Reject the Tomorrow’s Schools Report

First published by Education Central 
By Alwyn Poole

Opinion: The last thing New Zealand’s education system needs is another layer of bureaucracy.

I have had a read of the report on Tomorrow’s Schools by the ‘independent’ taskforce led by Bali Haque. I have also read his defence of it published here.

I have never read a document on the New Zealand education system that has more potential to cause irreparable harm to New Zealand children and their families. It doesn’t take long for their massively ideological pre-supposition to be made clear.

“Because schools are self-governing, agencies have lost the capacity and capability to deeply influence [i.e. control] schools in their core business of teaching and learning.” (p9 of their summary document).

Their work clearly was trying to find a whole lot of problems that their “solutions” fit and failing miserably. It is all about control – of boards, principals, teachers, resources, etc. Adding another layer of bureaucracy to the New Zealand system and removing parental influence is the very, very last thing needed.

Their proposals aim to hugely reduce the democratic influence of the New Zealand people in the education of their children.

Some of the problems they have identified need attention, but that needs to be well directed. Their approach is like finding that 10 cars in a fleet of 1,000 have bald tyres so ordering the replacements for all (as well as painting them dull grey and having State-selected and controlled drivers). The vast majority of the recommendations they propose would set New Zealand education back decades. They appear to have no understanding of where the actual teaching/learning interface is.

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Let’s party like it’s 1999: Bring back Girl power

By Temporal Tui

The Nineties were great for so many reasons. I grew up then and perhaps I view the decade through slightly rose-tinted glasses but one thing I distinctly remember was the motif of Girl Power. 

Girls can do anything, have any career, wear what they like,  study whatever they choose. I studied science and my sister played rugby. There was nothing that said we couldn’t. Strong female role models were everywhere. We listened to the Spice Girls, Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks singing about womanhood. Buffy the Vampire slayer and Xena the Warrior Princes kicked ass across the screen. Dana Scully lured girls into science and the Star Trek Universe was piloted by Captain Kathryn Janeway. By the end of the Nineties we had our second female Prime Minister. 

What the hell happened? Feminists of today would have us believe that the ‘girl power’ of the nineties was fake, nothing more than a cover up for the objectification and commodification of women. Women were not empowered, they were exploited for the male gaze and the dirty capitalist agenda.

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The administration and management of our roads is broken

By Owen Jennings


Over the past few months I have been working as a relocation driver for a rental car/campervan company.  The job takes me across the city regularly but also all across the North Island and occasionally to the mainland.  It’s been interesting. 

Here are a few observations – some pretty obvious and others maybe less so.

Drivers.  The great majority of drivers are capable, courteous when required and simply get the job done.  Too many, though, are unforgiving, have a short fuse and get all over you if you make a small error or want to do something legal but unusual.  Often there is a tiger ready to be unleashed in a millisecond.  They become impatient very quickly and multiply the risk greatly.

Generally, the fastest drivers are young women.  I am often overtaken by females travelling at what must be 120 – 130 kph.

Normally sedate 90 – 95 kph drivers on the open road became a menace at overtaking lanes.  They speed up, seemingly offended that anyone should pass them, only to force the drivers they were holding back to drive like maniacs at 130 kph plus to get rid of the problem.

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NZ Sovereignty: Mission statement & more

Mission Statement:

NZ Sovereignty is a peaceful movement defending civil liberty, freedom of speech, the right of assembly, the right to safety and New Zealand’s sovereignty.

We the European, Maori and all peoples of New Zealand, unite together under the New Zealand Sovereignty banner which fundamentally holds that decisions on immigration policies must always be made by New Zealanders and New Zealanders alone.

Our nation will decide how best to control our borders and who will be allowed to enter our country. A global framework to manage migration to our borders, set by international organisations that will determine New Zealand’s domestic immigration policy, is simply not in the best interests of all New Zealanders.

We affirm Western values and the promotion of Judeo-Christian ethics as the pillars that allow for our nation’s stability, social democracy, freedom and individual prosperity.

We also acknowledge Maori culture as a significant part of New Zealand’s heritage. We take issue with any ideology, religion or culture which seeks to take away the freedoms that we as New Zealanders have enjoyed, whether from an outside organisation such as the UN, or from any culture in New Zealand which does not respect the rule of New Zealand law.

We affirm the individual rights and freedoms of ALL New Zealand citizens of every creed and race. God defend New Zealand.

If you are in the group of 95% of NZers who didn’t hear about the Pact, or don’t know what it is, this is not your fault. It was under-reported by the MSM and not publicly debated by politicians.

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I survived Communism: Part five

The article below was written by Zuzana Janosova Den Boer, who experienced Communist rule in Czechoslovakia before coming to Canada.

Corruption under Communism:

Because of lack of goods and services, corruption and bribery become endemic under communism. Of course, corruption also exists in capitalist countries, but communism elevates it to a completely different (systemic) level.

 “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

To function, in order to survive, you must have a network of connections, and pay bribes, for everything:

·Education may be free, but there’s no guarantee you’ll ever get into your desired school’s program, even if you have top marks. The state might have different plans for you, or for your child. But with good connections and the timely delivery of a valuable gift to the school principal or party leader, anything is possible.

