The benefit of negative consequences

I enjoy putting up a humorous meme or satirical piece on Monday mornings, a sort of transition from the weekend of ignorant bliss into the maelstrom of work and family responsibilities.

Two days ago, however, I read the following:

The Drug Foundation wants to remove schools’ powers to expel any student younger than the school leaving age of 16. end quote.


Yes, it appears that the Drug Foundation desires to “remove the power to expel students under 16 and instead create incentives for schools to keep all students engaged in learning.”

So effectively, a child who commits violence or sexual assault, or multiple thefts, or stands over weaker children for lunch money, or sits in class whispering nothing but threats to a victim, will have more power than the safety of the other children, the parents of the school, indeed the school itself.

An excellent example of how to deconstruct personal responsibility…

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Elliot Ikilei is a husband and father who has worked in both personal and professional life as a youth worker for over 15 years. Through such experiences in work and personal life, he made a decision to devote his life to the protection of the family as the cornerstone of society. He staunchly defends freedom of speech that provides the foundation of all our freedoms.