Does even one political Party address the elephant in the room?

Immigration is an important policy to many of us but are there any significant differences between the political parties for us to choose from? Does even one political party address the need to protect New Zealand from terrorism? Have any changes been suggested to help identify or discourage immigrants who do not share our values?

New Zealand First:

The parties focus is on critical skills gaps and putting New Zealand workers first. There is nothing about ensuring that immigrants share our values and are able to integrate and assimilate into our culture.

Policy Summary: New Zealand workers first.

…committed to a rigorous and strictly applied immigration policy that serves New Zealand’s interests. Immigration should not be used as a source of cheap labour to undermine New Zealanders’ pay and conditions.

…will strengthen Immigration New Zealand to give it the capacity to apply immigration policy effectively.


Make sure that Kiwi workers are at the front of the job queue.

Ensure that immigration policy is based on New Zealand’s interests and the main focus is on meeting critical skills gaps.

Ensure family reunion members are strictly controlled and capped and there is fairness across all nationalities.

Ensure that there is effective labour market testing to ensure New Zealanders have first

call on New Zealand jobs.

Introduce a cap on the number of older immigrants because of the impact on health and other services.

Make sure effective measures are put in place to stop the exploitation of migrant workers with respect to wages, safety and work conditions.  In Christchurch and elsewhere there is evidence of exploitation of migrant workers.

Develop strategies to encourage the regional dispersion of immigration to places other than Auckland. Auckland’s infrastructure is overloaded.

Remove the ability to purchase a pre-paid English lesson voucher to bypass the minimum English entry requirements.

National Party:

The parties focus is on attracting migrants with the skills we need and attracting investment. It is all about what migrants can do for our economy. There is no consideration of what conflicting values might do to our society and culture. This is the kind of policy that allowed Kim Dotcom into New Zealand despite his dodgy past.

Policy Summary: Rick Pricks first


Act Party:

The Act party believes that our immigration policy should reflect the values of free speech and the rule of law and that immigrants should be willing to adapt to and endorse New Zealand’s values. They want to increase our refugee quota and welcome individuals who share our tolerance and fairness.

Since New Zealand takes the refugees the UN tells it to take the reality is that New Zealand does not get to pick who we welcome into our society. Until a political party states that it will tell the UN to go jump and that we only want refugees that share our values statements like this one from Act are worthless.

The values that Act want immigrants to sign up to do not include equal rights and do not mention gay rights or women’s rights. They do however want them to sign up to accept the values of free speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, property rights and the rule of law as a non-negotiable condition of entry to New Zealand.

Policy Summary: Immigrants should explicitly sign up to accept the New Zealand values of free speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, property rights and the rule of law.

The Labour Party:

The Labour Party still do not have an immigration policy but they do have a policy for refugees. They believe that refugees will contribute to New Zealand far more than what they will take from us. The harsh reality, of course, is that refugees are unlikely to fill skill shortages, to be educated, to speak English or to share our western values. These are refugees who are likely to be traumatised and suffering from both mental health problems as well as third world diseases. They will be a net drain on our resources. Taking refugees is an act of charity.

A wise government would be charitable towards people who share our belief system and our values as even if they contribute nothing to our society economically at least they and their children will not be undermining our society further down the track.

Policy Summary: Refugees first

Labour’s election campaign manager and Te Atatu MP, Phil Twyford, said the party was still working on the policy, which was not about slashing immigration but would probably have a number on it to find a better balance.

-NZ Herald

Labour will double New Zealand’s refugee quota when in Government because it’s the right thing to do, Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little says.

“Today Labour is joining the Double the Quota movement and calling on John Key’s Government to commit to welcoming 1500 refugees a year in its upcoming quota review.

“Kiwis have been horrified at the images of refugees fleeing Syria and other nations in what is the greatest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. As an open and big-hearted nation we must do our bit to help some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

“New Zealand has not lifted its refugee quota in 29 years. Australians take three times the number of refugees per capita that we do. That’s not who we are and it’s not the kind of moral leadership we have been known for.

