‘The hero of our time’ & the Jacinda look alike AKA ‘Occasional Cortex’

This week we talk about the State of the Union Address, more equalism & reason, the esthetic uglyness of the fry quakers, & related.
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The coming crisis & the Devil’s work

Q&A Bruno e Linzio: Episode 11

In the last episode for 2018, Bruno and I react to various comments about earlier episodes.

Episode 10: Savages & Ubermensch

War & Christ: The Bruno e Linzio Transmission

  • Soyman Brudges’ cowardice on the US versus China
  • “The Diversity Delusion” by Heather MacDonald
  • The upcoming civil war courtesy of multiculturalism; a Christmas greeting!
  • Oh, and … Close the Universities!

Saving Free speech from Profa

Credit: SonovaMin

It was reassuring to read on Whaleoil about a new organisation called Advance Australia which humans are joining ” to make sure their beloved country doesn’t succumb to rampant radicalism or political correctness” of the kind viciously promoted by the Soros-funded group GetUp. We could do with something like Advance Australia in New Zealand, where subhumans – biological humans who nonetheless renounce reason and revert to force – are attempting to end free speech at every turn. They are our local Antifa, except that Antifa should be called (and will be by me henceforth) “Profa” because they are pro-fascist. In their behaviour, appearance and mindless malice they are the modern-day version of Mussolini’s Blackshirts. In their beliefs, they are Islamo-Marxists, which makes them fascists also.

At present they are successful. Although Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern were finally allowed in to New Zealand to speak at a privately-owned venue – having been denied a ratepayer-funded one by Phascist Phil – the private owner was intimidated by Profa at the last minute to such an extent that he called the event off and told the pair he didn’t want them anywhere near his establishment.

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Breathtaking, bewitching, blazing Beethoven!
Edo de Waart guided the work with great skill at the Michael Fowler Centre.

Beethoven Symphonies 1 & 9. New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Edo De Waart, conductor; Madeleine Pierard, Soprano; Simon O’Neill, tenor; Anthony Robin Schneider, bass; Voices NZ Choir. Michael Fowler Centre, Friday, November 23, 2018

This occasion was nothing short of astounding—and clearly, nothing less was expected. Every seat was occupied. Overflow audience were seated behind the choir. Paramedics were on standby in case of a stampede of the claustrophobic. The Band were in the same stellar form they’ve been in all year. Edo was in his element. Voices NZ were exemplary. The four soloists were in splendid fettle—the ladies floatingly elegant then impressively powerful as required; the men … well, Mr O’Neill was polished and spirited as ever, but it’s no disrespect to say that he was overshadowed by Mr Schneider—first, because young Anthony is eleven feet tall, and second, he’s quite simply louder than Simon when in full throttle. What a voice! This is a classic big black basso sonority of which legends are made, and I suspect will be.

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New Zealand, foreign influences & evil motives

Is New Zealand “woke”?

The West is under attack on several fronts, the main being Islam and China, or the “islamo-marxist” alliance.

Is modern “philosophy” wrong or evil? Satanic temptation and NPCs.

Harry Binswanger sends a letter to the migrant caravan.

The Bruno e Linzio Transmission: Episode 7

  • Open Borders
  • Immigration
  • ObLeftivist NPCs
  • Hereditary Citizenship,
  • ARI Funding and Conspiracy
  • The Vice of Evasion
  • Immigration and Crime Lies,
  • Ayn Rand and Sovereignty,
  • Does American Culture Exist?
  • The Melting Pot
  • Platonism and IQ
  • Undocumented Democrats and Voting for Capitalism
  • Territorial Integrity and Cultural Integrity.


Lindsay Perigo: Vice of Democracy & the Midterms

New Zealand’s Lindsay Perigo and Bruno Turner discuss:

  • The vice of Democracy
  • The US midterm elections
  • Citizenship pledge of New Zealand
  • Alcohol
  • Demographic transformation of the state of Georgia
  • Hans Hermann Hoppe
  • The Orwellian state of Britain