Let’s compare capitalism & socialism

Credit: Luke

Western democracy is flawed but it has worked extremely well in New Zealand, at least until the last election.

The current socialist NZ governments utopian mantra is based on the Marxist premise of a controlled globalist society; perfect for the ruling elite, but not for the majority.

History shows that zealotry can inflict unspeakable evil whether implemented forcibly by the hammer (and sickle), or by stealth, for example, through the mainstream media. It can promote a change from a reasonably safe but flawed political system to one having an ideology that was the most significant cause of death and destruction in the twentieth century. Millions of people were destroyed by the socialist Marxist revolutions in Russia and China, and there was the genocide of 6 million Jews by the German NAZI Third Reich.

Creating and encouraging victimhood is a great tool for the Marxist socialists. A sense of ‘victimhood’ is increasingly promoted through social media and the MSM. New Zealand’s ‘victims’ are encouraged by the Coalition of Losers so the coalition may garner yet more votes come election time.

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Max is a retired NZ/Australian businessman, Company Director and CEO; his incentive for continuing to research and write is based on curiosity and a search for meaning born through a desire to validate facts and share provocative debatable topics. To live is to question.