Jimmy Spithill humiliates Team New Zealand on first outing

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Oracle beat the French by 2m 11s, Team New Zealand bettered the French by 2m 33s. It mightn’t be fair to gauge times in races that were staged half an hour apart but it’s fair to say the Yanks and Kiwis took a similar assessment from the two outings.

Oracle and Team New Zealand then squared off with the Cup holders squeaking home by 6s.

Put that loss down to poor management rather than poor equipment.

The boat looked the equal if not the better of Oracle’s sleek machine for long periods and Team New Zealand were superior through their foiling turns, even the Americans admitting they had been sloppy in this key department. Read more »

Mental Health Break

Guest Post: Leftist “white saviours” are mired in racism

Not much can be said anymore following the Moslem terrorist attack in Manchester, England.  Aside from the physical location of the atrocity, every single syllable of the Westminster Bridge Is Falling Down post applies fully to this one, too.  A couple of related points can be made though.  This part will cover the first one.
It concerns the leader of what passes for the main opposition party in Britain.  The avowed Communist Jeremy Corbyn has proposed that Moslem terrorism owes at least in part to the West’s “foreign policy,” in particular the various wars and alliances such as the quagmires of Afghanistan and Iraq, the support for Israel, the tolerance of the likes of Egypt’s Al-Sisi, and so forth.  Now, Corbyn himself can be easily dismissed as, to put it charitably, a total fruitcake: He said not that long ago that labelling the Islamic State troglodytes as terrorists was a subjective value judgment, hence undesirable.  Yet, his contention about the West’s putative share in the responsibility for terrorism is not an altogether novel argument.  That canard and variations on the theme have been doing the rounds for years.

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National: “Working for families is communism by stealth”

The world is getting weird.  The media are criticising National turning into Helen Clark’s Labour

The centrepiece of this week’s Budget was the Family Incomes Package, which included a mix of tax cuts, and increases for many on Working for Families and the Accommodation Supplement. This package will cost $6.5 billion over the next four years.

Finance Minister Steven Joyce said it was expected to benefit about 1.3 million families by an average of $26 a week, as well as 750,000 superannuates and 41,000 students.

So Working for Families got a shot in the arm from a party that when it was first mooted called it communism by stealth. They hated it.

It is communism by stealth.  It is also a great way to buy yourself an election.    Read more »

Is anyone prepared to say it yet?

Wellington is rooted…and it hasn’t even been hit by a close earthquake.

Another building is now being cleared.

Tenants of a Wellington high-rise are being told the steel holding them up stretched during the magnitude 7.8 Kaikoura quake.

The building, at 36 Customhouse Quay, was one of 80 that Wellington City Council ordered undergo extra testing due to potential faults discovered after the Kaikoura quake, which hit on November 14.

Andrew Cotterrell​, one of the building’s owners, said an engineer’s report came back on Friday which revealed the jolt had caused steel in the building to stretch.

Engineers did not say tenants had to be moved out but suggested their findings needed to be peer-reviewed, Cotterrell said.

But the building’s owners had told some tenants, and planned to tell all of them, of the problems.

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Getting the most BANG for our Terrorist buck

If a Western government is going to spend money trying to prevent terrorism then I am sure that taxpayers would want as much bang for their terrorism buck as possible. Should a government spend 44 million dollars trying to convince 1600 Muslims (who are at risk of radicalisation) to not kill infidels or is it a more efficient and economical option to spend $2,500,000 on plane tickets to send them to an Islamic country of their choice instead?

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Photo of the Day

Mrs Wilde, c. 1887

Heartbreak Betrayal and the Unimportance of being Mrs Oscar Wilde

Constance Wilde was the long-suffering wife who remained loyal to her husband Oscar even after he was convicted of “committing acts of gross indecency” (that is, consensual sex) with other men.

The circulation of such stories indicated a widespread desire to establish Constance as something other than a wife crushed by rejection and betrayal. Fortunately, the evidence of more than 300 of Constance’s unpublished letters, is that she was far more interesting than this.

In some ways, Oscar and Constance were a good match. Both had troubled family histories: in his case a surgeon father accused by a former patient of raping her while she was anaesthetized, and in hers a grandfather who exposed himself by running around naked “in the sight of some nursemaids”, followed by a mother whose parenting techniques included “threatening with the fire-irons or having one’s head thumped against the wall”.

More importantly, both husband and wife were clever and ambitious, and for the first few years of their marriage, their lives ran along parallel tracks. While he lectured on the need for women to abandon constricting corsets and dangerously flammable crinolines, she put the idea of “rational” dress into practice by wearing daringly baggy trousers and plenty of wool. His theories about the “house beautiful” were supported by her designs for their marital home in Chelsea, an ordinary red-brick villa that they transformed into a temple to aestheticism. Even Oscar’s disappearances into a hidden side of London’s nightlife found echoes in his wife’s experiments with the occult.

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Salt – Another scientific shibboleth slayed

We’ve been told by our ‘betters’ that salt is bad for us. We need to cut down. Scientists say so.

Turns out that like most scientists they were wrong, which is why I challenge scientists and why they try to sue me into silence.

For more than 40 years, we’ve been told eating too much salt is killing us. Doctors say it’s as bad for our health as smoking or not exercising, and government guidelines limit us to just under a teaspoon a day.

We’re told not to cook with it and not to sprinkle it on our meals. The white stuff is not just addictive, goes the message – it’s deadly. Too much of it causes high blood pressure, which in turn damages our hearts. We must learn to live – joylessly, flavourlessly but healthily – without it, reports the Daily Mail.

Well, I’m here to tell you that all of that is wrong. As a leading cardiovascular research scientist – based at Saint Luke’s Mid-America Heart Institute, Missouri – I’ve contributed extensively to health policy and medical literature.

I am associate editor of the British Medical Journal’s Open Heart, published in partnership with the British Cardiovascular Society, and I sit on the editorial advisory board of several other medical journals.

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