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Where the HECK am I?

Pop singer Katy Perry calls for an end to borders, and demands we all just “co-exist”

Following the ISIS attack in Manchester, England that slaughtered nearly two dozen Ariana Grande concertgoers, pop singer Katy Perry called for an end to borders and barriers, and demanded we all just “co-exist.” Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie has some choice words for her in response.

Speaking on Fox News this past Thursday, Higbie said, “Go to hell, Katy Perry. Hold one of your concerts in Syria and see how that goes.”

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Gab of the week


Lost: Two days after the budget, Labour flog the Pike River dead horse

Apparently Pike River is more important to voters.

The latest Pike River revelations further erode National’s position of blocking a manned re-entry of the Pike River Mine drift, says Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little.

“National is running out of excuses to hide behind. It’s time to re-enter the Pike River Mine drift to recover the men and evidence of why they died. The families deserve justice.

“When footage emerged of men working inside the mine’s drift, National said they were only a couple of metres inside. Now, Hayden Ferguson, one of the men who was there, says he’s been 300m inside and didn’t feel unsafe. Read more »

Remember the Davies murders? Nah, neither can I

via NZ Herald

David Bain is starting afresh, beginning with his new name – William Davies.

Bain, who was acquitted of the murder of his family in 2009, has taken the surname of his wife Liz through a deed poll process.

His new name William David Cullen Davies is now officially recorded on his birth certificate, Fairfax reported. Before the change his full name was David Cullen Bain. Read more »

Mental Health Break

A spoonful of sugar helps the Islam go down

The Muslim Imam in the below video tells Muslims off for sugar coating the truth about how brutal and violent Islam actually is. He uses the word ‘Dawa’ which means spreading Islam ( in other words missionary work.) He seems very at ease explaining how sugar coating the truth about Islam is common amongst the Muslim community. It suggests to me that fear is as much a part of the conversion process as it is a part of the reason why people are scared to leave Islam and become apostates. The Allah he is promoting is not a loving or peaceful God. He is a tyrant to be feared.

This makes perfect sense as Jesus was a peaceful, loving and kind prophet but Muhammad was a brutal warlord who stole,murdered, tortured, raped and enslaved people. He converted by the sword so it is no suprise that the Allah of Islam is just like Muhammad himself.

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Map of the Day

Political parties getting free tax payer money. It must be election time

via NBR

The blunt end of four million dollars going to waste.

The Electoral Commission has released details of taxpayer funding for political party advertising before September’s election (see table below).

This year it matters more than ever, as a recent law change means TVNZ and RNZ are no longer required to provide free air time for party political broadcasts. Read more »