Stupidest ad ever

The narrative is clear. Men are bad and need ‘fixing’. How about an ad showing that suicide victims are mostly male? How about one that shows that most homeless people are men? What about men who are kept away from their children by a vengeful ex-partner, using children as pawns? What about men being maliciously accused of rape, with their lives and careers remaining in ruins after the lies are revealed? Or that the vast majority of work-related deaths are men?

We sacrifice all for the love of our family, our people and our country. We put our lives on the line so that our women and children will be safe and cared for. (I know how politically incorrect it is to state this).

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Disempowering thinking that increases resentment & lowers resilience

Labour MP Meka Whaitiri. Photo NZ Herald

Last week Labour Māori MP Meka Whaitiri was quoted by a Hawkes Bay reporter, saying, “In this country, we have a hierarchy; white men, white women, brown men, brown women, and sometimes brown women have to talk extra loud to be heard”quote

Talk about putting the boot into any form of equality in this country – and coming from the recipient of a race-based benefit, a Māori ward, no less.
The nonsensical ‘hierarchy of victimhood’ tends to be in this order: 

  • Muslim
  • Female – not white 
  • Male – not white
  • Female – white
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The Cannabis Referendum is a distraction

No New Zealand government has ever honoured a Citizens’ Initiated Referenda, and yet today it was announced that yet another Government Referendum will be binding on us all.

Which flag is cool, and getting stoned…these are the topics that you are allowed to decide on.

Not the UN Migration Pact, not the increase in violence or the overhaul of schooling, gender ideology and youth crime.

No. Just weed.

In contrast, some of the Citizens’ Initiated Referenda ignored by successive governments are:

1. Should the size of the House of Representatives be reduced from 120 members to 99 members?

81.5% said Yes

18.5% said No

The turnout was 84.8%

2. Should there be a reform of our justice system placing greater emphasis on the needs of the victims, providing restitution and compensation for them and imposing minimum sentences and hard labour for all serious violent offence?

91.8% said Yes

8.2% said No

The turnout was 84.8%

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Deception & the UN Migration pact


How long will we tolerate deception as the first stage in communication by the state to the people?

We have become accustomed to deception by the government. Indeed, whenever a contentious issue arises that is of importance to New Zealanders, deception has been the default pattern for Labour-led governments. Labour assures us that it is in our best interests to think the way they say we should.

Examples of deception over contentious issues include the journey towards the redefinition of marriage when Labour MP Tim Barnett stated,

“The Civil Union Bill is an acceptable alternative; marriage can remain untouched.”

Helen Clark was even stronger and was quoted as saying,

“Marriage is only for heterosexuals. The Government is not — underline — not, changing the Marriage Act. That will remain as an option only for heterosexual couples.”

As expected, once the civil union bill was passed, it was not long before marriage was redefined, much to the glee of both Barnett and Clark.

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The UN migration pact is chilling

My warning is too late: Kiwi kids are already being indoctrinated

LGBT rights advocates march on Washington in 2009 (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

All that time I said I wasn’t indoctrinating anyone with my beliefs about gay and lesbian and bi and trans and queer people? That was a lie. end quote.

S. Bear quote.

And after all, we are advocating the destruction of the centrality of marriage and the nuclear family unit […] end quote.

Ryan Conrad quote.

[…] gays must be portrayed as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to adopt the role of protector. end quote.

This last quote comes from the 2004 article After the Ball-Why the Homosexual Movement Has Won which discusses the strategy used by the homosexual movement to make homosexuality part of mainstream American culture.

The purpose of this article is to warn all of you about the encroaching indoctrination of your children, about programmes designed to use psychology, marketing and training, not for tolerance and respect for fringe sexual desires or mental disorders, but to convince your children that such conditions are normal and that they need to accept the readjustment of society in order to propagate this delusion.

We in New Zealand should all be alarmed at the restrictions on our free speech and the cultural push to bully anyone who disagrees with the gender ideology/propaganda that is rapidly replacing scientific fact, moral thought and political courage.

