voice.

Following Christchurch, a Facebook conversation about Muslims drew a comment that stopped the conversation dead in its tracks. “You people realise you are bordering on hate speech don’t you? Who are you people and where are you?”

Bordering? Either something is hate speech or it isn’t. It wasn’t, so I assumed this was trolling. But, because I felt threatened (were they actually going to find out where I lived?), I engaged further and invited them to join the conversation. They didn’t, retreating and deleting their previous criticisms. That was the end of the discussion.

Words are easily misunderstood, especially when you don’t know who you are talking to or exactly what their beef is. How do you know the person you Facebook-banned doesn’t have a genuine misunderstanding or grievance?

Dialogue, however unpleasant, is a much better option than making someone retreat in frustration only to emerge later with weapons in hand and intent on making a point no one will forget.

This thought did not occur to “hate speech” police advocate Nigel Latta recently. Quote.

….the suggestion of any islamaphobic stuff gets you deleted and banned. I’ve banned two people already. End of quote.

Good on ya Nigel! The mere whiff of people like you trolling through Facebook pages is definitely scaring people off. I hope those people you banned didn’t have genuine grievances or latent terrorist tendencies that you just fueled.

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Whaleoil WARNING: Don’t let the MSM snoop on your private life


We currently advise commenters that due to a hysterical witch hunt led by the MSM that you all set your Disqus accounts to private for now.

Also if you are contacted by media we strongly advise you to make no comment and to hang up the phone immediately.

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Smith’s dream is now a nightmare

By Ellan Vannin.

In 1971, C K Stead wrote the futuristic novel Smith’s Dream. It centred around the hero Smith, who, faced with a neo-fascist takeover of New Zealand, managed to flee to Coromandel to escape the horror of what was happening in his life and to his country.

He is a left wing sympathiser and is recruited to help the Resistance Movement to overcome the authoritarian Prime Minister Volkner and the US-run troops who have essentially taken control. The reader is almost asked to make the mental leap and ask him or herself to consider how far would an average New Zealander go if things went “bugger up”. Would they do nothing, or would they fight back?

It is hard to summarise a book of this calibre into a few sentences, but suffice to say, it has preyed on my mind over the past weeks. C K Stead created a horrific view of a futuristic New Zealand. But did he get it wrong?

As it stands, he wrote of a right-wing government, an alliance with America, suppression of free speech, free movement and free choice. New Zealand was under martial law.

Today, are we facing a left-wing government, suppression of free speech and free choice, and a distancing from America?

I re-read this book about a year ago when Ms Ardern was elected. I had not read it since my school days and I was struck by the portrayal of Smith as a troubled soul with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, who finally had to find somewhere to run and hide in order to stay himself, to preserve his sanity and his life.

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The Media have lost the plot

If we didn’t know it before, then we are in no doubt now – the media, particularly the news section of the media, are a heavily politicised bunch. They lean so far to the left they must have trouble standing up straight. ‘Fake news’ is now a much-used but not unfair assessment of most of what is printed and served up as the truth.

It is often the case that if we as readers do the job of the so-called reporter who wrote the story and do some research, we find not only the other side of the subject matter but in many cases also an objectionable level of bias.

This particularly applies to overseas material which is simply served up as received. If you take A Newspaper as an example of the Media, most of the overseas stories are sourced from news organisations with a left wing agenda. This is evident by the number of stories relating to Donald Trump. I would guess that eight or nine out of every ten stories would be negative towards him.

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