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CBS aired this remarkable segment

You can imagine the shock of the CBS producers trying cut this piece together and finding nowhere to deceptively edit the women’s words to drive the anti-Trump narrative.

It reminds us of this moment from last year during the campaign, when a black MSNBC host was race baiting Trump and mistakenly cut to a black Trump supporter who said the media needs to stop race baiting.

Her reaction was priceless:

No matter what we say, no matter what we do…



– TR

Burkas are for Burks: One Rule for all no exceptions

There would be no need to ban the Burka in countries like New Zealand and Australia if we applied the law equally without fear or favour and expected immigrants and their descendants to assimilate to Kiwi cultural norms. It is not socially acceptable or culturally appropriate in Kiwi Society to walk around wearing a full face mask in public.

We live in a country where my Australian father gets told to take off his Akubra hat when he enters a New Zealand bank but New Zealand Muslim women wearing various types of headwear that obscure their features are allowed to enter without challenge. This needs to change.

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The Morgan Score will sort the problem out

The Morgan score is a new trophy hunting score that was named after cat abolitionist Gareth Morgan. The purpose of the score is to encourage environmentalists to hunt feral cats as game. It was first mentioned in a story about Whaleoil editor Cameron Slater whose new website called “The Wild” will soon be going live.

The Wild will be New Zealand’s premier digital destination for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.

The Wild sets out to be a practical site that explains in very simple terms how to be better in the field. It explains why we use the gear we do, how we use it and where possible, why it works. Each month, The Wild produces hundreds of pieces of new content, including articles, video, and reviews..

-The Wild

Environmentalists with rifles is one solution for this rural Waikato property which has been over run with feral cats despite the owners best efforts to tackle the problem without bullets.


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Call for US to remove certain statues. Don’t laugh. It will happen here

President Trump is taking a lot of heat for worrying that once cities remove Confederate statues the next ones in danger will be George Washington or Thomas Jefferson because they were slave owners. Well, it seems as if his fear is coming true.

A Chicago pastor is seeking the removal of a statue of the nation’s first president at the entrance to Washington Park. But in typical fashion, it doesn’t stop there, as CBS Chicago reports:

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Anna “Marge” Lorck’s election hoardings still in violation of common decency

Whaleoil sent its cub reporter to the Bay to witness for ourselves that Anna Lorck is still extending the middle finger to voters. Amazingly she has only four signs in Flaxmere (Yes, he actually drove through Flaxmere)

There were rumours that one sign had been graffitied with the word “Homewrecker” on it. A compreheisve search failed to find it.

As for the photo… Marge and Homer?  Beauty and the Beast?  Whale and  pale?

Good news for everyone is that the cub reporter will be working from his desk again by the time you read this.

Bad news for Tukituki is that there are an awful lot of men trying not to make eye contact with that sign for another six weeks.


Mental Health Break

Are unattractive women more likely to be radical feminists?

Why are so many left-wing third wave feminists fat and unattractive? I thought it was just an American phenomenon but perhaps it is the case at Auckland University too?

WARNING:  I am about to compare and contrast the physical appearance of female speakers at a recent Auckland University debate.

Disclaimer: All conclusions formed after viewing these images are your own. Proceed with caution.

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Map of the Day

Countries with military satellites

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