Guest Post – Filled and Fooled

Yesterday I drove from Wellington to Tauranga.  I kept an eye on petrol prices.  I only use 91 octane so I didn’t check any others.

In Plimmerton, just out of Wellington Z Energy wanted $2.06 (I ignored the .9 bit)  That’s where I fuelled up.  Bugger.

In Levin $1.79 – Allied and the others were $1.80.

In Rotorua Gull asked $1.72.

That’s 34 cents difference.  Whew!!!    Read more »

LEAKED: Potential book covers for Nicky Hager’s new book

After listening to all the rumours regarding Slick Nicky’s new election disrupting book I decided to do some investigating to see if I could find out what it is all about. Since (as per Hager’s modus operandi) it will be based on stolen information not ” Leaks” as it will be spun by a complicit media, I went underground into the murky world of hacking to access his book publisher’s database.

Inside the database my pet hacker Cookedfish discovered a number of book covers that Hager is currently considering which gave us some clues as to what the book will be about.

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Mental Health Break

Stupid is as stupid does

Progressives and liberals in America love to lobby for whatever ever fits their cause de jour. They are very good at coming up with silly hashtags and protests to promote whatever bandwagon they have jumped on each week. Illegal immigrants were unlucky enough to be chosen by them recently as they came up with the incredible Brain Fart of #ADayWithoutImmigrants. The idea was to encourage immigrants to refuse to work in order to show America just how important they were.
Of course, it was a stupid point to make since Trump supporters and Trump has no problem with legal immigrants only illegal ones. So what happened when illegal immigrants refused to turn up to work?

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Map of the Day

London Piccadilly Tube Station drawing from 1928

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Guest Post – “Insult”, “Outrage” as Calls Erupt to Refuse US Ambassador’s Credentials

Jesus O’Nazareth in an artist’s depiction of the infamous “Temple Incident”

The man heavily tipped as President Trump’s choice for New Zealand ambassador, former Judean itinerant teacher Jesus O’Nazareth, was scalded and slandered across the country by all prominent, less-than-prominent, and even the very-little-more-than-meaningless, anti-US grand-dudgeons possessing a shoulder-chip, access to wifi and a twitter handle on Sunday.

When approached by our twelve-year-old, trained and skilled, journalist, a founding-member of the Islamic Women’s Council of NZ (Halal-o-tea-roa) claimed Trump’s choice would be insulting Muslims in this country, especially Muslim women, and she would be texting ‘outrage’ about the pending appointment amongst her easily-offended online cohort as soon as her husband granted access to her smartphone again. Her irritation was ignited after hearing of O’Nazareth’s ignominious and hugely inappropriate display of public nudity; when confronted with the much-touted rumour that Jesus had actually been nailed up outdoors against his express wishes, and was offered very little in the way of choices for clothing, our informant (who wished to remain bigamous) claimed it had been a publicity stunt on the part of O’Nazareth.   Read more »


UPDATED: Help us decide which Whaleoil merchandise to put in our store

UPDATE: I removed the polo-shirt images as they are for staff only and removed the questions about them from the survey.

Before you complete the second survey please have a look at these photos. You only need to remember the letter A) B) or C) of the product/s you are interested in buying.


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Vernon Small gets it, why can’t Bill?

Vernon Small can see smoke signals…shame Bill English can’t.

Prime Minister Bill English may make a decent fist of shearing, but when it comes to kicking for touch his style is more hack-it-and-see.

Faced with queries about the impact of the Maori-Mana non-aggression pact, announced on Monday, he punted them all into the distant future.

Would National continue its long-standing policy of not fielding candidates in the Maori seats?

“There is likely to be some discussion about that. We haven’t come to a conclusion but we didn’t stand last time.”

Every election was a bit different. He hadn’t thought about it in great detail.

Well then, what about abolishing the Maori seats?   Read more »

Photo of the Day

Israeli soldiers treat hostages after they were held for a week at Entebbe airport after the highjack of an Air France plane, 1976 (Photo: Getty)

Operation Thunderbolt!!! 

On June 27, 1976, Air France Flight 139 took off from Tel Aviv, Israel, bound for Athens, Greece and eventually Paris. There were 246 passengers and 12 crew members aboard. Not long after the Airbus A-300 plane left Athens, four terrorists–two German nationals and two Palestinians–hijacked Flight 139. They were armed with pistols as well as a grenade with the pin removed, which one of the terrorists held onto as insurance against being attacked or overwhelmed by the passengers.

The hijackers, who were affiliated with the Marxist-leaning terrorist group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the equally radical Baader-Meinhof Gang of West Germany, forced the plane to land in Benghazi, Libya, and eventually in Entebbe, Uganda, which was then ruled by dictator Idi Amin. The passengers who were not Israeli nationals were released, but this left over 100 innocent people still in their hands. The terrorists demanded that the Israeli and other western governments release 53 prisoners held in Israel, Kenya, Switzerland, France and West Germany, or they’d start killing passengers one by one on July 1.

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Kelvin Davis can feel an ill wind blowing…

A vote for the Mana Māori deal is a vote for National, says Labour’s Māori Development spokesperson Kelvin Davis.

“They’re welcome to each other. It’s only a matter of time before Māori work out there’s no mana in this deal.

“After nine years of this National Government, propped up by the Māori party, there’s not a lot to brag about. Māori are more likely to be overweight, depressed, homeless, incarcerated and uneducated according to these disturbing statistics produced under National’s watch.

“The Kiwi quarter acre dream is more of a nightmare as the housing crisis hits Māori hard. Māori are five times more likely to be homeless than Pākeha. Māori home ownership is 28 per cent compared with 56.8 per cent for Pākeha.

“The job market isn’t delivering for Māori either. Read more »