Hurt their feelings then give them this book to read

Forty-eight years ago, I enjoyed a year of flatting in North Sydney. I was adolescently cruising along by ‘pretending to work’ with the main purpose of generally enjoying too much partying and wasting my life. One night I had an epiphany. I decided enough is enough and that I wanted a decent future. I returned to my city of birth to complete my Higher School Certificate by a combination of night school and correspondence.

I had to support myself and fortunately I landed a job as a drain-layer’s labourer for a plumbing firm which had secured tendered contracts to lay the drains for abattoirs, country schools and government establishments in and around inland NSW.

We toured and lived in a red converted double decker bus which we parked preferably next to a pub or next to a boarding house. We travelled from job to job with a backhoe and a 1964 EH Ute; some projects lasted two weeks, others months . I remember one of the Ute’s many eccentricities was the need to pump the brakes three or four times before she conceded to stop.
Having just emerged from an office background – to say I was a ‘bit soft’ was an understatement and unlike most newcomers who were afforded nicknames, I was not given one. I was just “new guy” or “hey you there” while being looked at sideways with amused grins or smirks.

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Less advanced third world cultures superior to Western culture


I have previously opined about the insidious UN influence by UNESCO from 1951 where they asserted: ‘Our third world cultures are viewed as not equal to the west, but in fact superior by virtue of the fact that they are less advanced’.

The establishment of the Treaty of Waitangi Tribunal has duped mainstream New Zealand and continues to do so by interpretative manipulation of the intent of the treaty. This is designed to facilitate acceptance of the UN doctrine. The UN deems ‘western democratic society’ is defunct. The west is to be sacrificed and eclipsed by ‘a rejuvenated, idealised world culture’ created by the globalist totalitarian socialist elites – now aided by an open border immigration pact and the embedding of third world society laws such as Shariah.

For the purposes of this opinion, the detail and meaning of the original Treaty of Waitangi is temporarily relegated to the ‘back burner’. More relevant to this opinion is the fact that many part-Māori and Pakeha activist elite influencers today are biased about the supposed alleged injustices perpetrated by English western culture since the 1840 treaty. However, in the process of elevating selective parts of the Māori culture, they conveniently ignore the darker cultural perspective of pre-1840 Māori history.

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The Brexit choice is clear: Part 2

Source: REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron sign a new agreement on bilateral cooperation and integration, known as Treaty of Aachen, in Aachen, Germany, January 22, 2019.

The Brexit choice is clear: Part 1

Germany and France have just signed a treaty to foster a “Franco-German economic zone,” and to establish a “Franco-German defence and security council.”

How can a treaty between the two dominant remaining EU accord members assist with the interests of the remaining wider Union membership? This accord reinforces the true power behind the European Union Empire. It also displays the hypocrisy of the rules that the European Union inflict on other Union member countries, including Britain within May’s failed plan for Brexit.

The Franco-German treaty was signed in Aachen, which has the shrine of Charlemagne the Holy Roman Emperor of the 8th and 9th centuries. He was originally the king of the Franks, a Germanic tribe who established their empire by conquest which ironically did not include the assorted kingdoms of the British Isles. quote.

The 16 pages of the Treaty of Aachen signed on Tuesday between President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel commit their two countries to wide-ranging cooperation and collaboration at the heart of Europe, 56 years after their predecessors signed the Elysee Treaty for post-war reconciliation. end quote.

What the new Aachen Treaty says:

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The treason of the Coalition of Losers

Hop into my metaphorical Time machine…

Please hop in my metaphorical ‘time machine’ and travel with me back to August 2002, when Winston Peters unleashed a fresh and frenzied attack on the government’s immigration policy, which he termed “treason”! quote.

The New Zealand First leader attacked the Government for allowing 10 more refugees from the Tampa into New Zealand this week.

He stated “Ain’t it lovely, ain’t it beautiful. I’ve got people in Tauranga who can’t get eye operations, who have waited three years for serious operations,” he said. Half of refugees had HIV/Aids and many would not work, he said.

“In other countries they call it treason.”

“Who the hell gave you the right to do that to our country?” Mr Peters asked Labour MPs. “Bring in half the refugees who are carrying HIV and all sorts of Third World diseases. “Every New Zealand taxpayer will pay for the rest of their lives.”

Maori in the north were living on dirt floors and had no running water or power. “They [Labour] can’t help them … but they rush to take in 53,000 people a year.” Mr Peters said the Government was engaged in “political engineering of the worst sort”. end quote.

A Newspaper

Winston at the time wanted us to think that sovereignty along with the protection of our citizen’s rights were important to him.

