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National make an 11th hour election year bid to bring landlords back

Tenants will soon have to pay out of their own pockets to cover their landlord’s insurance excess if damage to their rental properties was the result of their own carelessness.

The measure is included in a bill introduced by Building Minister Nick Smith as the Government’s promised response to a Court of Appeal decision last year which ruled a tenant did not have to pay damage after leaving a pot of oil on the stove and causing a fire.

The same bill will give landlords easier access to their properties to do a meth test, and allows tenants to immediately end a tenancy if contamination was at unsafe levels – but not if there was only low-level contamination.

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (No. 2) will make tenants liable for their landlord’s insurance excess up a maximum of four weeks rent for damage caused by carelessness or negligence.

I can see so  many things going wrong with this, I can’t be bothered to list them all.  Let’s just say that an insurance product offered to landlords where the excess is miraculously four times a week’s rent so that the landlord has lower premiums will be on the market before the ink on the new law is dry.

Landlords will welcome some degree of claw-back on the power imbalance that exists in favour of tenants.  But it’s come too late to translate into votes for National.


– Claire Trevett, NZ Herald

Waikato Hospital on a downward spiral

Waikato Hospital is at “overload” and having to reschedule surgery and turn away non-emergency patients from the hospital’s emergency department.

Hospital bosses are blaming the start of winter and influx of patients through the ED who are then being admitted to hospital.

The situation has sparked claims of a “crisis” on social media, with suggestions any patient who does not have a life-threatening injury or disease is now being discharged by the hospital into the care and management of their GP.

A Whaleoil reader reported that happened to her.  A debilitating gall bladder was causing ambulance call-outs a number of times a week.  At the hospital they would apply pain relief and then send her back home.   Read more »

This has nothing to do with that


has nothing to do with that…

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Offensive Advertisements

Please don’t be offended…

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Some people with mental health problems break the law

Police spent $36.7 million dealing with mental health callouts in the 2015-16 year but the Labour Party says that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Labour obtained the figures under the Official Information Act which show police now estimate they spend 600 hours a week on mental health incidents.

Labour’s leader Andrew Little said the true cost was likely to be much higher.

According to the figures in 2015-16 the police attended 12,398 mental health incidents and 16,179 attempted or threatened suicides. It took them over an average 2.5 hours to resolve a mental health callout and 3.5 hours to deal with attempted or threatened suicide calls. Read more »

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More delays for the Dodgy Socialist Dam

The dodgy socialist dam has some more delays ahead of the report into whether or not the council wants to go ahead.

They have missed every single milestone, and now some more milestones have been put in place.

Conditions the Ruataniwha Dam must meet before receiving an $80 million ratepayer-funded investment could change, just a week before the scheme’s future is decided.

Tomorrow the next steps in the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme (RWSS) will be discussed at a Hawke’s Bay Regional Council corporate and strategic committee meeting, with members recommended to include a new condition precedent before council invests, and alter an existing condition.    Read more »

Leaked insight into how Facebook censorship works

Hundreds of internal Facebook documents on sex, violence, and terrorism have been leaked. The documents give us an insight into how Facebook decides what we can read and view. The terminology used by Facebook is credible violence (aspirational conditional) versus credible violence (calls for action) Interestingly none of what was revealed explains Facebook’s history of censoring criticism of Islam and enforcing Islamic blasphemy laws.

Of the below three statements only one would be censored by Facebook can you guess which one?

    1. Someone shoot Trump
    2. Unless you stop bitching I will have to cut your tongue out.
    3. Kick a person with red hair
    4. To snap a bitches neck be sure to apply all your pressure to the middle of her throat

The answer is number one, “Someone shoot Trump.”

Internal company documents, leaked to The Guardian, detail the rules for allowing or rejecting content on violence, including live-streaming self-harm, racism, hate speech, terrorism and pornography.

In an investigation, the newspaper laid bare – for the first time – how the social media giant moderates content for its two billion users.

Labour are losing their Australian rich-prick vote

Andrew Little, Phil Goff and Kelvin Davis have spent years sweet talking New Zealand voters living in Australia.   Either they were advocating for their rights that Helen Clark gave away or they were trying to support criminals.

Apart from Kiwis in Oz getting shafted again by Helen’s tawdry deal, New Zealand Labour have also made a bit of a mess of it.

Losing exemption to tax on capital gains is the latest move stripping New Zealanders in Australia of rights they used to have, some Kiwis across the ditch say.

Australia’s federal budget, released this month, included the removal of tax exemption for temporary residents and foreign buyers, in measures aimed at making houses more affordable.

For Richard and Dominique Barker, who live in Melbourne and own their own home, the potential changes are concerning.

So the Australians are hitting them over the head.  But wait, if they own property in New Zealand, the Labour party is coming after them by closing the Capital Gains “loophole”. Read more »