That’s one way of dealing with Islamic terrorism

As the Philippines experiences rising Islamic terrorism their President has spoken bluntly about what will happen to terrorists:

Thousands of civilians fled fighting in the Philippines as troops sought to contain Islamic State-linked militants who took over large parts of a city, set building ablaze and captured a Catholic priest and other Christians.

President Rodrigo Duterte said he had no choice but to declare martial law on his native island of Mindanao on Wednesday following a failed raid by soldiers on Tuesday on a hideout of the Maute militant group, which triggered clashes and chaos across the largely Muslim city of Marawi.   Read more »

Hey lefties, check your own privilege

Left-wingers like to call on people, particularly white men, to check their privilege, but perhaps they should check their own.

Satyajeet Marar at The Spectator explains:

Thankfully, we do have many examples of real-world privilege.

When pixie-haired Singer Katy Perry responds to terrorism by preaching that we all need to simply ‘co-exist’ with ‘no borders’ while she herself benefits from 24/7 private security, lives in a luxury gated compound and jets around the world earning millions, completely unaffected by the fallout effects of terrorism and unchecked illegal immigration – that is privilege.    Read more »

Bill English doesn’t get dope

Bill English is a muppet when it comes to cannabis.

Peter Dunne has done a volte-face on cannabis, but Bill English hasn’t a clue.

Standing in Mr Dunne’s way is his ministerial boss – the Prime Minister. Bill English says Mr Dunne is “making a lot of assumptions” about a drug that “does real damage to people”.

“We don’t want to encourage open trading in cannabis and a whole industry around it,” he told The AM Show.

Mr English says the impact on gangs would be minimal, as they have other criminal avenues to make money, while Customs and police are “doing a much better job now” of intercepting drugs before they hit the streets.

Despite his unwillingness to make any changes to drug laws, Mr English does agree with Mr Dunne that the so-called war on drugs can’t be called a success.

“It’s failing if one person is having their lives wrecked, or wrecking their family’s lives with drugs. You can never say it’s succeeded – put it that way. There’s always more to do.”

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Rodney Hide on ‘Quota Queens’

Rodney Hide writes about ‘Quota Queens’:

AUT Professor Judy McGregor is heckling companies to put more women on their boards for “diversity” reasons. She’s doing so over the top of the companies’ owners, customers and staff. It’s not her resources, her job, her product, at stake. She has no ownership interest and no skin in the game.

Worse, “Ms McGregor says there needs to be stronger government leadership on the matter and she is still a strong proponent of introducing government-mandated quotas.”  She wants police power deployed to force women into the boards of privately-owned companies.

To add insult, she says it’s for the companies’ own good.

“Those countries that have quotas a) the sky hasn’t fallen in and b) the company has been rewarded by a wealth of talent that women can bring to boards,” she says. “It’s inexcusable in 2017 to see companies that can’t find appropriate and well-qualified women to sit around the board table.”

There must be a very lofty view from atop AUT’s towers: Professor McGregor knows what’s best for every company in the country. Her’s is an extraordinary conceit.

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Desperation is the mother of invention

Time in New Zealand is running out for an Indian couple who fear they will become victims of an honour killing if they return to their homeland.

Earlier this year, the young couple lodged an appeal with the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, after their request to be granted refugee status in New Zealand was declined.

The tribunal ruled it was satisfied there was a real chance the wife’s family would make good on their threat to kill the couple if they returned to their home city, with their baby daughter.

However, it was determined the family could avoid harm at the hands of the wife’s family by living elsewhere in India.

Gosh.  How could someone possibly hide in 1.3 billion people?   Read more »

Mental Health Break

The United States have taken up the slack for long enough

The MSM have attacked President Trump for refusing to continue to uphold a seriously bad bargain. They expect US soldiers to risk their lives defending the citizens of deadbeat European Countries as part of the NATO agreement despite those countries failing to uphold their end of the agreement. The US is expected to bankroll other countries defences and sacrifice the lives of Americans in the defence of countries who have not paid their fair share for many years. I agree with Trump that the days of the US acting as the world’s police force should be at an end. The US get blamed for everything bad that happens ( like terrorism) but when the shit hits the fan they are expected to come running in defence of others.

The NATO agreement can be saved but only if the European countries step up and fulfil their financial obligations. If Merkel’s response is anything to go by it seems clear that they will not be stepping up.

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Map of the Day

OK. Fine. Let’s deal with it then. Transgenderism

Guest post

Ami B. Kaplan writes

An article on questions of prevalence and epidemiology of GID appears in the International Journal of Transgenderism in its special issue: “Toward Version 7 of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s Standards of Care” (Volume 11, number 1, 2009). The article was written by Kenneth Zucker and Anne Lawrence, and was summarized by Eli Coleman in his introduction to the special issue: Read more »

Media asks without a hint of irony as to why they don’t leave people alone

Nadine Higgins formerly known as Nadine Chalmers-Ross, writes a shocker of an opinion piece.

…two high-profile people are attempting to make themselves new lives in Australia.

One – Schapelle Corby, convicted of smuggling drugs into Bali in 2004 – the other, David Bain, convicted in 1995 of murdering his family … and then acquitted of those murders in 2009.

Both have been to jail and both have been at the centre of cases that have fascinated people for years. Thus both have been the subject media attention that shows no sign of letting up.

My question to you is – when, if ever, do they deserve to just be left alone?

Bain is trying to be left alone.  Corby is on social media making a spectacle of herself.   That at least doesn’t put them in the same category.   Read more »