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Talk about self interest, you’d think with 8 houses, millions of dollars of taxpayers money over the years she would have got around to fixing her own teeth:

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark is making a plea to the Government to consider universal free dental care.  

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Hooton on the government having to face the tough stuff now

Credit: Comrade Jacinda FB page

Matthew Hooton explains that play time is over for the government, they must now get down to tin tacks and start governing.

Labour’s poor performance in parliamentary question time and the shambles over the election of the Speaker is merely the public evidence of a Beehive not yet even properly staffed. Some ministers have not yet given any clear direction to their departments about priorities. Labour’s coalition partner, NZ First, which has completed its transition to government, is mildly frustrated its larger partner is not yet up to speed.

To a certain extent, this can be excused: Four months ago, Labour had absolutely no expectation of forming a government until 2020 at the earliest. Labour was then completely overwhelmed with holding the ship together through the election campaign and managing the inflow of new support and money that accompanied Ms Ardern’s rise, and then succeeding in its do-or-die negotiations with Mr Peters.

But this is a government that has promised a bold programme, including in its first 100 days that end on February 3.

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Of the 150 men how many of them are pedophiles?

Would you take a handful of lollies if you knew that some of them were poison? PM Jacinda Ardern when she was unable to pressure Australia into giving her the leftover dregs ( the worst of the worst) of the illegal migrants left on Manus instead handed over three million dollars of New Zealand taxpayers money to assist them.

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Will it be the Greens or Labour who introduces this law in NZ?

Photo/ Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Will it be the Greens or Labour who introduces this law in NZ?

Breitbart reports on Scotland introducing legislation to stop poor people drinking.

Britain’s Supreme Court has allowed Scotland to become the first country in the world to set a minimum price for alcohol, after a five-year legal battle.

The measure is intended to bring down levels of drinking and related harms in the country, but is likely to only affect those on low incomes, critics argue.

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Embarrassing u-turn from Nash

Stuart Nash has been forced to back-down over his claims the government “absolutely” going to bring in an Amazon tax:

Revenue Minister Stuart Nash has admitted he jumped the gun on Wednesday when he said the Government would introduce a so-called Amazon tax on internet shopping.

He said it remained correct that the Government had not ruled out levying GST on low-value purchases from overseas within its current term.

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Aussies muscling up over Jacinda’s virtue signalling

Things are getting tough for Jacinda Ardern as she seeks to import 150 child rapists and ratbags from Manus Island, euphemistically calling them “refugees”:

The Australian government has a warning for Jacinda Arderndeal directly with Papua New Guinea over the Manus Island detainees and face diplomatic consequences.

The warning comes as an Australian diplomatic cable is leaked to Fairfax. It claims asylum seekers “engaged in sexual activities with underage girls”.  

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Collins gives Twyford and Ardern another hiding

Judith Collins continues to hand out the spankings.

Yesterday on the AM Show she spanked not only the utterly smug and condescending Phil Twyford, but also Jacinda Ardern.

Judith Collins has launched a stinging attack on Jacinda Ardern, saying the Prime Minister needs to understand our relationship with Australia isn’t “student politics”.

Ms Ardern has used stronger language to describe Australia’s treatment of refugees, particularly those stranded on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island, than her predecessor Bill English.

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Greens disappoint one of their most loyal voters


It has been interesting watching Martyn Martin Bradbury take to blogging in support of the government.  I told people that the leftie blogs would have a huge decision to make if they were to survive.  Be honest or perish.

Seems that Bradbury doesn’t want to perish.

(excuse the language, but it has to be there to get the full effect)

I like the Greens, I support the majority of their policy and I’ve voted Green most of my life.


They are chequers players trying to play chess and the leak today of an internal strategy paper is so woeful and concerning, it’s like catching your Surgeon checking on how to do your operation on wikipedia.

There is a reason people are calling them all student politicians.  They have no idea what they are doing.   Read more »

Whaleoil General Debate

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