Diary of Cambo the Camo cat

By the time the meeting of the Cat-a-holic Society had come to an end a decision had been made by all the feline attendees.

That big-eared soup-strainer wearing son of a bitch had to be taken down a few pegs, and we knew just who to call upon.

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Everyone knows I’m a cool cat. I like to keep my head, and if a human upsets me, I’ll just wind myself lovingly between their legs, preferably at the top of the stairs. I’m cool like that. No need to panic. Humans are our food suppliers, but nothing more than that.

I mean, you don’t really think I am going to eat dead rat, do you? Not when, if I time it well, I can escape with the fillet steak that the mistress left out to thaw for dinner?

Well, she never said whose dinner it was, did she? And I’m more than happy to share my jellymeat and cat biscuits any time. I’m like that, you know. A generous cat.

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Freeze a jolly good fellow

I was out prowling the neighbourhood with a bunch of the local moggies when one of them brought up the fact that the humans who think that they own us, apparently only have one life.

As we felines have nine lives, this concept of only having one seemed quite bizarre.

Apparently, not all the human dudes accept this situation and some go to great lengths and huge expense to try and thwart the system.

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Introducing Cambo the camo cat:

Last week I was enjoying a few pints with my good mates Cat Stevens, Scott Fitzferal, Paw McCartney, Luke Skywhisker and Henry Hissinger when my mobile rang. It was my favourite purr-ty pussy Margaret Scratcher.

She said that Paw Revere has contacted her to tell her that the fur-midable editor of Whaleoil was on the hunt for a Cat correspondent.

I was so excited that I asked her if she was fur real and she assured me that it was true and that I was

fur-tunate enough to be litter-ally at the top of his list.

I played it cool initially and told him that I had a feline that it would suit me and that I enjoyed a good tail or two and that I would consider the paw-sibility. Meanwhile, I was thinking to myself that this opportunity is just puurfect.

My first post is below.

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