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One lucky guy, really

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Manchester Terror Attack linked to Donald Trump

o bent on undermining the president is the “Never Trump” contingent, that its members will even exploit the murder of children to further their attacks.

In a complete non-sequitur, former president G.W. Bush official and so-called conservative David Frum took to Twitter to assert that an alleged Trump intelligence leak is tied somehow to the terrorist massacre in Manchester.

Frum, who also writes for The Atlantic, posted:

“As we mourn Manchester, remember: for a moment of ignorant boasting, the president betrayed one of the West’s best sources inside ISIS.” Newsbusters published a screenshot of the Tweet so that it may live for eternity in the event Frum deletes it (and given he showed no shame in exploiting the carnage in the first place, we doubt he will): Read more »

It is time to put an end to the lies once and for all

The video I want to show you is not on Youtube. I tried and tried to find it there unsuccessfully. I suspect that it is not there because Youtube silences voices that they do not want to be heard and this must watch video tells the truth about Arabs’ desire for peace with Israel.

The UN was knocked off their seats when they heard this! When faced with the truth, what can they say? The Arabs led by Arafat and Abbas had many opportunities to reach an agreement with Israel, but they turned away from peace. Many world leaders have tried to reach an agreement, but were not successful. Why do the Arabs keep the conflict going endlessly? Why don’t they actually make a real commitment to peace? This question has eluded many. Hopefully, one day, they will turn away from violence and embrace a peaceful agreement.
Israel has tried so hard for peace, and reached peace agreements with Jordan and Egypt. When will other Arabs also seek peace and not war?

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