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The blood of innocent children are on their hands.

People have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of Islam for a long, long, long time and Western politicians around the world have not only been ignoring them they have actually been suppressing and silencing them. Tommy Robinson in the UK is only one of many examples of truth tellers who have had their lives ruined because of their determination to try to stand up for the safety and rights of their people and culture. As terror attacks become more and more common and as more and more children and young women are raped and abused the anger against the governments who have failed in their duty of care to the population that elected them is palpable.

Damn these jihadist murderers of children. And damn the politicians who have, in many cases, helped make these murders possible but who are quick, this time and every time, to serve up empty declarations of “solidarity”even as the bodies of innocents are still being counted.

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Map of the Day

Worlds Most Photographed Places

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This man deserves a second New Zealander of the Year Award

Kaitaia doctor and a former New Zealander of the Year Lance O’Sullivan has been slammed by the organisers of a screening of the vaccination-dispute movie Vaxxed – from Cover-up to Catastrophe.

O’Sullivan interrupted the screening in Kaitaia on Monday night, telling the handful of people in the audience that their ”presence here will cause babies to die”.

”I’ve come here not to watch the film, but to continue my battle and my challenge for my people and, importantly, for our children,” he said.

Entirely reasonable.  He has a genuine belief he is saving lives.  It is his duty as a doctor to speak up.  Read more »

Facebook has already found our next prime minister: Winston Peters

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has long known how to generate a headline and new statistics show that has translated to social media.

Ahead of tomorrow’s Budget, Facebook has released data on what New Zealanders have liked, commented on and shared the most in the past four weeks.

The break-down on anonymised data released by the company includes an analysis of which politician’s Facebook page has had the most total interactions – likes, comments, shares – in the 30 days prior to Budget week.

Since John Key, there is a new king in town.   Read more »

The meaning of life

I was having a conversation with God the other day. It was a one-sided conversation because she never replies but I knew what she would have said if she had of answered. I asked her what the meaning of life was. If she had answered I am sure she would have said, “Kittens,” because kittens make everything better. For some reason soft furry baby animals that are cute make ordinary mortals go awwwwwww.

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Photo of the Day

“The Missingest Man in New York”

“Good Time Joe” Crater was a dapper 41-year-old judge known for his dalliances with showgirls and his ties to corruption-ridden Tammany Hall – until he got into a cab in Midtown one evening in 1930 and disappeared, earning the title of “the Missingest man in New York.”

Long before there was Jimmy Hoffa, before there was even Amelia Earhart, another VIP vanished without a trace. Though you’ve probably never heard of him, he was a household name to your parents and grandparents. And his disappearance remains New York City’s oldest unsolved Missing Persons case.

The disappearance of New York Supreme Court judge Joseph Force Crater captured so much media attention that the phrase “pulling a Crater” briefly entered the public vernacular as a synonym for going AWOL. On August 6, 1930, the dapper 41-year-old left his office and dined with an acquaintance at a Manhattan chophouse. He was last seen walking down the street outside the restaurant. The massive investigation into his disappearance captivated the nation.

Crater was infamous for his shady dealings with the corrupt Tammany Hall political machine and frequent dalliances with showgirls. In the days leading up to his disappearance, he had reportedly received a mysterious phone call and cashed two large personal checks. These details spawned rampant speculation that the judge had been a victim of foul play.

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It’s budget day. yay…. ***slow clap***

Successive and recent governments have taken all the fun out of Budget Day by pre-announcing the bulk of it.  The days of sitting around the wireless and tuning into the parliamentary broadcast to hear how much you are going to be paying for your booze and fags come April 1st are over. Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Didn’t know they could read in Wainuiomata