Sunday nightcap

Imam Tawhidi debate with Dr Jamal Rifi on Sunrise

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Sunday standup

Plastic straw myths

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They have come for our plastic bags, they are coming from our straws next since our Green Party like to copy movements from overseas…


Professor: Time to shut down universities

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Daily roundup

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Whaleoil sports quiz

Quiz: Michael Joseph Savage

Kiwi as

A fantastic innovation in medical imagery is the brainchild of our keen individuals who inspire and surprise, this week. Father and son Professors Anthony and Phil Butler have built the MARS spectral (colour) CT scanner and demonstrated that the colour information can give fantastic functional information and even molecular information. Quote.

A project that is revolutionising the way x-ray technology will detect, diagnose and monitor many diseases, including cancer, has been awarded Gold Status for research excellence by MBIE.

The joint initiative between the University of Canterbury, University of Otago, and MARS Bioimaging Ltd, known as the MARS Programme, is producing a spectral molecular scanner which provides 3D colour images of objects inside the body such as bone, soft tissue, and artificial joints.
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