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Abbott comes out swinging against his critics

Tony Abbott at Oxford in 1982. The former Prime Minister is at his best when he comes out swinging.

Tony Abbott won his boxing debut at Oxford in 45 seconds. His opponent was on the deck for almost as long. In his short, but very successful career, Abbott also took out a marine and a Sandhurst military cadet.

As a politician, Abbott was likewise a formidable pugilist. After his Liberal party colleagues squawked in unison to trash his speech on immigration, Abbott came out swinging.

Tony Abbott: I know more about winning elections than anyone

The Liberals under Malcolm Turnbull are on a hiding to nothing in the polls, but Abbott has spared nothing for the colleagues who knifed him in 2015.

One thing I am not going to cop is gratuitous criticism from ministers who are only in government because I led them there.

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Trump jumps onto the ban wagon

Guest Post:

Trump jumps onto the ban wagon.
On the subject of banning is disappointing to see President Trump falling for the ban panacea in directing the AG propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns.
While extreme gun haters like Pelosi & Schumer constantly screech for bans they never actually define what they mean by that. Even President Clinton’s assault weapon ban (that banned very little) after 10 years failed to make any discernible change to the statistics. A few foreign built firearms couldn’t be imported in their current configuration and locally made ones had to be built without bayonet lugs, flash hiders etc but remained essentially the same.
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The castrati of the Gelded Age hate themselves, so you should, too

The Beta Male in its natural habitat. No sudden moves, they frighten easily.

In Robert A. Heinlein’s 1964 novel, Farnham’s Freehold, he describes a contemporary white American family suddenly transported to a future run by virulently racist black Muslim slavers. While the hero and heroine fight for their freedom, other characters willingly undergo castration in order to live as pampered slaves. There’s not much subtlety in Heinlein’s message: some people are so weak and fearful that they’ll willingly have their balls cut off to appease their masters.

The website The Good Men Project is the mincing ground of such pathetic eunuchs. In article after article, they willingly bend over and spread their legs for the intersectional knife, and afterwards continue to flagellate themselves for the heinous crime of having been born male and white.

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Mental health break

Who am I?


Guest Post:


I was born Nimrata Randhawa

on 20 January 1972

This remarkable woman is also known as Nimrata “Nikki” Haley.

She was born into an Indian American Sikh family. She had always been called “Nikki” by her family. Her father Ajit Singh Randhawa, and mother Raj Kaur Randhawa, emigrated from Amritsar District, Punjab, India.

Nikki Hayley

Nikki Haley is the 29th and current United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Previously she served as the 116th governor of South Carolina.  Nikki Haley was the first female governor of South Carolina and the second Indian-American to serve as a governor in the United States.

In my opinion, I am sure Nikky Haley would be a Whale Oil supporter.

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