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Issues raised by New Zealand’s sponsorship of UNSC Resolution 2334.

Professor Paul Moon and Dr David Cumin met this week to discuss the issues raised by New Zealand’s sponsorship of UNSC Resolution 2334. Dr Cumin provided an overview of the resolution and addressed the following questions:

How did NZ come to play a central role?
What has been the consequence of the resolution for Israel?
How does the resolution impact on indigenous rights?
What was the response from New Zealanders to this resolution?
How did National MPs respond to New Zealand’s co-sponsorship of the resolution?
How do you see New Zealand’s relationship with Israel evolving?
Is there any chance of the resolution being amended or repealed?
What has been Australia’s position on the resolution?
With the election approaching, do you see any encouraging signs from the parties?

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When Nige was young

Swimming in sand? Yep.

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The fraudster says bye, voters say good riddance

fraud metiria turei

Metiria Turei is finally out of the trough.

Metiria Turei has bowed out of politics after 15 years, saying she does not regret telling her benefit fraud story.

The former Green Party co-leader stood down six weeks ago and came off the party’s list after revealing she had lied to increase her welfare payments in the early 1990s.

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Let’s look at what is on the menu for Bill and Jacinda


Both Bill English and Jacinda Ardern have a hot date with an older man. The future of New Zealand’s next government depends on their ability to charm him and to eat whatever Winston Peters orders off the menu for them. Somehow I don’t think it will be a scone with jam and whipped cream or a spaghetti pizza. No, I  took a peek at the menu and some of it is going to be quite hard to swallow.

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