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If last night was day one of the government – then we are all in trouble

Mike Hosking continues

Winston Peters opens with a dissertation on how the world is coming to an end, and it won’t be the new government’s fault. Then he picks Labour, who didn’t know, and in the line of the night Jacinda Ardern tells us, when she finally turns up, how she enjoyed the theatre of watching along with the rest of us who had won!

If that’s not Stockholm syndrome I don’t know what is.

He didn’t look happy.  Time will show he was outmaneuvered in his own party.   Read more »

Charter schools’ success at risk now with new government

PHOTO-South Auckland Middle School facebook page

CREDO’s study concluded that charter schools have a positive and statistically significant impact in both reading and math for poverty, special education, and minority students.

We at Whaleoil have known that for years and have reported on their success and now I wonder how our new government is going to treat our current, wildly successful partnership schools. The initial media reports are very concerning.

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The hilarious politically correct move by Playboy magazine that will seal its fate

Claire Green is trying to find love but gets rejected by straight men for having ‘male parts’ DailyMail

If you are a red blooded male you are not allowed to only be attracted to biological women these days. Nope, if you do not find transgenders attractive you are a bigot according to a number of transgender activists.

Playboy magazine must share this belief as incredibly their first issue after the death of Hugh Hefner will be the first ever to feature an openly transgender playmate. I am seriously tempted to buy it just to see if she still has her meat and two veg. Speaking of veg don’t you think that a transgender playmate is the pornographic version of veggie bacon?

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Goff has a tight grip, he doesn’t want to jizz his pants just yet

via ODT

Phil Goff is trying his best not to wet his knickers that Labour have bribed themselves into a coalition of losers.

He is cautiously optimistic that he can get the government to pay for all his toys.

Auckland Mayor and former Labour leader Phil Goff has congratulated Jacinda Ardern on becoming Prime Minister, saying she has taken the party from electoral disaster to electoral victory.

Goff said he had been blown away at how she had shown her mettle since taking over the Labour leadership and hit the ground running with confidence, energy and freshness.

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A Leader with Principles

Guest Post:

By now you will have heard the news
A bombshell somewhat unexpected
A party with the most elected members and list votes unable to govern.

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Mental Health Break

One of these things is just like the other isn’t it?

A teenager who planned and videotaped his friend’s ‘awesome’ suicide is now facing a murder trial. The outrage about what he did brings to the surface all the similarities between what is legally allowed to happen in countries that allow euthanasia and what he did. The questions have to be asked. If it is wrong to assist someone to commit suicide why is it right for a doctor or a friend to do the same if you call it Euthanasia or Assisted suicide?

Let’s compare this latest case side by side with what has happened legally in Belgium and the state of California.

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Map of the Day

First Jacindamania, and then at 4pm yesterday, Billinsania

Jo Moir summarises 3 months of mayhem

July 16

This was where it all began, the day then-Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei confessed to a room full of supporters and journalists that she had committed benefit fraud while a young mum at university. Jaws dropped, breaking news alerts went crazy and ultimately Turei kicked off what was about to become a survival of the fittest race to the September 23 election.

On the other side of Auckland that same day, NZ First leader Winston Peters was making a speech at his very own party annual conference. This is where Peters put a stake in the ground over the Māori seats and announced a bottom-line referendum on whether to keep them or not. The announcement was divisive and drew plenty of its own headlines, but it didn’t topple Turei’s revelations.

July 30

Then-Labour leader Andrew Little dropped his own bombshell on the back of a poor performance for the party in a Colmar Brunton poll. Little revealed he’d offered to step aside from the leadership after Labour fell three points to 24 per cent. Much of that polling was down to the gamble Turei had played, which at this point was paying off with the Greens up to 15 per cent in the polls.

July 31

Little backed up his earlier revelation with another the next morning in an interview where he said at 24 per cent, he wouldn’t have a mandate to govern. Then Stuff published a story later that day saying internal polling had the party at 23 per cent. By that night, it was pretty clear a change of leadership was under way.

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