“I know we have issues in New Zealand such as housing, child poverty and health underfunding that must also be tackled. But for every refugee New Zealand opens its doors to, we are repaid in multiple by the contribution they will make to our country.

Sorry Winston, you are wrong on this one

Winston Peters wants to commit Aucklander’s tax money to Christchurch Anglicans.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has pledged to get a project to rebuild Christ Church Cathedral started after the election, if no action is taken before then.

“The government has the ball in its hands. It has been sitting there for a long time,” Peters said in a speech at Cathedral Square today.

“It’s time to play ball. And you have my personal undertaking that if the government doesn’t start now we will start this project after the next election.”

Peters said Christchurch locals were right to call the building “our Cathedral”, given the number of events held there, including many non-religious events.

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THIS is an attack ad and it has been seen more than a 1.4 million times

The Tories have launched an attack ad against Jeremy Corbyn via Facebook and it has been a spectacular success.

Guido Fawkes reports:   Read more »

When will he be exported?

Get used to Orange fatty

Looks like Kim Dotcom is at his old tricks again:

When Seth Rich’s Gmail account received an alert this week from, attempting to start a new account on a website created by the New Zealand-based internet businessman and convicted hacker Kim Dotcom, his family knew that something was off.

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What a dead set whiny loser. Typical, he runs to the media and cries a river of tears

A dead set drop-kick and failed lawyer who absconded without paying his student loan is now crying a river of tears over how high it is now.

A lawyer says he will die in debt after a retrospective change to his student loan contract added $69,000 to the initial $16,000 balance.

The 52-year-old is considering career-ending bankruptcy to wipe the $85,000 debt that impedes his ability to travel, own property and fill up his 1998 Mazda Bounty ute.

The man, who cannot be named without jeopardising his job, pays 18 per cent of his $52,000 salary towards interest alone.

He wishes he never came home after 18 years in the United Kingdom.

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No more money for Dodgy Socialist Dam

The Dodgy Socialist Dam is being squeezed out of existence.

With less than a week until a decision is made on the future of the Ruataniwha Dam, the regional council chair has said he doesn’t “want another penny spent” on it.

This outburst from Hawke’s Bay Regional Council chair Rex Graham came during a corporate and strategic committee meeting this week, when councillors spent several hours in a robust discussion on the next steps of the scheme.   Read more »

Whaleoil General Debate

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There are some rules, and if there is one thing about Whaleoil that you need to know is that these rules are dispassionately and strictly enforced.  (No really.  Just the tiniest of slip ups and you’re toast.  This place is brutal. No sense of humour what-so-ever. You’ve been warned.)
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Face of the Day

Kiwi motorsport ace Scott Dixon has walked away unharmed from a terrifying high speed crash at the Indy 500.

The IndyCar driver was on lap 54 when disaster struck as lapped driver Jay Howard slipped up off the racing line on the oval circuit at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, sliding up the track and into the top wall.

As Howard’s car deflected back onto the track he wiped out Dixon whose car was catapulted into the air in a terrifying spin with flames bursting out underneath. Dixon’s car was severed on impact and splintered in mid-air.


Tough day at the office.


– Stuff

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hostage (noun) – 1. A person held by one party in a conflict as security that specified terms will be met by the opposing party.
2. One that serves as security against an implied threat.
3. One that is under the constraining control of another.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Late 13th century, from Old French ostage, hostage “kindness, hospitality; residence, dwelling; rent, tribute; compensation; guarantee, pledge, bail; person given as security or hostage” (11th century, Modern French ôtage), which is of uncertain origin. Either from hoste “guest” via notion of “a lodger held by a landlord as security”; or else from Late Latin obsidanus “condition of being held as security,” from obses “hostage,” from ob- “before” + base of sedere “to sit,” with spelling influenced by Latin hostis. Modern political/terrorism sense is from 1970.

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