The Left-wing playbook for taking down an influential political player

It seems to me there are three nuclear level plays used by the Left when attempting to shut down influential new media like Breitbart and Whaleoil and a “dangerous” individual like Milo Yiannopoulos and Cameron Slater.

The first play is to go after new media’s advertisers.

Celebrities and Twitter users have taken to the social network to call on online retail giant Amazon to pull its advertisements from right-wing Breitbart News.

On Monday, an activist group campaigning against Breitbart said it has pressured nearly 2,600 companies to withdraw their advertisements. The company confirmed the boycott.

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Political reporters with no politics to report on. Part 1

Barry Soper – via Imgur

If you have nothing new to say, then why write an article about it?  We’re three weeks in and we’re still making it up as we go along.   I’m taking some pleasure from watching professional journalists try day after day to make something up about absolutely nothing.

Here’s Bazza’s attempt du jour

There’s nothing more frustrating for a political observer than reading tea leaves. Unfortunately we don’t have much more to go on though with the ongoing gum beating between Winston Peters and National and Labour.

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Hand in ya man card

The headline says he’s a man, I think not.

A gardener got so fed up with his wife’s nagging he ran away from home and lived in the woods for ten years.

Malcolm Applegate, 62, was married to his wife for three years before upping sticks after the relationship reached breaking point.

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Mental Health Break

The Australian Defence Force are having a bad year

The Australian Defence Force is having a bad year. They were hacked and an investigation into the hack revealed that almost anybody could have penetrated their security thanks to a simple password fail.

On top of the hack, it has been revealed that despite having only 27 transgender Defence personnel in the entire Australian Defence Force they have spent well over a million dollars on 17 sex change operations and have written more than 70 documents since 2015 on how to deal with transgenders in the military.The documents include:

20 x Senate Estimates Brief
9 x Ministerial advice briefing notes
7 x Ministerial talking points
2 x Media releases
Service newspaper articles
A ‘Public Affairs Plan’
A ‘Communications Strategies’
A ‘Communications Plan’
A ‘Diversity Communication Strategy’
A response to Questions on Notice
2 x Quarterly Diversity and Inclusion Papers

In between all of that, Defence also managed to:

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Map of the Day

Mike “my money” Hosking is having an existential first world crisis

The terrifying Mike Hosking

If you think Winston Peters and this shambles around waiting for a government is bad, they have their own version across the Tasman in the form of One Nation, the brain child of Pauline Hanson.

She has a similar sort of hold over certain proceedings. Their system is infinitely more complex than ours given they have an upper house. But her latest policy win involves the government directing the state-run broadcaster, the ABC, to publish the names and salaries of everyone who earns more than A$200,000 ($219,000) a year.

This is a petty little exercise, petty and futile. What possible good can come from it?

It is, of course, driven out of the BBC decision to do the same thing, which led to nothing but the predictable outrage from the angstys on social media – the sort of person desperate to start their day with a good moan.

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Pediatrician Smacks Down Transgenderism

A pediatrician recently dismantled the cultural theory about transgenderism in kids. (Image via Twitter @Heritage screenshot)

A pediatrician spoke passionately recently about the dangers of convincing children they are transgender and then prescribing them hormone blockers and the video of her “rant” went viral. I watched the video and it was so refreshing to hear some common sense on the issue. It is very discombobulating to hear people speak about transgenderism as if it is not a mental disorder.

Medically Gender dysphoria  was described as a mental disorder until the politically correct got hold of the language and before we knew what was happening all of a sudden a mental disorder had morphed into an “identity.”

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How to murder someone in New Zealand and (mostly) get away with it

An 88-year-old Oamaru man has been disqualified from driving for three years and ordered to pay $10,000 to his victims after driving on to a footpath in Oamaru and killing a pedestrian and injuring three others.

Waikouaiti man Gerald James Cowley, 67, was killed in the January 2016 incident, in which William Arthur Lee drove on to the footpath at the corner of Eden and Thames St, hitting three pedestrians before continuing back on to Thames St, where his car was struck by two vehicles.

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Photo of the Day

Franz Tschakert and his “Woman of Glass” in the 1930s. Himmler found his man in the technician Franz Tschakert, the creator of the celebrated “Woman of Glass” model for the Dresden Hygiene Museum. According to research by the German journalist Norbert Lenz, in early 1941 Tschakert and his team at the museum were put in charge of a top-secret “Reich project” to construct a fully functional, lifelike “gynoid” or sex doll called “Borghild” that could be mass produced like so many V-2 rockets to service soldiers in the field. The SS officer in charge was Dr. Joachim Mrurgowsky of the feared SS Institute.

Guys and Dolls

Hitler Invented the Inflatable Sex Doll…. Allegedly!

Since ancient times, men have been getting it on with synthetic women. Is this just fancy performance handling or something more disturbing?

The greatest danger in Paris is the widespread and uncontrolled presence of whores

– Heinrich Himmler

While historians have recorded the battles, atrocities, and ghost blimps of World War II in great detail, Hitler’s secret sex doll program remains shrouded in mystery to this day. The Borghild Project was (supposedly) a super-secret attempt to stop the spread of syphilis by providing Nazi soldiers with inflatable sex dolls. That’s right: Hitler invented the blow-up doll.

Sadly, the evidence in support of this having actually happened is sketchy, so it may not be a true story.

The top-secret 1940 mission  entitled “Borghild Project” was inspired by SS chief Heinrich Himmler, who at one occasion sent the führer a memo, alerting the syphilis problem in the brothels in Paris. He had already received far too many reports of SS men and regular soldiers succumbing to syphilis and gonorrhea in the unwholesome brothels of Paris and Poland, and the army’s own mobile “field brothels” were costly and woefully overextended. Why not use true Aryan ingenuity to come up with a “final solution” to one of the oldest problems of warfare?

So, supposedly, Adolf Hitler ordered the manufacture of Aryan blow-up Sex dolls to discourage his troops of having  sexual intercourse with disease-ridden prostitutes.

Purported to be the world’s first sex doll, is said to be the creation of Nazi scientists in 1941. Borghild, was a sex doll or “gynoid”, developed as a “female hygiene project” to stop soldiers on the front having sex with prostitutes. It was believed that the project was developed by Himmler, and approved by Hitler, to give inflatable sex dolls to the troops, that they could carry in their back-packs.

The project was pushed forward by an ambitious Danish doctor, called Hannussen. He wanted to create a doll with an artificial face of lust, for the soldiers.

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