Gaza: Prison or the new Hong Kong?

Disclaimer: The writer has never been to Gaza nor Hong Kong and relies on reports and information presented by others that are all available on the Internet for anyone to check out for themselves.


Both countries have large population densities, places for rich and poor, and a tourist trade.

Israelis living in Gaza left in August 2005 in a “disengagement” plan by Prime Minister Sharon. This plan was to solve a demographic issue arising from a single state and it was also seen as putting on hold the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Although there was compensation some were forcibly evicted. The UN considers that the Gaza Strip is under military occupation by Israel but that is disputed. However the IDF controls 6 of the 7 land crossings, the air and maritime space, and Gaza is dependent on Israel for water, electricity, and other utilities. Rulers of Gaza maintain a hostile attitude, sometimes with each other (Hamas and Fatah) but mainly with Israel. Rocket fire from the Gaza Strip began in 2001 (hence the blockade after disengagement) and around 20,000 rockets have hit southern Israel by August 2014.

The West Bank wall stopped suicide bombing by Palestinian protestors entering Israel and it is likely that the Gazan border control works like that as well. The above is a very short summary as I see it.

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Dealing to the Absurd with Counter Absurdity

As promised in my last piece “A Social Construct” what follows is a lighter side to the attack on our social constructs to cheer you up after what was a bit of a depressing piece. Here are a few ideas on how to deal with the absurd with counter absurdity.

As I see it when a social construct is dismantled and either replaced or left undefined it provides opportunities for ridicule and absurdity.  I alluded to this in my last piece when I mused that I could gender identify as a Black Hawk Helicopter.  Seems a bit absurd but that is exactly what is happening. Not just Attack Helicopters but whatever takes your fancy.  It might be a piss take, but knowing this world there will be people who are deadly serious about how they identify no matter how absurd it might appear to others.

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A social construct

Guest Post:

When I went to university there was a concept referred to in practically every course I took.  That concept was to describe institutions, customs, and the general underpinnings of our society as “social constructs.” I didn’t have a problem with that. It seemed obvious to me that humans have over thousands of years developed structures by which to order society and that these structures also vary from culture to culture. These structures are not inherently natural but are created or constructed by society to provide some sort of order. Good.

However, at university the focus was generally only on the social constructs that academia disliked and that were referred to as social constructs – the institution of marriage, gender binary classification, particular laws, anything to do with Christianity, etc – other social constructs were probably recognised as social constructs but rarely referred to as such. Other social constructs that were acceptable (to the academics) were largely ignored.

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It Was The 2008 Election Winston! Let it Go

You may recall the Vogels advert where the guy is talking about his missus burning his Vogels toast.  She is in the background and says “It was a year ago Michael, Let it go.”  It seems to me Winnie has not got over the 2008 election and is now trying to exact Utu.  He needs to let it go, build a bridge and get over it.

As expected (by me at least) once Winston had secured the baubles of office we would hear very little from him and he would quietly go about his portfolio business and be loyal to the coalition. And by and large, that is what has happened.

I was a little surprised as I was glued to my TV screen mesmerised by Waitangi Day celebrations [sarcasm] to see Winston pop up and be interviewed on Air New Zealand bringing Barack Obama to New Zealand.  What the? What has that got to do with Waitangi Day?  Why would Winston even entertain engaging with the media, it is head down bum up and keep a low profile, unless of course, Winston instigated the interview?

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