Hook, line and stinkers

Michelle Obama & Barack Obama

It was a stocking-filler for Gallup, a way to keep their profile polished while political news dried up over the holiday break, but what is interesting is the pure self-promotional puffery they produce when releasing the results and the way deadbeat media mental dwarfs take it all in: hook, line and stinkers.

I’m talking about Gallup’s ‘Most Admired’ poll released at the end of December and immediately reprinted or, more correctly, regurgitated by countless dullard-decile media band-waggoneers under whatever vacuous headline was prompted by the constant whistling in the empty space between their collective ears. They did this as they severed themselves from Twit-me and Face-news to indulge in the vital few seconds of concentration required to cut and paste, that being the onerous workload required of every card-carrying modern media-type when producing an ‘article’.

While Gallup’s actual release was headed reasonably soberly, “Michelle Obama Ends Hillary Clinton’s Run as Most Admired“, we all know that would never do for the obsessive-compulsives of the anti-Orange-Man media. It was quickly re-worked by Bloomberg to read “Obamas Top the Trumps as America’s Most Admired People” and then twisted again when Stuff ran the Bloomberg story under their own banner as “Obamas named America’s most admired people, ahead of Donald Trump“, thereby fixing their headline to their own political sensitivities, petty self-righteousness and inanity.

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Positively ghoulish, irresponsible, and economical with the truth

People lay flowers and light candles during a candlelight vigil for murdered British tourist Grace Millane

That a young lady is dead, that she was a welcome visitor here, and that a local man is involved in some way is all that we know at this stage. We don’t know how she died, or why the suspect attempted to conceal her remains. Only time and a thorough investigation will give us that information, and God will that it does, as knowing will give some understanding to us all, but especially the poor young lady’s family, of the hugely sad event.

Yet the open letter from ‘50 influential women’ begins,

It’s difficult to know how to express the horror so many of us feel about what happened to Grace Millane. She was 21, on the trip of a lifetime, with her whole life ahead of her …and then she was gone.
When young women are murdered, it reminds women that our safety is an illusion. We have some of the worst statistics for sexual violence, domestic violence and violence against women in the OECD. Most of that violence is at the hands of our men.
This is a time for national soul-searching. It is also a time for solution-based action.

So the 50 influential women have declared that young Grace was murdered and that violence occurred. This is pure speculation since we simply do not know the facts, yet it’s enough to wield a brush to tar all this country’s men. Thus the letter is not a statement of concern; it is an opportunist, agenda-driven propaganda statement, and like most propaganda it is untruthful.

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Climate Stupid 101: The most important things to understand about this urgent problem

Hi Kittens

Welcome to Stuffed University where Captain Crock will lead us through Climate Stupid 101. This is an important subject, so important we will not brook criticism, of any kind, by anybody. This is strictly facts, all facts, absolutely no matter-of-facts.

“Earth’s warming is largely related to the quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These absorb heat from the sun as it is reflected off the earth’s surface and send it back again.”
Professor James Renwick, a climate scientist at Victoria University Wellington, says this process is akin to having a blanket on a bed.
“A thicker blanket, a warmer body; a thicker blanket over the earth, a warmer earth.”

So, there you have it, Stupids. The earth’s atmosphere is a blanket, except it’s not. The atmosphere is hugely gaseous, a blanket hugely solid. The atmosphere enhances convection while a blanket suppresses it, but they are the same, so sayeth Stuff. No correspondence will be entered into.

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The Maxwell effect

The Dominion Post

The Maxwell effect is in, Joel Maxwell that is, and it’s working superbly for the Dominion Post where the unthinkable has happened; they’ve managed to increase the already-high rate of subscribers lost to the rotten rag.

Amazing, eh? Who could have predicted that giving a race-baiting drongo a half-page spiel to expectorate his drivel on a weekly basis would lead to the paper becoming even less appealing?

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Handy Andy shifts dirt like nothing else can

Ya gotta hand it to Handy Andy, he knows not what he knows, what he knew was all new, he had altogether no idea but knew all about it, all at the same time, except he didn’t but did…

I’ve no idea, but suspect it wasn’t just Andy’s nose growing during this interview:

Guyon Espiner:

Yeah, but, as head of the EPMU with members who were in this mine who were reporting safety incidents at the time, reporting over a thousand of them, [1,083 incidents] did you know about any of these safety issues when you were head of the EPMU?

Andrew Little:

Not until afterwards, not until after the, uhm…

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The Minister for Rocks in his head

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

The Minister for Rocks in his Head continues the clueless coalition’s strangling embrace of incompetence.