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Nationalism is on the rise

Nationalism is on the rise. Brexit, Trump, and the election of populist politicians in Europe are dealing a blow to the idea of ‘Imperialism’ propagated by the globalist United Nations and the totalitarian European Union.

A pragmatic case can be made that nations suffer politically and fiscally from excessively introverted policies; too wrapped up in their own perceived interests to the exclusion of the rest of the world. ‘Globalism’ though, would never have achieved its current strength if nations had continued to mind their own affairs whilst taking heed of the historical perils of Socialist Imperialism. Originally the EU was a trade pact and the United Nations was established to ensure peace but, over the decades, both have transitioned into Imperialist regimes.

Since the invention of the state, the history of mankind has encompassed two competing principles of political order:

  1. Nationalism: the principle that the world is naturally divided up among a multiplicity of self-governing nations
  2. Imperialism: the principle of bringing peace and prosperity by uniting mankind under a single political regime.

The rise of globalism among Western elites in recent decades should be understood not as the emergence of a new and more enlightened principle of political order, but as the re-emergence of something ancient: the ideology of an imperial non-elected elite ruling class. This elite perceives a threat to the unity of ‘the empire’ from any strong individual nation and from movements like Brexit, Trump’s America first and, closer to home, the promotion of NZ nationhood as promised to the electorate by NZ First.

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The Brexit choice is clear

Image credit Pixa

It is unlikely that the New Zealand general public have intricate knowledge about the fine details of Brexit, thanks to our biased local mainstream Media.

During the last three years, we personally had an opportunity to forge closer ties with our UK relatives and friends, including some great holidays to England, Wales and Scotland. According to the majority of our UK ‘buddies,’ the Brexit UK exodus has but one option to honour democracy and that is to leave the EU. 

The referendum decided that Britain will fully exit the rules and restrictions of the European Union so they said a big no to a soft-Brexit and an identical no to Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal.

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An iconic Christmas moment in Western military history

Recently we attended the screening of the Sir Peter Jackson film “They Shall Not Grow Old”.

We were moved by the impact of the rejuvenation of the black and white ‘jerky’ silent film to modern colour and the depth of intricacy in interpreting the words spoken by our soldiers at war. The film became alive and relevant and even more poignant when afterwards my darling wife told the tale of her paternal Grandfather who fought in the Great War and was buried alive in a trench. Fortunately, he was dug out and he lived, and consequently, thankfully she is here with me today.

What a bloody awful terrible experience these brave men, and youths endured, realising they didn’t really know what lay ahead of them, and not anticipating some society rejection after they returned home.

A century on from the end of the first world war there has been an academic move to discredit one of the most iconic Christmas moments in Western military history.

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‘Nihil novi sub sole’ (there is nothing new under the sun)

This Latin expression appeared in the Vulgate Bible phrase, “nihil novi sub sole” (“there is nothing new under the sun”), now in Ecclesiastes 1:9.

Consequently, when reading General Mattis’s resignation letter, I noted his profound insight into the governing of nations, ‘that we are again witnessing an international struggle between two irreconcilable belief systems’, this being reminiscent of the Cold War: a war between Communism (actually Socialism) and our free democratic society, the West.

Western democracies possess a naive belief that their value system is morally pure, incorporating the best traits of the human character. It is therefore assumed that democracy must be universally accepted, and must therefore prevail. However, New Zealand has endured bad governance under recent MMP coalition regimes such that we are now reaching a tipping point. 

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NZ voters have been duped

Credit: SonovaMin

According to our trustworthy friends of the MSM, Winston Peters, whose NZ First party represents less than 4% of the electoral party vote and is part of a cobbled-together coalition minority party government, has just signed away our sovereignty.

When listening to Angela Merkel, just this week in her response to a question from the AfD, she initially defined the migration pact as non-binding. However, she subsequently confirmed that all the countries who have signed the pact can vote to amend the agreement to become a binding treaty.

Someone who thinks she is clever once said: “read between the lines.” Well, reading between the lines, New Zealand is absolutely at risk of losing its sovereignty.

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Males can destroy but males will also build

Yet another example of toxic, white masculinity out oppressing the womenfolk.

The Left and those of the misguided feminist mindset are wrong to categorise all men together. Generally, male soldiers liberate women from the depravity of militant jihadists and male police officers will arrive to take out the criminal terrorists.

Some believe that white masculinity is toxic and must be suppressed. Men are the problem. We make war; we commit crimes; men rape; we apparently thrust our aggression into everything.

Males can destroy but males will also build.

The Left’s edict to eradicate the alleged destructive male tendency have promoted emasculation to enhance state dependency, while simultaneously stating the obvious, that women can do anything, and in New Zealand they do.

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