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I survived Communism: Part four

Statues remembering the victims of the Communist era in the Czech capital Prague

The article below was written by Zuzana Janosova Den Boer, who experienced Communist rule in Czechoslovakia before coming to Canada.

Economic Consequences of Communism:

Do you think communism failed because of oppression?  No. You can brainwash and threaten people, keep them dangling like puppets, until the supply of goods starts to disappear.   Economic reality always prevails.

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other’s people money.

Margaret Thatcher

The economic consequences of communism are always the same – poverty, and this one comes with an ironclad guarantee – a lifetime warranty. People always spend their own money more carefully than someone else’s. Capitalism is about efficiency. Private businesses must spend their capital very carefully. They cannot afford to make investments in their business unless they are sure it will be worth it. A mistake could result in an increased price for their product, reduced cash-flow, loss of competitiveness and eventual bankruptcy.

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I survived Communism: Part three

Statues remembering the victims of the Communist era in the Czech capital Prague

The article below was written by Zuzana Janosova Den Boer, who experienced Communist rule in Czechoslovakia before coming to Canada.

In April 2018, an Edmonton father went to an elementary school to see his grade-4 daughter’s play. In the play, the children sabotaged a factory, in the name of climate-change, then went on to save Alberta from its “evil oil industry” and “greedy oil barons”. Textbook communist methodology – demonizing the private sector (oil industry) by representing them as “greedy oil barons”.

In some university lecture halls, professors are also trying to indoctrinate the new upcoming proletariat. Every time I see elite university students protesting capitalism and advocating socialism, I wonder if they realize that if they succeed, it will be their very last protest. In an interview recorded in 1984, KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov described the consequences of ideological subversion (indoctrination). Here is a short excerpt: quote.

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‘I survived Communism: Part two

Statues remembering the victims of the Communist era in the Czech capital Prague

The article below was written by Zuzana Janosova Den Boer, who experienced Communist rule in Czechoslovakia before coming to Canada.

An important warning.

Do I have your attention? Then let me describe to you how communist propaganda and methodology work.  There are 3 main stages:

1.      Polarization  (KGB term: “demoralization”)

2.      Destabilization

3.      Revolution

Stage 1:          Polarization – Divide and Conquer

In order to win power, communists first polarize their target society. The notion of injusticeis introduced. One group of people – poor workers – are made to feel victimized by a second group, to the point that they demand civil discourse. Who are these people that supposedly victimize poor workers? Here’s a clue:

Communists don’t care about poor people, they just hate rich ones

George orwell

The one thing a communist cannot abide is a wealthy person. For communists, the rich are owners of private businesses, especially successful ones. They are loathed and demonized as heartless, spiteful monsters who exploit their employees and don’t care about their welfare. The rich are public enemy #1 – they don’t care about people or the environment; they care only about profit and wealth. Dare to disagree?  Then you are a “denier” and “imperialist traitor”, and after completion of stage 3, you will be physically liquidated.

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Trump Derangement Syndrome in NZ

By Malcolm Moncrief-Spittle

Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is serious, not just a cute insult or cliché. It is real and even worse in New Zealand than in Trump’s America, which has some major media institutions that are more sympathetic to Trump such as Fox News, Breitbart, and The Daily Caller.

Andrew Breitbart, before his too-early death in 2012 at the age of 43, made the remark that “Politics is downstream from culture”  (The documentary Hating Breitbart on YouTube is a good introduction to Andrew Breitbart, as is his 2011 book Righteous Indignation.)

Andrew Breitbart saw that the mainstream media in the USA had effectively become a wing of the Democratic Party and much of academia another wing. So you had an academic-media-Democratic complex. Leftists overwhelmingly predominate in media and academia and the result is an overwhelming barrage of propaganda attempts to mould and shape public opinion.

The Otago Daily Times is no worse than any other New Zealand daily paper but I will use it to illustrate my points. Trump Derangement Syndrome is just as bad in the NZ Herald and the Dominion Post, and readers of other daily papers may be able to relate having had similar exposure to TDS.

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Your children, their pawns

People’s children are sacrificial pawns in advancing Gender Ideology.
It’s clear that gender-theory ideologues are intent on advancing their beliefs without regard for due process, parental consent or civil discussion.

If you engage in debate around this issue online, you find prevalent vitriolic and vicious support for the idea that ‘Gender’ is not influenced at all by biological sex.

The ideologues’ responses to objections to their theories are seldom anything other than emotional manipulation such as ‘you’re invalidating my existence’. An appeal to the current year is also a common weapon in their arsenal.

“It’s 2019! get with the times, bigot”  isn’t exactly winning anyone over, but it is a tool to silence dissent.   

One belief they hold is that gender roles and stereotypes are merely learned behaviours imposed upon us by our oppressive ‘colonial’ western society.
They also believe that society is merely a ‘construct’ and can be broken down and rebuilt in any number of ways without any consequences.

A civil and rational society theoretically should discuss these radical new ideas fully and respectfully before teaching them to people’s children.

The vast majority of New Zealand’s population don’t understand what the doctrine of gender identity means, let alone realise that it is already being taught!

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