Tuesday nightcap

Nigel Farage interviews Steve Bannon – Talking, Trump, Tommy Robinson and more, stay tuned for fireworks near end of interview.

‘I’m not ashamed of being white’

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Theological Tuesday

Ferrata Telluride Colorado

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ferrata’  is a protected climbing/walking route -using a steel rope which climbers can attach to with rope and karabiner while wearing body harness.

Via Ferrata Telluride Colorado

“Delivering rock climbing skills to novices.” Not so much climbing though. But the thrills are there and this route is hugely popular.

Video (17:12 min) shows karabiner technique as a girl is coached along by her friend.


John Cleese on Brexit, newspapers and why he’s leaving the UK: BBC Newsnight

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Daily roundup

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Tweet of the day

Auckland ‘peace’ action needs a new logo: Six

The anti-free speech activist organisation Auckland ‘peace’ action has called for the Free speech coalition to be renamed the Hate speech coalition.

They have accused the Free speech coalition of being about hate because it supports free speech for everyone (not just those who have the same views and opinions.)

In contrast, the Auckland ‘peace’ action group has used threats of harassment and violence to stop those they disagree with from having their voice heard and expressing their views.

They are the New Zealand version of ANTIFA and one of their key spokespeople has a very dodgy non-  peaceful past that I may shine some sunlight on at a later date.

Today is the sixth post where we showcase one of the alternate logos for the group that our digital image contributors have created for us. After all, ‘what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.’ If they can rename our Free speech coalition then we can create a more appropriate logo for them.

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Is the propaganda working?

Almost every news bulletin features a doom and gloom climate story. If it rains, floods, snows, blows, droughts or scorches it is ‘climate change’.

With such a daily diet, is it surprising that a poll discovers “the vast majority of those polled expected to see frequent and extreme storms, more droughts, inundated coastlines from sea level rise and extinctions of plant and animal species.”?

Not at all, the barrage of propaganda appears to be working.

A ‘science’ reporter tells us all about it in a newspaper. Quote.

Kiwis overwhelmingly think New Zealand should take action on climate change even if other nations don’t – and few believe humanity will do what’s needed to escape the worst impacts.  End Quote.

Hold it right there.  I could not locate the raw survey data on line but I did find this video about the survey.  The first statistic said quite a lot about the bias here.

The 72% number is on the screen for 4 seconds, plenty of time to read and absorb the message. The 10% number flashes on and off in less than one second.  Why is that?

Perhaps the message that 90% of New Zealanders do NOT put ‘climate change’ at number one, two or three in their top concerns is an ‘off message’ statistic?  So let’s flip it and make it a 10% number so it is much lower on the indicator and let’s flash it on and off so fast that no one will notice.

Oh, and why is the indicator a thermometer with red colouring and ‘rising temperatures’?  Surely they are not subtly brainwashing the masses? quote. Read more »