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Retrospective apology demanded for WWII not featuring enough women or “people of colour”

via breitbart.com

This is just so sad.

Dunkirk is a great movie but there aren’t enough “women” or “people of color” in it, according to a review in USA Today.

The movie – with a cast including Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, and former One Direction singer Harry Styles – has been given a slew of five-star reviews for its vivid, nail-biting depiction of the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk in 1940.

But though USA Today’s reviewer praised it too, he couldn’t resist giving it a little rap on the knuckles about its shameful lack of diversity and equality:

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Looks like a cunning way to get more stories about road maggots getting run over

This looks like a cunning way for Wellington Council to get more stories about road maggots getting run over:

Central Wellington looks set to become more cycle-friendly, with the introduction of the country’s first contra-flow bike lanes.

The lanes allow cyclists to travel against the flow of other traffic on a one-way street. They are planned for Cuba and Willeston streets as part of a plan to improve connections and make it safer and easier to get places in Wellington by bike.

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Offensive advertising that works UPDATED


“The world needs more rude men” is one of Cam’s many memorable sayings. That must be why Black Rifle Coffee’s “offensive” advertisement for coffee makes me want to buy their coffee. It is so refreshing and much more enjoyable than a virtue signalling ad telling me how buying their coffee is good for the planet and organic or how wonderful they are for hiring “diverse” staff ( gagging noise)

Interestingly Starbucks who have made a selling point out of their diversity, in reality, is not that diverse at all. Non-diverse staff ( white people) make up 60% of their lowly paid staff and 84% of their highly paid staff so those pesky white people non-diverse staff are still the majority.

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