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National: Let’s NOT do this!

Richard Harman has sources inside the National party who have provided this interesting background

Pressure from the National Party organisation appears to have been influential in persuading the National negotiating team not to make any concessions to NZ First during the government formation talks.

POLITIK understands that the NZ First team were surprised by how little National was prepared to give in the talks regarding policy.

Instead, they offered five Cabinet posts — more than Labour.

But NZ First Leader Winston Peters always said they wanted policy gains – not baubles of office.

The reluctance to concede policy sits awkwardly alongside comments made by Bill English on election night.

Asked if he was willing to move on the immigration issue to meet New Zealand First’s call for a cut English, said: “We respect the negotiation process.

“Mr Peters has got some well-known positions.

“We would expect to be working from tomorrow on how we could find common ground with him on those positions which do represent policies which are different from ours.

“That’s the coalition-forming process.

“We know we have to give ground.”

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Turns out, Whaleoil subscribers are NOT better in bed

A new survey has revealed the best and worst lovers in the world – and Australia did not underperform.

But sorry Kiwis, the same can’t be said for New Zealand.

Australian men ranked among the hottest lovers, topping the male list along with the United States and South Africa.

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Some outfit suggestions for our Glorious Leader

Comrades, we want our Glorious leader to look her best and yesterday the video we all watched made it very clear that she needs some smart alternatives. As we all know socialists do everything better than capitalists so we have scoured the socialist fashion capitals of the world for the best that they offer so that Socialist Cindy will always look her best.

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