An open letter to Labour MPs

PHOTO Supplied to Whaleoil, Dominic Elliot holding a sign: “Jacinda where is your support now?”

Guest Post:

Dear Labour MPs

Soon you will be voting on the legislation which is aimed at closing Charter Schools.  I would very strongly urge you to vote *against* this legislation: one of the most abysmal, cold-hearted and ruthless bills to have ever come before the New Zealand Parliament.

Your choices have never been clearer.

By voting *against* this legislation, you will be voting FOR children – Maori and Pasifika children in particular.

Isn’t THAT what you want to be remembered for?

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Strictly monitored or an unsupervised party with easy access to booze?

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Guest Post:

On Tuesday morning Whaleoil revealed that Labour MP Liz Craig was present while young people were drinking during the recent Labour camp. This was later confirmed by Labour Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during her crisis press conference that afternoon. During this conference she stated that Ms Craig was asleep during the alleged sexual assaults of the four young people. Ms Craig later released a statement reiterating this fact and insisting that the alcohol consumption during the camp was strictly monitored.

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Impertinent questions for the Minister of Education

Credit: SonovaMin

Guest Post:

1.  Given that many students in charter schools have been failed by state schools, why do you want to throw them back into the very system that failed them? Does this not show a cold, ruthless and callous disregard for the future of the students in charter schools?

2.  This government has made a great deal of noise about “being open and transparent”.  Why, then, have you never given a reason for closing charter schools? “They have no place in NZ education,” is not a reason.

3.  What is your REAL reason for wanting to close charter schools?

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Government no different to Taliban

The Buddhas of Bamiyan were two monumental statues of standing Buddha from the 6th century, which were carved into a cliff, and were located in the Bamyan valley, Afghanistan.

Guest post:

In wanting to close charter schools, this government is really no different to the Taliban when they blew up the Bamiyan Buddhas.

The Taliban blew them up because the Buddhas “were not part of their ideology”.  This is exactly the same as the situation with the Labour government and Charter schools.  Charter schools are not part of *their* ideology.

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A new party needs to be created now: Part two

Guest Post:


Suggested principles that would attract a broad spectrum of voters:

1. Move towards smaller government

Fewer bureaucrats = less money wasted so reduce the size of the bureaucracy. Simplify the tax laws.

2. All New Zealanders to be equal under the law and only one NZ law for all.

No religious ‘laws’ and only citizens may vote. Have a binding referendum on abolishing historic Maori special seats: they are now unneeded as Maori genes are extremely widely spread in our population. Cease giving money undemocratically to Maori elites. Money given to tribal elites is undemocratic. We live in a democracy, not a tribal culture.

3.Protecting the environment.

Protecting our environment by vigilantly working with farmers and businesses to control toxins; increase our marine reserves. Repeal the RMA. Examine the many business blocks in the so businesses can start prospering again while still looking after our environment. Start fast-tracking more hydro-electricity dams.

4. More focus on law and order

Reorganise and re-focus the police force on areas of their work like burglary. Stop harassment of legal gun owners. ‘Castle law’ Encourage NZ citizens to defend themselves with equal force against personal attackers.

5. Education

Start by paying for results.Measured by examining the pupils’ progress. Schools have to cease allowing students to end their education completely uneducated unable to read and write. Return to national standards and encourage the charter school approach that works so well for some students. Increasing literacy rate from the abysmal levels we have now is vital.

6.More emphasis on cars and roading infrastructure

Free up of traffic which will give enormous real savings for businesses and individuals’ time and wasted fuel. Speed up roading construction nationally.Get traffic moving again in Auckland, Wellington and ChChimmediate action removal of all cycleways that have taken away car lanes from roads. Return two lanes on all roundabouts; look to improve how traffic lights interact to speed up traffic. Reduce frequency of suburban trains with few passengers and restore direct bus routes. Make all T3 lanes T2. Stop Dominion Rd. light rail project which will roadblock that part of Auckland.

7. Support and help ‘refugees’ in their own countries

Cease taking refugees from UN, support them so that they can remain domiciled in their own country like Japan does. Select only those immigrants who will integrate and contribute to the economy. Rein in family reunification numbers.Make all serious crime committed by refugees a deportable offence without any “special” mitigating factors. No consideration about what ‘might’ happen when they return to their home country.

