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Easter Trading is the clusterwhatsit I told them it would be

It was widely predicted a dog’s breakfast would emerge, a confused and inconsistent retail landscape.

Sure enough, that’s precisely what lies ahead as the welcome respite of Easter beckons. Last August’s Easter Trading legislative reforms handed a hospital pass to our 67 local councils, whereby the government duck-shoved this “too hard” issue into the disparate, disjointed hands of our territorial authorities.

Since August, every council district has had the power to determine whether retailers operating within their territorial boundaries can open on Easter Sunday.

Do you know your Council’s stance?   But wait, if you travel for Easter, that’s pretty pointless knowledge.  You need to figure out what the place you’re visiting has decided.

So while the big metro councils sit on their respective chuffs, it is the provinces that have led the charge, with 17 district councils, at last count, allowing retailers to open their doors this Easter Sunday.

Greater Canterbury has been the most sluggish of all regions, with the Waimakariri, Hurunui, Kaikoura, Mackenzie, Waimate, Timaru and Waitaki district councils yet to establish local policy postures. Ashburton has decided not to permit local trading, claiming there is no community support for it. Meanwhile, Tasman and Nelson have both ruled out liberalising trading hours, while the neighbouring Marlborough District Council has enthusiastically embraced it.

So come Easter Sunday, the Warehouse can open in Blenheim, but not in Nelson. Read more »

Guess who is the Conservative Party’s new BFF?

Leighton Baker, via The Press

Did you guess Winston Peters?   No, neither did I.

‘Winston supports Conservatives’

The Conservative Party wishes to congratulate Winston Peters for finally agreeing to honour the wishes of New Zealanders. Whilst the majority of New Zealand First MPs voted for the anti-smacking legislation, totally ignoring Parents’ concerns, it’s encouraging to see that they appear to be finally willing to recognise democracy. Read more »

Facebook post reveals why the left love Islam so much



Every time someone calls Hager an “Investigative Journalist”, Ian Wishart dies a little

I hope Nicky’s work in his new book Hit and Run attacking NZ SAS in Afghanistan is a step up from his previous effort in 2014.

In his book Dirty Politics, Nicky Hager reprints allegations contained in stolen private emails – theories about a wide range of people. Among the allegations he has printed are that former Act leader Rodney Hide was blackmailed into quitting because he had been caught sending inappropriate text messages to a woman.

Additionally, Hager reprinted emails alleging Auckland mayor Len Brown was having sex with prostitutes.

Neither Brown nor Hide appear to have been asked to comment on the truth of the allegations. In fact, Hide has definitely confirmed he was not approached, and that the allegations are false and without substance.

Yet here is what Nicky Hager testified to the Wellington High Court in a defamation case last year:

“I believe the more serious the allegations we write, the more care that is required to ensure we have got things correct. I say to myself that no one can ever criticise me for things I haven’t written, so that if I am not absolutely sure of something, I don’t publish.

“Research is something that can take months or years. In this case the allegations were serious and personal. I would not include allegations like those in my work if there was so little time for proving the facts…

“I was struck by the fact that the sexual allegations appeared to rely entirely upon the words of the plaintiff’s ex-wife. As a journalist, I would feel very uneasy about publishing, let alone putting my name to, sexual allegations from an ex-spouse unless I had done a lot of work and found very strong corroborating evidence.”

This would be the same Nicky Hager who took the stand in an Auckland court case last year and told the media and people in the court that blogs like Whaleoil should never be considered to have the same checks and balances as a proper media organisation.    Read more »

Has the Mayor of London got his priorities straight?

If your city had just been the target of a brutal Islamic terror attack what do you think the priorities of the Mayor of your city should be? Should the Mayor be focussed on protecting and consoling the infidel targets of extremist Islamic terrorists or should he be focussed on protecting the feelings of Muslims?

If you were a rate-payer in London would you want your money spent on making the police better equipped to protect citizens and detect and capture terror suspects in the real world to prevent real injuries and death or a programme to police and criminalise people for words online that hurt others feelings?

Read more »

Mental Health Break

You-tube content creators faced with a Whale of a dilemma

As you all know Whaleoil has successfully with your support set up an alternative revenue stream. Despite the growth in our readership, our google ad revenue was not increasing with it and could no longer be relied upon.

People wanting to hurt us financially were periodically making complaints to Google about us which would sometimes result in google taking away our revenue for weeks at a time. It was a situation of being considered guilty until we could prove ourselves innocent. It happened a lot in the months prior to the Dirty Politics hit by Rawshark and Nicky Hager. It was almost as if left -wing political operatives were softening us up before landing the planned killer blow.

We survived their “killer blow” but recognised that ad-blockers were reducing our monthly income despite continued readership growth. Something had to change.

You-tube content creators are now facing a similar dilemma. Monetisation ( ad revenue) is being removed from Content creators’ You-Tube channels for unspecified crimes. Sometimes they are labelled” hate speech”. Other times they are labelled “adult content.” Younger subscribers are even being unsubscribed behind their backs by You-tube who has decided that certain channels are for adults only. Some like Paul Joseph Watson say conservative voices are being targeted to purge them from You-tube. Others believe it is mainstream corporates who are wanting to turn You-tube into another version of television who are behind the purge.

Read more »