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The seven signs of an empire in decline

Feeding a billion people: turning desert into food

IBM, Xerox and now Apple – Steve Jobs predicts Apple’s downfall

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Whale, oil beef hooked, Crusher is going to raise hell about the neglected privately owned pipeline

Just like Chorus (then Telecom) is more than just a private company because it delivers essential infrastructure to the nation, the oil companies have a similar responsibility.

If there’s one thing Bill English and his team know, it’s crisis management. Think earthquakes, floods and the global financial crisis.

So does the oil crisis play right into National’s hands – or will it do the opposite, and sink its hard-earned reputation as being a safe pair of hands?

With Collins on the job, that’s a rhetorical question.    Read more »

Are the shy tories going with Winston?

The other night my missus was rung by UMR. They wanted someone in the 18-35 age bracket…40 something…mumble…mumble is close enough so she answered.

I know other people who flat out lie to pollsters. I just hang up on them because I have better things to do for 15 minutes of inane loaded questions.

The point is people these days are reticent to talk to pollsters, and sharing your political views on Twitter or Facebook ends in tears.

So, is there a protest vote out there who simply don’t answer the pollsters truthfully?

Brexit in Britain and Donald Trump’s election in the United States have revealed the polls can get it wrong, often dramatically. One of the reasons may be that some people feel too ashamed to admit where their allegiance lies – the “shame vote”.

Is a vote for New Zealand First on election day the “shame vote” that could upset the outcome of this country’s general election? Has a “chardonnay-drinking, pinky-finger pointing media”, according to leader Winston Peters, put pressure on polled voters to conceal their intentions?

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It is an historical cycle because history always repeats

We know from the past how civilisations rise and fall. The Roman empire is a good example. Their highly trained soldiers in peace time became idle and fat. Wealth and prosperity led to decadence and vice. They indulged their basest desires and eventually, their civilisation fell apart. When we look at all the factors that led to their decline so many of them are horribly familiar. What is happening now to Western civilisation is similar in many ways to what happened to the Romans. Don’t believe me? Watch the video and read the summary below. History definitely repeats.

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