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Australia v New Zealand

With the Bledisloe safely in the cupboard, this one is for pride.   Of course, the Aussies haven’t held the thing since 2003, so there isn’t a hell of a lot of pride to fight over.

Game starts at 10:05 pm.  Get your picks in before the game starts. Read more »

Where the HECK am I?

Spitting venom and bile covered tacks

Poor Karl.  First he was railing against MMP, and now….

I love the way political commentators are delicately skirting around the inconvenient fact that our new government is one whose formation was driven by a party with only 7 percent popular support. This willingness to ignore the obvious is hardly surprising, The commentariat generally leans to the left and is delirious with pleasure at the anointment – I won’t say election – of a left-leaning government. They don’t want anyone raining on their parade and would prefer to overlook the fact that this is a government with little moral legitimacy. It is a political bastard child and it’s unlikely to grow up happy.

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