Sensational Seventh Sepia CD!

Is the latest Derek McGovern/Sepia Mario Lanza CD, their seventh, sensational?
Back in the day, in cases where answers were obvious, one might have responded rhetorically, “Is the Pope a Catholic?!”  
To do so in our present circumstances might cast doubt on the CD’s indeed being sensational, so let me just say flatly, “It is sensational.”

Here’s what I emailed the good professor after my first hearing:

“Just played it right through. I’m a bit shattered, I have to say. I didn’t imagine it could get that good. I was resolutely supine with my Grant’s Whisky and lost count of the number of times I wanted to go bolt upright. Up until Lover [Come Back to Me] I thought, yes very good, but nothing startling as yet. I was even mildly disappointed that you didn’t use the superior take of Love Is [The Sweetest Thing]. But with Lover, the earth moved. 

“With Gypsy [Love Song], honestly I started to shake with terror and disbelief, a kind of Dominique reaction that such beauty was ever permitted. I think for the first time I had the full realisation that recordings indeed couldn’t really capture him, though these reproductions obviously come closer than ever and it truly scares the hell out of you, as Sammy observed. All the Things [You Are] was terrifying also. I was waiting for the walls to collapse or the speakers to rebel.

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Scintillating, Shimmering Schumann

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra conducted by Thomas Søndergård with Denis Kozhukhin (piano). Music by Beethoven, Schumann and Sibelius. Michael Fowler Centre, May 18, 2019

“Decadence!” is how English critic Henry Fothergill Chorley viewed the music of Robert Schumann. Schumann’s was the art of “covering pages with thoughts little worth noting and of hiding an intrinsic poverty of invention by grim or monotonous eccentricity.” It portended the imminent demise of civilised living. (It should be noted that Chorley was likened by one eminent contemporary to a “stuffed monkey,” on whom the prodigious amounts of alcohol he consumed were apparently wasted.)

If you wish to participate in civilisation-ending decadence of the utmost deliciousness, you must not miss  Denis Kozhukhin’s truly wicked performance of Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A-Minor with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra—coming soon to a town near you, if you live near Tauranga, Hamilton, Auckland or New Plymouth.

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Two weeks on

By Lindsay Perigo

Let’s just reiterate some basics here, two weeks on:

1) The Christchurch killer is evil beyond words. Saying this is not token virtue-signalling, which would make one sick; it is a heartfelt condemnation, by a lover of freedom and reason, of a gruesome initiation of force by a monster. Nor is it the fallacy of moral equivalence to say that monster is on a par with the Muslims who far more commonly perpetrate such atrocities. The gratuitous slaughter of innocents is never moral.

2) Islam remains one of the great toxic forces of our time, in its routine grisly initiations of force against apostates, “infidels”, gays, women, children ? and each other. If “moderate Muslims” wish to persuade us that that term has any validity, they must demonstrate and proclaim much more loudly that Sharia and Jihad, beheadings and amputations, cage-burnings, stonings, “honour killings”, genital mutilation, child rape, etc., are not integral to Islam. Good luck with that!

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Who’s on board then?

By Lindsay Perigo


March 17, 2019 at 3:10 pm.

The International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) has called on non-Muslim countries to ban Islamophobia, following the killing of dozens of people on a deadly attack on two mosques in New Zealand.

?IUMS calls on non-Muslim countries to ban the spread of hatred against Islam and Muslims,? IUMS President Ahmed al-Raisouni said in a statement at the conclusion of a 2-day session held in Istanbul on Friday. end of quote


I have a better idea. Why don’t all countries require all people?citizens, non-citizen residents or visitors?within their jurisdiction, as a prerequisite for being within their jurisdiction, to sign the following pledge:

“Just as I reserve the right to hold and express my opinions on any matter whatsoever, I promise to respect the right of all others to do the same. I renounce unreservedly the use of coercion and violence in the promotion of my opinions.”

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‘The hero of our time’ & the Jacinda look alike AKA ‘Occasional Cortex’

This week we talk about the State of the Union Address, more equalism & reason, the esthetic uglyness of the fry quakers, & related.
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The coming crisis & the Devil’s work

Q&A Bruno e Linzio: Episode 11

In the last episode for 2018, Bruno and I react to various comments about earlier episodes.

Episode 10: Savages & Ubermensch

War & Christ: The Bruno e Linzio Transmission

  • Soyman Brudges’ cowardice on the US versus China
  • “The Diversity Delusion” by Heather MacDonald
  • The upcoming civil war courtesy of multiculturalism; a Christmas greeting!
  • Oh, and … Close the Universities!

Saving Free speech from Profa

Credit: SonovaMin

It was reassuring to read on?Whaleoil?about a new organisation called Advance Australia which humans are joining ” to make sure their beloved country doesn?t succumb to rampant radicalism or political correctness” of the kind viciously promoted by the Soros-funded group GetUp. We could do with something like Advance Australia in New Zealand, where subhumans – biological humans who nonetheless renounce reason and revert to force – are attempting to end free speech at every turn. They are our local Antifa, except that Antifa should be called (and will be by me henceforth) “Profa” because they are?pro-fascist. In their behaviour, appearance and mindless malice they are the modern-day version of Mussolini’s Blackshirts. In their beliefs, they are Islamo-Marxists, which makes them fascists also.

At present they are successful. Although Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern were finally allowed in to New Zealand to speak at a privately-owned venue – having been denied a ratepayer-funded one by Phascist Phil – the private owner was intimidated by Profa at the last minute to such an extent that he called the event off and told the pair he didn’t want them anywhere near his establishment.

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