Trade Me & Stuff appoint themselves moral arbiters

Credit: Alden Williams/STUFF

In the brave new world we find ourselves in since Friday 15th March, both Trade Me and Stuff have decided to become some sort of moral policemen, banning things they deem “insensitive” or “racist”.

Of course that is their prerogative, they are privately owned companies after all. But it does set them skidding on a slippery slope of moral judgement, and leaves them vulnerable to bullies. quote.

Media company Stuff “will not be taking any future gun advertising”, chief executive Sinead Boucher says.

Stuff newspapers including The Dominion Post and The Press, have frequently published advertisements for Gun City, which operates seven stores, including one which opened on the Hutt Rd in Wellington in 2013.

But Boucher said the company did not have any gun advertising campaigns booked at present. end of quote

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Lying is easy, it’s the truth that is hard to find

I need Help! We need help ! Whaleoil needs your help!

It’s a well known fact that you should believe less than half of what you read on the internet these days.

Isherman found this graphic online and complained that it was all wrong. Spiker agreed that it was full of errors too, so Nige asked one of the other writers to do a post about it, but they claimed to know nothing about guns. So I was next up on the list, nice to know I’m in 2nd place.

After some pitiful attempts at flattery I eventually agreed to do it, mainly to save Nige from further embarrassment. The trouble is, you can take what I know about guns and cover it entirely with a spoonful of cheesecake.

Which is a very long involved way of getting to the point of my story.

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Saint Jacinda

Cartoon credit: SonovaMin

I have thus far steered clear of politics on my Facebook page as it’s for keeping in touch with my family and friends. But I have been in a dilemma over the last few days, as more and more garbage gets posted, which I allow to pass unchallenged. The latest is a series of memes or excerpts that are praising Jacinda to the high heavens for her compassion and leadership. Cough. Sorry, I just had a little bit of sick in my mouth.

Here’re a few examples – hold onto your breakfast folks:

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Stop killing Maori babies

Credit: Te Punui Kokiri

My first post on Whaleoil as a wide-eyed intern was about
Moko Rangitoheriri, the three year old boy who suffered prolonged abuse and torture at the hands of his whanau, before he eventually died of his injuries.

Here I am again, 18 months later, banging the same old drum.

Not one, but two Maori babies are in the news at the moment, both killed either deliberately or because of wilful neglect.

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What sentence?

The coward of Christchurch

Assuming Brenton Tarrant stays true to his manifesto and pleads not guilty to whatever charges he eventually faces, and assuming he is found guilty of the massacre of 50 people, and injuring 36 more, what sentence would be appropriate? quote.

Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28, appeared in Christchurch District Court on Saturday morning. He faced one murder charge, but police say more are likely.

Belinda Sellars QC, who specialises in murder cases, said the offender was likely to face an “extraordinary” minimum non-parole term if found guilty of the shooting ? given the number of casualties was far in excess of previous mass-murder cases. end quote.


Assuming he is found guilty, what would be an ‘extraordinary’ sentence? And how would that compare with previous mass-murder cases?

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AT subsidises passengers $14 per trip for Uber-like service

But only if you live in Devonport. You really couldn’t dream up a more loopy transport option than this. quote.

The trial of a new form of public transport in one of Auckland’s wealthiest suburbs is praying for rain after making a slow start.

AT LOCAL, which is a?New Zealand-first,?is a new form of public transport that’s currently being trialled for a year at an estimated cost of $1.3 million.

The Uber-style service provided by Auckland Transport allowed residents of Devonport to request a pick-up via an online app by one of five dedicated electric vehicles which then takes?them home or to a nearby ferry wharf.

But after three months the number of people expected to use the service on a weekly basis have not even reached half of the modest target set by Auckland Transport.

In response, Auckland Transport said more promotion is planned and they expect that the numbers would increase once the weather changes and there’s more rain. end quote.

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Bald paedophile has vanity issues

Phillip John Smith is angry because he wasn’t able to use his Olay and Dove vanity products

Phillip John Smith is in the news again. He’s the convicted paedophile and murderer that donned a toupee and fled to South America while on temporary release.

Here’s the latest nonsense on his bald nonce. quote.

Convicted murderer Phillip Smith launched a legal challenge to get access to toupee and scalp grooming products in prison. 

The paedophile, who gained notoriety after fleeing to Brazil while on bail, was angered at not being able to use his Olay moisturiser and Dove skin cleanser behind bars.

He took legal action against the Department of Corrections. On Friday, Corrections said they had reached an agreement for Smith to use the vanity products, and the legal action had been discontinued. end quote.

Mate, if you think a bit of Dove and Olay can improve your looks, I’ve got news and it’s all bad. quote.

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Students go on strike

Students at Nelson College for Girls have started preparing banners for the global school strike for climate. PHOTO: NZ Herald

Just when you think things can’t get any more loopy ?they do! quote.

Thousands of New Zealand school students plan to go “on strike” on March 15 to support a worldwide day of action over global warming.

The global strike is expected to bring tens of thousands of students on to the streets across Europe, the United States, Australia and other countries.

In New Zealand, national co-ordinator Sophie Handford said protests were being organised in more than 20 towns from Russell in the Bay of Islands to Invercargill.

She said more than 1000 people had said they were “interested” on Facebook sites for protests in each of the four main centres in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. [?]

The group’s ‘demands’ include an immediate ban on exploration and extraction of fossil fuels, regulating emissions from agriculture and supporting the Government’s Zero Carbon Act. end quote.

Here?s an idea.  How about, instead of playing truant from school and making demands, you spend a day educating yourselves.  That is, after all, the purpose of going to school, to get an education; not to become an activist. Find out what the financial impact will be, crunch the numbers, and make sure you really understand what impact an immediate ban will have on the economy, as well as socially and personally for the people that work in the industry. 

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Queenstown beggar pockets $100 a day tax free

Credit: Debbie Jamieson/STUFF Queenstown beggar Stephen Robertston collecting $100 a day

To all of the people fist pumping that “rick pick” landlords may now finally have to pay their ‘fair share’ of tax, how do you feel about this guy dodging tax? Quote.

Stephen Robertson and his paper cup have?become a fixture at the top of Queenstown Mall since he arrived in town from Auckland at the start of February.

The man who is believed to be Queenstown’s first beggar claims people in the resort are much more generous than “snobby” Aucklanders.

“I’m enjoying my life. I’m loving?it here. It’s so cool,” said Robertson, who claimed to make up to $100 on a good day begging in his new home.? End Quote.

Assuming he begs only 5 days a week, because heck, even beggars deserve a day off now and then, he could be earning roughly $500 a week, tax free. quote.

DowntownQT town centre manager Steve Wilde said businesses had been in touch with him since Robertson appeared on the streets and were concerned about his welfare.

“If someone needs some help then we would want to see that happen.” 

However, the expectation was that anyone asking for money on the streets would do so in a “busking-type” situation.

“If people are going to set up on the street and ask for money the quid pro quo is that there’s an entertainment element to it and that guy does not fit this category.” end quote.

You expect him to actually make an effort in return for his reward? quote.

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Do you want this guy in prison Jacinda?

Credit: Newshub Paul Tainui, previously Paul Wilson

As recently as 5th February this year, our Prime Minister Ms Ardern was interviewed at Waitangi, and boldly stated that “we don’t want anyone in prison”. You can watch it right here, just so you can be sure I’m not making this up.

I wonder Ms Ardern, if that sentiment extends to Paul Wilson, also known as Paul Tainui, who has recently confessed to his second murder.

Warning: the details are distressing. quote.

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