Despite many years of people trying to warn the public, the creep of this ideological wave has already taken over much of our political authority, educational leadership, and, unsurprisingly, our media.

As part of our party’s stance of standing up for your children, one of our team managed to get a hold of the Mates & Dates sex programme that is being pushed onto schools throughout the country, and I have been told that “it’s as bad as we thought”.

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Why changing the NZ parliament prayer matters

We are not a Christian party.
We have Christians and non-Christians in our party.

We also recognise the importance of Christianity to our culture and the positive ramifications of having codes of laws, ethics and ideals practised here.

This is due solely to us being a nation that identifies Greek democracy and Judeo-Christian principles as integral to our culture and constitution…Maori took on these concepts; the ideas of codes, laws and ideals replacing violence, wars and depravity.

Labour have a pro-death culture of state sponsored suicide; if you’re old or sick, off yourself; if the pregnancy is inconvenient, abortions are more important than preserving the lives of unborn Kiwis.

Removing the central figure of our principles, dilution of family values, pushing gender diversity onto our children at school – it’s an assault on our democracy, integrity and values.

But this Labour-led/NZ First/Greens coalition and speaker Mallard have now managed to do what Labour have wanted for years.

A quiet, gradual and insidious removal of our core values…

Why Action station’s report is flawed

Tēnā koutou katoa,
The ActionStation report, “They’re our Whānau” came out a week ago, and has already been cited by the major networks and the government as being accurate, well researched and likely to be a building block of policy.

This concerns me greatly; it confirms that social science has now become more about subjective perspective with political/ideological buzzwords, rather than providing objective analysis.

You may understand little unless you read the report, which can be found here:

Now, I am just a boy from Glen Innes, and this response is from my ability to read, think and form an opinion based on my experience and the ‘rattling of head marbles’.

What is this report so loved by the Labour/NZ First/Greens government? quote.

They’re Our Whānau is a collaborative research project that compiles the perspectives of over 900 Māori participants. end quote.

My first issue? The ‘data’ comes from opinions and subjective thought; nicely worded and, just coincidentally, following what ActionStation believes…

The data were collected in four ways:

  1. Seven expert interviews conducted by fourth year medical students.
  2. An online survey –  the surveys were promoted through the ActionStation mailing list, adverts on Facebook and by outreach to hapū and iwi groups.
  3. A literature review.
  4. Attendance at the government’s Safe and Effective Justice Summit in Porirua.

What are the issues with these collection methods?

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I stand opposed to the End of Life Choice Bill

Fakalofa Atu,

I stand opposed to the End of Life Choice Bill.

The bill that has been proposed threatens to further destabilise the meaning of life within our society, that most precious and societally basic idea that being alive is a gift and honour, and the inherent value that brings to self and the community.

We live in a society where we have traditionally fought, often with the blood of our people, to save and uphold the value of life, in order that the very right to exist is upheld.

And we now find ourselves experiencing an assault on the very preciousness of life, in the form of a law designed to increase the marketing of suicide.

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Let’s listen to the principal

In a speech delivered to students, Fraser High School principal Virginia Crawford said she didn’t want her students to become statistics.

The speech is appalling. The reality is worse…

Virginia Crawford has been vilified for speaking truth into a dimly lit room that many of us would prefer to remain ignorant of. New Conservative stands with the heart of Principal Crawford’s words.

Truancy is not usually a cause of the pain and misery we see within the lives of our rangatahi. Truancy is an indicator for us, whether parent, teacher or youth worker. Truancy loudly proclaims that ‘something is broken or hurt inside me’. For every truanting child who has managed to become successful, there are far too many who have endured further damage and subjected the community to that same damage.

If we do not listen and react to such a cry, then we cannot delude ourselves later with the common lament of ‘slipped through the cracks of the system.

Once the emotional offence has subsided from Principal Crawford’s honesty, then the real work can begin, by focusing on an activity that is accepted to be an indicator of future success or failure by both academics and those on the front line.

The fact that over the last two years, Māori and Pasifika students came in at just over 50% regular attendance in school, should be a wake-up call in itself.
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