When I heard this on the car wireless on the way home two nights ago, I had to pull over; I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. I fully expected this to be all over the news yesterday, yet…nothing.

With great fanfare and press release Andrew Little announced, just three days ago, the re-entry of Pike River Mine, with loads of bluster about justice, the collection of possible forensic evidence and ‘not ruling out’ criminal charges.

There is just one problem with all this. At this stage, he has zero support from those qualified to collect that evidence! The police have not agreed to take part in the farcical re-entry and have ruled out sending attendees to the training camp planned, while the other vital cog of evidence evaluation and testing, the ESR, has released a statement specifically stating they will not make any personnel available for underground duties, and furthermore: quote.

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Stuff clouds the truth

Trying to see through clouds, well; it’s almost like having the wool pulled over your eyes, just ask any pilot. As for having the wool pulled over your eyes, well just ask any newspaper reader, it happens all the time. Bulls-wool; that is.

President Donald Trump stands in front of headstones during an American Commemoration Ceremony, Sunday Nov. 11, 2018, at Suresnes American Cemetery near Paris. Trump is attending centennial commemorations in Paris this weekend to mark the Armistice that ended World War I. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Last Saturday, 10th November, Donald and Melania Trump were due to attend end-of-WW1 commemorations at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial in France. The date and place of the commemoration were loaded with significance; the cemetery holds the many remains of casualty’s from the Battle of Balleau Wood, regarded as an important action for the American military, but especially reverent to the Marine Corps for in that verdant copse they were slaughtered, suffering more casualty’s in the opening day’s fighting than ever experienced in the Corp’s prior 143-year history: 1,087 of them lay there, stilled, by the end of fighting on day one: June 6th, 1918.

Balleau Wood and Aisne-Marne cemetery are as connected to American Marines as Bellevue Spur and Tyne-Cot cemetery are to the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

The centenary of the opening battle was earlier this year but the gathering scheduled for November 10th had another meaning in a way unique to American regimental lore; it was the Marine Corps ‘birthday’ having been established on November 10th, 1775. It must have been a truly difficult decision then for the Marine Corps to ground Marine 1, the presidential helicopter, on a day so solemn to them in so many ways, because of the danger poor visibility caused by a cover of thick, low, cloud in the sky above Paris presented, leading to cancellation of Mr Trump’s plans for attendance at the Aisne-Marne ceremony.

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Fashionable fictions from former newspaper of record

It’s become so very fashionable among our betters to denigrate all remnants of this country’s British legacy. Their sniggers and sneers echo across their columns and social-media pages. In-jokes that wink to their collective self-loathing, their contemporary self-flagellation and heroic in-their-own-mind displays of modernist self-martyrdom and look-at-moi mentality.

God! They’re pathetic. All of them.

Lately, their displays have turned to utter untruths, willful lies that speak to their own integrity, or rather, lack thereof. Gobshite candidate for this week is Paul Little, from a newspaper, displaying his mirth, his own juvenile jollying, at the prospect of the new British High-Commissioner; Laura Clarke’s intention to learn the language of Maori: quote.

Let it sink in. This is a Pom speaking. And not just any Pom, but the official representative of the Queen herself, that Crown whose representatives were responsible for almost wiping the language from the face of the Earth. The people who tried to beating the language out of the race are now having to play catch up. end quote.

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‘Responsible’ news reporting

Reading through part of a recent 250-page court ruling last night, I was intrigued by references to ‘responsible’ news reporting and a thing called the Press Council which apparently upholds the virtues of ‘accuracy, fairness and balance’. This was certainly news to me and something I felt I should learn more of.

I conducted an experiment to test said ‘responsible’ reportage. I took verbatim a recent, highly publicised statement from an MP expressing the view that concern should be felt by everybody working in parliament, the members of the press gallery – “you guys”, “and MPs” – should details of the bedroom-olympics between the various parties become fair game in the public arena. I checked the ‘accurate, fair and balanced’ treatment of that statement from a single news outlet.    Read more »

Goodbye to science

Bob Brockie got the boot, and thus another reason to pick up a Fairfax paper disappeared with him.

His weekly science column was one of the best the awful collection of rags have ever carried; well phrased, often entertaining and always interesting. A good read; something the editors of the motley cluster of mastheads lately eschew.

I think the last straw for the luvvies was Brockie’s column in March: The Treaty has no place in scientific endeavour. I mean: how awful, how could he say such a thing that flies in the face of every card-carrying, easily-offended, humanities wet?

Duly a response to Brockie’s blasphemy was published, castigating him, and his ousting became an object of endeavour, to be replaced by a suitably conformist group-thinker with neither writing talent, or balance.   Read more »