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What did the Nuclear age teach us about … whales?

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Friday Firepower – Shot!

This is some shot, nearly 3.5km from a Canadian sniper on a Daesh ratbag.

A Canadian sniper has reportedly killed an Islamic State fighter in Iraq with a bullet fired more than 3 kilometres away.

It’s a shot that has stunned the military world, and, if confirmed, would shatter the current world record for a kill shot in military combat by almost a kilometre.

A member of Canada’s Joint Task Force 2 shot the “insurgent” from a distance of 3450 metres during an operation in the past month, The Globe and Mail reports.

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More toxic than Trump: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi


There is rumbling within the Democratic Party that it may be time for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to go since the party can’t seem to win elections. However, the senior congresswoman feels totally confident in her abilities to effectively lead the party.

During her daily press briefing, a reporter pushed back against Pelosi blowing off those within her own party who feel her time is up and a newer generation needs to take over. Pelosi was more than happy to tout her resume:

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Politically incorrect Truth Teller of the week: Paul Joseph Watson

If you haven’t watched Paul Joseph Watson before you are in for a real treat but first here is a brief background for those of you who don’t know much about him.

Watson is an English YouTube personality, radio host and writer. He is the editor-at-large of and a contributor to Infowars’ talk radio programme The Alex Jones Show. Watson’s main topics are feminism, Islam and left-wingers. He has described himself as a libertarian and as a conservative and he considers modern day conservatism to be a counter-cultural movement.

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Hosking on Labour’s chances

The terrifying Mike Hosking

One, does Labour’s immigration policy move the needle in the polls?

Two, does Labour – given its rule changes around the leadership – inside three months roll Andrew Little if they fail to get poll traction fast?

And three, do the so-called “missing million” voters turn up and cause the sort of upheaval we have seen elsewhere?

That would be, no, no and no.   Read more »

More than a year I said, and they’re pretty much on schedule

Just a few days after 14 November 2016 a lot of people expected the Kaikoura damage and slips to be cleared in a few months.   It’s not just about clearing the debris, they also need to stabilise the hillsides.

The half-way point has been reached in the massive job of clearing slips north of Kaikoura from last year’s earthquake, says Transport Minister Simon Bridges.

He said the milestone was reached this week in the Government’s effort to restore road and rail links to Kaikoura.

“This is good news not only for Kaikoura but also for the rest of New Zealand as work progresses at pace to restore the road and rail networks that are critical to supporting our economy, keeping these communities connected and boosting the prosperity of this region,” Bridges says.

Kaikoura is hurting and the real objective is to make the place accessible in time for the tourist high season.   Read more »