Jesus was not Karl Marx in sandals

Caption: Jesus, Communists: can you spot any difference?

One of the most annoying things about social justice warriors – just one? – is the way that they spend so much time rubbishing Christianity, but then try and co-opt it when it suits them. Of course, their actual understanding of Christianity is almost exclusively limited to a few pedestrian arguments they’ve glommed from Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris memes, so their arguments are rarely less than risible.

One of the most egregiously stupid is that “Jesus was a Communist!” Quote:

Definitions are important. A quick dictionary definition of communism tells us that it’s a theory or system of social organisation in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs. We’ve all heard that before.

It’s not a bad idea in theory, but of course, we know that in practice every manifestation of communism in the world has ended in a bloodbath. So I’m dubious that Jesus was a communist. End of quote.

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The world’s pickiest refugees turn their noses up at America

Caption: Don’t be fooled: The guard towers, machine-gun posts, barbed wire and guard dogs are carefully cropped out of what appears to be a picture of an island paradise.

For more two centuries, the United States has been a beacon of hope for the world’s poor and oppressed dreaming of a better life in the fabled Land Opportunity.

Today’s refugees are a little pickier, it seems. Quote:

Forty of the 300 refugees who left Nauru to resettle in the US have contacted the island nation asking to come back because life in America was harder than

expected, the Nauruan President has revealed. End of quote.

To paraphrase the best line from the immortal Ghostbusters, “You don’t know what it’s like over there! I’ve been to America: they expect you to work!”

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Psst, wanna save $17,000 whilst saving the planet?

In what clearly has to be the deal of a lifetime (well 20 years, anyway), a company is promising a saving of $17,000 (Ts & Cs apply) for a subscription of just $85 per month.   Newsroom reports: Quote.

New Zealanders will be able to ditch traditional power companies and “stream the sun” with an $85 a month subscription model for solar panels and storage batteries.

Solarcity, a solar power company, believe their offer will accelerate New Zealand’s goal of using 100 percent renewable energy by 2035.

Home solar systems have had some hurdles, namely due to the need for a battery to store energy for later use. Without batteries the energy collected by a solar panel can only be used during the day, when many people are at work. With batteries alone costing around $10,000 it’s put a dampener on the willingness of people to switch.

“Powering homes locally is just a lot more efficient and makes more sense. It’s 25% more efficient to power your home from your own rooftop than a lake down south.”

Solarcity say their new service, solarZero, could make powering a home greener, more affordable and end pricing disparities where a family in Kerikeri can pay 45 percent more for electricity than a family in Auckland.

The solarZero service include the panels and a Panasonic battery as well as an app to control usage and an Amazon Echo Spot connected to Alexa, which checks the systems [sic] performance and can be used to manage connected appliances. End quote.

Amazon Echo units can also be hacked to listen in on the home occupants – but that is a whole different story and hopefully the software has been updated by now. Quote.

Subscribers need to commit to a twenty-year contract and the panels and battery remain the property of Solarcity at the end of the contract. The overall subscription cost is $20,400.
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Map of the day

Source –

Click the image for a high-res view

Electricity Consumption Per Person Around The World

The map above shows which countries consume the most electricity per person. The numbers include electricity used by both households and businesses. See below for a full ranking.

The top 10 countries in terms of electricity consumption per capita are:

  1. Iceland: 5,777 watts
  2. Liechtenstein: 4,092 watts
  3. Norway: 2,740 watts
  4. Kuwait: 2,176 watts
  5. Bahrain: 2,069 watts
  6. United Arab Emirates: 1,848 watts
  7. Qatar: 1,718 watts
  8. Canada: 1,704 watts
  9. Finland: 1,681 watts
  10. Sweden: 1,467 watts

The 10 countries with the lowest consumption per person were:

  1. Gaza Strip: 0.01 watts
  2. Chad: 1 watt
  3. Guinea-Bissau: 2 watts
  4. Somalia: 3 watts
  5. Sierra Leone: 3 watts
  6. Rwanda: 4 watts
  7. Burundi: 4 watts
  8. Haiti: 4 watts
  9. Central African Republic: 4 watts
  10. Eritrea: 5 watts

The data comes from Wikipedia with most figures coming from 2016 (you see the full list there).

Average power per capita was calculated according to the formula:

Electric energy per capita [ in watt-hour ] = Total population electricity consumption [ in kW·h/yr ] * 1,000 /population.

Electric power per capita [ in watt ] = Total population electricity consumption [ in kW·h/yr ] * 0.114077116 /population.