8. Drug test those who receive welfare

Just as workers have to comply, drug tests should apply to welfare recipients. People who want to live in state houses shouldn’t be able to select the towns they are housed in.Too many state houses are empty because of this. Persons damaging state housing by smoking P in them to be relocated to another empty state house in another town; no more usage of motels to suit them; recidivist P users should be accommodated in new specially built accommodation that is can be cheaply cleaned of P.

9. Modify NZ’s stance on the Paris Accord

Save 14 Billion dollars and look after New Zealanders first. The science is far from settled, CO2 computer models are very flawed; CO2 not a pollutant but is an essential plant food. More CO2 = more phytoplankton means more carbon sequestration… Methane, 35% of our emissions, is part of a cycle and should not be included in any carbon equation. Use some of the saved money to study agricultural methods of carbon sequestration which could be applied to help other countries.

10.Strengthen our armed forces

Boost funding to armed forces as they have a large very useful role in national disasters as shown recently by assisting in the fuel line problem. Make the navy effective again and start confiscating and selling pirate fishing boats.This party would attract over 5% of the voters if the leader is strong enough to withstand the attacks that would come from the left-biased MSM. It is said that we can’t start a new party from scratch but we have to as it’s the only way using MMP rules to get back the control of government benches.

I am sure that people would step forward who have been deeply involved with the political back scenes in the say National party to get things going. The 2020 election cannot be won by keeping on blindly loyally voting National as the diagram below shows. If we don’t want to live in a dysfunctional ‘nanny state’ republic things have to evolve quickly on the ‘right’. I am willing to put money where my mouth is; let us step up to the plate.

Image supplied: Whaleoil

by Story Short

A guest post submitted to Whaleoil and edited by Whaleoil staff.

A new party needs to be created now: Part one

Guest Post:

How did we end up with the present coalition?

New Zealand’s MMP system was set up to ensure that large groups of voters would be ruled over by small groups of voters in small parties as the diagram of the last election below shows.

Therefore the only way to use MMP for the furtherance of our views is to form a strong stable support party that will aid National as the Green party supports Labour, and keep National on track.

Image supplied: Whaleoil

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Prayers please for the Ministry of Truth

Guest Post:

All prayers this morning, please, directed to the toilers and drones at The Ministry of Truth who worked so long and so hard overnight, expunging at the memory hole, and must now, surely, be weary and worthy of rest.

Less than ten hours ago NZyounglabour’s facebook displayed a post from February 13th speaking of summer school and happiness and bliss:


The poster cheerfully added several photographs showing aspects of the little event, yet now there is nothing, all the photos, in fact the entire post; gone. What is this?

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Intelligent debate across religious and political lines

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Lunatic labelling takes grandiose to new levels.

Guest Post: By Brian Rogers

Some articles are timeless and can be enjoyed even years after they were first published. With Brian’s blessing, we revisit, ‘Lunatic labelling takes grandiose to new levels.’

Society’s headlong plunge into PC lunacy continues. The signs are all there. Literally. On the side of the road.

A few years ago, astute Sun readers pointed out the ridiculous “Pavement Rehabilitation” which we think means “road works”. Now the whole country is sliding down the slippery slopes of lunatic labelling.
We don’t have rubbish dumps any more. Not even refuse sites. We instead have a proliferation of fancy named places such as ‘transfer stations’.
Where in the name ‘transfer station’ does it suggest that’s where we dispose of our rubbish? It sounds more like somewhere you drop grandma off after a weekend visit.
Even even feels the need to explain – to assure residents they’re not taking their rubbish to a bus station.

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Dear Mr Hipkins

Guest Post:

Dear Mr Hipkins,

Thank you for your belated reply to my correspondence (dated 8 February 2018).

I must admit to being disappointed and frustrated that you seem to have failed to appreciate the value, benefits and cost-effectiveness of the Partnership Schools Kura Hourua model. Have you actually visited any of these schools with an open mind?

As I pointed out in my previous letter, the public education system, which I have funded as a taxpayer for 50 years, has been failing to educate a sector of students who have the right to have what you state is your goal of “every child has the opportunity to succeed”.

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A guest post submitted to Whaleoil and edited by Whaleoil staff.