A Consent App. Thanks Modern Feminism!

A ‘sexual consent’ app is being designed which claims to be a binding agreement which would stand up in court.

But lawyers are sceptical, with one calling it “offensive” and its validity meaningless.

Legal Fling is an app which allows partners to note down their dos and don’ts before having sex.

A person can choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for different categories, including photo and video, use condom, STD-free, explicit language and BDSM.

A request is then sent to the phone of their chosen partner through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or text, who can agree or disagree to the terms.

There’s also the fact that the other person can simply claim they were forced to say yes on the app.

[…]The app uses blockchain technology, a form of public record also used for bitcoin, which cannot be digitally changed after submitting.

Obviously everyone has the right to change their mind, and no always means no – but it is unclear how this fits in to the premise of the app.

The app’s website also claims it can be used as a safeguard if you need “further down the road”.

Obviously, this app is aimed at men who think that with every sexual encounter there’s a good chance of ending up arrested the next day on false rape charges. But how did these men end up thinking like this? Modern feminists.

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Go Golly, Go!

For most people, the golliwog will always be associated with Robertson’s Jam – the brand’s smiling mascot and a comforting reminder of childhood. dailymail.co.uk

Defending the indefensible seems futile when self-appointed spokies for the cause use very public platforms to denigrate detractors from the get-go. So it is with some trepidation that I defend poor Golly.

When opinion is offered forth in columns it is always as well to remember a personally-held view does not a fact make, and it simply does not matter if the pen belongs to someone describing themselves as either academic, a researcher, or a member of a government authority appointed to castigate us. It is still opinion; nothing else.

When Ms Ammunson, from the HRC, doubled-down on her claim last week of Golly’s racist roots she enforced her view as though charged with unassailable moral authority, but the chink in her argument is fast-and-loose respect for facts so far bent they resemble hyperbole much more closely than straightness.

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Cold Charity

A few weeks ago, I was at a retirement dinner at a smart restaurant with a large party of people.

There was a card on the table from an organisation called Dineaid. The idea is that $2 is added to the bill for each table, and the money goes to food banks and City Missions to help out at Christmas.

Oh well. The total table cost would have been hundreds of dollars and it’s only another $2. No big deal.

But of course – that is what you are supposed to think.


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View From Your Window

Where do you think today’s photo was taken?


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This is just wrong…

This is just totally wrong…

A TVNZ video promoting its short films has caused “disgust” and inspired an ASA complaint after showing a woman being continually interrupted while trying to masturbate.

Girl Interrupted: the Masty, screened on YouTube similarly to promotional content – part of Television New Zealand’s ‘New Blood’ short film initiative – prior to a selected video playing, hit a nerve with one viewer who complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), saying she was disgusted by the clip which showed a woman being disturbed when her phone rang, a lawnmower started and by a knock at the door.

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Whaleoil Music Quiz

Liam Hehir on conservatism, religion and Jacinda’s baby

An interesting perspective, that somewhat matches mine, from Liam Hehir over the news that Jacinda Ardern is having a baby:

When the news broke about the prime minister’s pregnancy, Internet people asked me if I was upset about it. Why would I be upset?

Is it because, as a Christian, I should be angry that the prime minister conceived a baby out of wedlock? If that kind of thing really offended me, I would have to say goodbye to a lot of really close friendships.

My religion teaches that marriage is the optimal arrangement for family formation. It also teaches a lot of other stuff that Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford presumably don’t subscribe to (like the importance of going to mass on Sundays, for starters). But we live in a pluralist society. I want my personal ideals to be tolerated so I tolerate the ideals of other people.  

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Feminism should mean more choices not less for our PM


John Key was part of a cult of personality but New Zealand has seen nothing yet. PM Jacinda Ardern is being held up as a poster girl /role model /celebrity for Millenials, Social Justice Warriors and Third-wave feminists. The pressure on her to be politically correct in all that she does will be enormous. Already statements are being made that are boxing her into a corner, politicising what should be a very personal decision. It is being assumed that any female Labour PM should, of course, choose power and her career over full-time motherhood.

Former PM Helen Clark’s tweet said: ” Every #womanshould have the choice of combining family & career.”

We all know what Helen Clark’s choice was and she was a highly efficient and competent PM because she put her career first. She didn’t have to deal with “Milk brain”, hormone imbalances, lack of sleep, breastfeeding or any of the demands that are made on a new mother. She could work long hours and live apart from her husband.

She was a politician who made it to the top the old fashioned way by hard graft and working her way up the ladder. She didn’t get handed the job on a platter because she had a photogenic smile and was the Labour parties last hope at not losing the election too badly.

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Meet the members of the UN Human Rights Council

via UN Watch:

Meet the 2018 membership of the U.N. Human Rights Council, elected by the United Nations with the mandate to “uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights“:

Democratic Republic of Congo
Expertise in human rights: President remains in power in violation of constitution as democratic elections postponed; suppression of opposition; torture; arbitrary arrests and prolonged detention; civil war; extrajudicial killings and massacres by government forces; violence against women; child soldiers.

Expertise in human rights: Exploitation and abuse of 2 million migrant workers in Qatar; no political parties; women subjected to discrimination and denied basic rights to equality, denied right to be elected to legislative council; finances ISIS and Hamas.

Saudi Arabia
Expertise in human rights: Death sentences for apostasy and adultery; corporal punishment including flogging and amputation; judiciary controlled by regime; beheading more peoeple than ever before; arbitrary arrests of dissenters and minorities; no freedom of speech; jails blogger Raif Badawi.  

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Fran O’Sullivan: The truth is, Trump has (so far) been good for US business.

It looks like Fran O’Sullivan hasn’t been sipping from her Kool-Aid cup at the Herald.

She’s written a refreshing column that outlines some home truths about the Trump presidency. To get it past the editor though she had to have a slash in the first few paragraphs. I’ve trimmed those off for you.

The truth is, Trump has (so far) been good for US business.

American business has simply stared past the tweets, the inquiries, the political corpses and the scandals and looked to its own self-interest. It’s got its mojo back.

Major companies like Apple, which will now pay US$38 billion in taxes in the US relating to the repatriation of its overseas cash pile, are not doing so out of the goodness of their hearts. But out of self-interest and as a result of the public jawboning by a President who wants the US to be a winner when it comes to the international arm-wrestle under way for tax streams. Same too with the move to bring operations home by other major US corporations.

The noise has dominated: Svengali Steve Bannon, fired from both the White House and as chair of Breitbart News, has now taken a self-denying ordinance to say no more in the wake of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury revelations. Trump’s list of “fake news” targets is out. His doctor has cleared him. The Russian inquiry has yet to hit home with a smoking gun. He is in no danger of impeachment.   

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