1 kW·h/yr = 1,000 Wh/(365.25 x 24)h = 0.11408 Watt

Overall, China is the world’s largest consumer of electricity, but given it’s vast population, the figure per capita is only 510 watts. The US is the second largest consumer in aggregate, but the per person figure is much higher at 1,377 watts.

Finally, the UK is the world’s 11th largest consumer of electricity in total, with a per capita consumption only slightly above China’s at 547 watts.

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Air New Zealand’s new safety video: Seriously, it’s awful!

Air NZ safety video featuring a famous Maori kid, some Air NZ staff and a rapper bloke who used to be a girl.

Honestly, I have no idea what Air New Zealand are thinking.

I flew up to Auckland this week. I almost always fly Air NZ, because, you know, I usually need to actually get to where I’m going. I had been having a pretty cruisy trip; got to the airport early, sat in the lounge and grabbed a bite to eat. I caught up on my Whaleoil reading etc. then made my way down through security screening, got pulled aside to check out what the little box with curly wires going into it was, (a radar detector, not a bomb), and had just sat down when they started boarding the flight.

So up I jump so I can get on first, (easier to get away with way too much carry-on that way), popped into my favourite seat (5A – The window is at just the right spot, lots of legroom etc). A quick ‘gidday’ to a couple of lovely older ladies behind me and I settle into my seat, grab my headphones and open up the latest issue of Top Gear magazine.

Then I rememberd you have to take your headphones off now for the safety video, so I waited dutifully for the all-important safety advice, (I can’t afford to do a Sir Bob and get my own plane). I was a bit shocked to see a new video come on as it has been less than two months since I last took a flight.

I was quite glad really, as I was completely sick of the virtue signalling Antarctica one that has been running for so long but, oh dear, Air New Zealand, what have you done? Read more »

The Minister for Rocks in his head

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

The Minister for Rocks in his Head continues the clueless coalition’s strangling embrace of incompetence.

When I heard this on the car wireless on the way home two nights ago, I had to pull over; I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. I fully expected this to be all over the news yesterday, yet…nothing.

With great fanfare and press release Andrew Little announced, just three days ago, the re-entry of Pike River Mine, with loads of bluster about justice, the collection of possible forensic evidence and ‘not ruling out’ criminal charges.

There is just one problem with all this. At this stage, he has zero support from those qualified to collect that evidence! The police have not agreed to take part in the farcical re-entry and have ruled out sending attendees to the training camp planned, while the other vital cog of evidence evaluation and testing, the ESR, has released a statement specifically stating they will not make any personnel available for underground duties, and furthermore: quote.

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Who’s to blame for the Pike River mine tragedy?

Now that we are going back in, the really big question over blame is again being raised by hurt and angry families and by others keen to point the finger at who is ultimately responsible for the loss of the 29 men underground at Pike River.

Families are expecting criminal proceedings on the back of the evidence they hope to find with Andrew Little’s mine re-entry.

Judith Collins was Minister of Police at the time of the Pike River disaster and she was interviewed by Duncan Garner on the AM show. I was very disappointed to hear Collins call Peter Whittall the villain, as I genuinely like her and consider her to be a diligent minister, but in this, she is quite wrong.

In one breath, Judith says that responsibility for not to attempting a rescue mission at Pike, lay with her boss at the time, John Key, who made that very important decision. Despite the police being in charge of the disaster and reporting to Collins, despite being well briefed and travelling several times to the disaster site, Collins acknowledges that Key was ultimately responsible for the decision about if and when a rescue was attempted. When told by Garner that Little had said the mine was actually safe to enter, Collins said:  quote.

That’s certainly not the advice we had at the time,” said Ms Collins, when pressed on the issue by Duncan Garner. “You’d need to take it up with who was in charge at the time. John Key was the Prime Minister.” End of quote.

End of story, all well and good?  Well no, because Collins does not apply that same logic to Peter Whittall, who she calls out as the villain of the disaster because in the next breath she goes on to say. Quote.

I think Peter Whittall was the person who has the most responsibility in this, and if there’s any evidence that comes out of this mine showing that there should be a prosecution, and then I think we should get on with it,” Ms Collins said. End of quote.

Here is the double standard: Whittall also had bosses that he regularly reported to, and took instructions from, over his six years at Pike River mine.  Since his appointment as Chief Executive at Pike River Mine the previous month Whittall’s boss was the Pike River Mine Board of directors. A newspaper reported that the Board had not taken their health and safety responsibilities seriously, indeed the chair actually threw Whittall under the bus.  Quote.

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