Retard Green MP needs basic Auckland geography lessons

I love Green MPs using social media to make a point.

It’s just a pity they are usually as retarded as Steffan Browning or in this particular case Eugenie Sage.

Land developers and farmers denying they are contributing to the problem doesn’t clean up the Kaipara or protect the snapper fishery. Land development for subdivisions north of Auckland eg near Orewa involves major land reshaping. A few sediment fences would never contain all the runoff given the scale of earthworks.Sediment and nitrogen inflows need to be reduced and the new fund is a start.

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Sue Bradford, Catherine Delahunty, Hone Harawira, Laila Harré, & John Minto need to hop on a plane to the US

Sue Bradford, Catherine Delahunty, Hone Harawira, Laila Harré, & John Minto need to hop on a plane to the US asap as their dream job is currently being offered by the far left group Fight for the Future. The group is funded by Billionaire George Soros and we already know that socialist ” living wage” Laila enjoys working for capitalist swine as long as they pay well.

The far left group Fight for the Future is offering $15,000 to activists who are willing to quit their jobs and work full time to defeat Donald Trump.

Fight for the Future is funded by Media Democracy Fund – a George Soros group.

The Washington Examiner reported:

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National, Labour scuttle “Free to Air” national sport

If we collectively contribute towards opera, ballet and Te papa, why can’t we do so for iconic national sport such as All Black games?

Sports fans aren’t going to be able to watch major events live on free-to-air television, despite the best efforts of NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell.

Mr Mitchell drafted the member’s bill to amend the Broadcasting Act and on Wednesday night it came up for its first reading.

Parliament adjourned just before a vote was taken, but with National and Labour opposing it there’s no doubt about the outcome – it will be heavily defeated.

“This is important, it’s about treating all New Zealanders fairly and equally,” Mr Mitchell said when he kicked off the first reading debate.

“It’s about putting the rights of Kiwis above those of the multinationals… how can any party in its right mind say this isn’t good for New Zealanders?” Read more »

Forbes Magazine say Iran is in the Top Ten of cool places to visit

A country ruled by oppressive and barbaric Sharia law has been named by Forbes magazine as one of the top ten cool places to visit.

Iran is a travel destination so cool that you are not allowed to do this.

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Mental Health Break

Gender segregation in the Mount Roskill public pool started in 2004

Screenshot of the notes a Whaleoil reader scribbled on a handout during the 2016 Watersafe Auckland Inc AGM

The so-called demand for gender segregation in a public pool in Mount Roskill appears to have coincided with the increase in the Muslim population in Mount Roskill. In response to the needs of Muslim migrants uncomfortable with a culture that treats women as equals and provides co-ed public swimming programmes, the Muslim Women’s Swimming project was created.

“A culturally appropriate swimming project was developed to address the health and social need of the new migrant community in Auckland particularly for women of Muslim faith. Women’s only swimming was piloted in Mt. Roskill in 2004,and has continued since then.

The Muslim Women’s Swimming Project has been evaluated three times since
its inception in 2005… This is the fourth evaluation report and the purpose is to report on progress since2007 to ensure that it remains an appropriate and relevant option for the intended audience.

Note that there has been a name change from the Muslim Women’s Swimming
Project to the Women’s Swimming Programme to encourage women of all cultures to attend the programme, however the focus does remain on increasing health and wellbeing of migrant and refugee women and those of Muslim faith.”

For some communities, mainstream methods of learning water safety and swimming lessons are not appropriate, and participation in water based activity often conflict with cultural and religious values…

-New Migrants and Refugee Swimming Programme Evaluation Report

Map of the Day

McDonalds Stores per Capita

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Oh how sweet, a teacher and her former student marry

That teacher registration thing is working out just fine, isn’t it?

She was his teacher, she supported him in prison and now – she’s his wife.

But it wouldn’t be the happily ever after she had planned.

The Bay of Plenty teacher, now 39, is facing charges from her profession’s disciplinary body after marrying her former student, after he did jail time.

A lawyer for the Education Council says her actions amount to serious misconduct. The teacher’s lawyer says she never planned for it, “it just happened”.

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Another dead terrorist meets his maker

Martin McGuinness, an IRA terrorist and latterly a politician, has croaked.

Hundreds of people accompanied the coffin, draped in the Irish flag, as it was carried through the Bogside area.

The ex-IRA leader turned politician died in Altnagelvin Hospital overnight aged 66. It is understood he had been suffering from a rare heart condition.   Read more »

Hate crimes up in Toronto, you’ll never guess who are the biggest victims

Hate crimes are up in Toronto. We are often told, by people like Susan Devoy, that increasingly it is Muslims who are the victims of hate crimes.

We have even seen the Media party pile into several recent incidents and claiming that Muslims are the victims of increasing hate crime.

But, as figures show from Toronto, it is one religious group that is routinely abused…and it isn’t Muslims.

Reported hate crimes are on the rise according to a detailed report released by Toronto police.

The report shows hate crimes increased by eight per cent last year, from 134 incidents to 145 in 2016.   Read more »