It ain’t half cool, Mum

Caption: No, these are not satire.

An old Monty Python sketch, “The Royal Nay Vee”, has that formerly stodgy bastion of British tradition and discipline going all-out to be cool and hip, to appeal to the Yoof. As an immaculately white-clad lieutenant commander dons Ray Bans, smokes dope, and mumbles about “the fascist press”, an excitable commodore leaps on-screen, declaring that, “The Navy is Out Of Sight! Come together with the RN! It really is Something Other Than Else!” Then it cuts to a psychedelic, rock’n’roll recruitment ad, with the slogan: Can you dig it, man?

Ha ha, like, droll, baby.

Now, Baby Boomer satire has become Millennial reality. Quote:

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Call for cyclists to wear ID labels

Caption: Just a suggestion.

[…] a cyclist, who cursed and swore at him from a moral high ground that cyclists alone seem able to inhabit

Douglas Adams

Even as far back as 1987, Douglas Adams knew that cyclists were entitled elitists who live in a bubble of smugness where the rules of the road apply to everyone else but them. Now even other two-wheeled road users have had enough of the road maggots. Quote:

Cyclists are facing a new push to wear identification numbers so they can be reported for breaking road rules.

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Labor talks, money walks

Caption: Bill Shorten’s economic policy (Artist’s Impression).

Labor governments are addicted to spending other people’s money and gouging anything which threatens to make a profit. New Zealanders dealing with the ham-fisted economics of the Ardern government will feel a shudder of recognition at the Shorten Labor policies. Increasing capital gains, cutting negative gearing, increasing welfare payments: Labor’s policies are threatening economic devastation for the sake of socialist fluff like “inclusive growth”.

Business are also well aware of what a Labor government would mean for them. They’re taking pre-emptive action. Quote:

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Corporate virtue signallers need to shut their overfed pie-holes

Caption: Gillette are the latest corporation to discover the harsh truth of “get woke, go broke”.

The left love to hate the fabled ‘one percent’ and babble about ‘corporations’. At the same time, the left worship one percenters who tell them what to think and how to vote, and swoon in ecstasy when corporations interfere in democracy.

Others are not so sanguine. Gillette, who have used their brand to push the barrow of leftist misandry and anti-white racism, are rapidly learning the truth of the saying, “get woke, go broke”. They’re joining the queue of media and fast-food corporations who’ve learned the hard way that browbeating ordinary consumers with how deplorable they are is not a winning business strategy. Quote:

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Animal activists offer cash for cruelty

Caption: A live export worker paid by animal activists offered to “distress sheep”.

Even more than most activists, animal activists seem to imagine themselves inhabiting some rarified moral plane that licenses them to commit all manner of wrongdoing, just so long as it furthers their cause.

Now, Animals Australia is accused of offering payment to a live-export worker in return for footage alleging animal cruelty. Quote:

Nationals leader Michael McCormack has accused some animal activists of stopping at nothing to kill off live exports after money was reportedly offered to whistleblowers for incriminating footage…”Many people want the live trade ceased and they’ll stop at nothing to ensure that happens,” Mr McCormack told ABC Radio on Thursday. End of quote.

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It’s ok to be a ‘rock’n’roll nigger’: NZ Broadcasting Standards Authority

I have on my shelves a little book called Nigger. It’s not the work of some hooded Klansman, but a scholarly essay by black Harvard law professor Randall Kennedy. Kennedy’s book is both a fascinating history and a level-headed analysis of the use and abuse of what he calls “a troublesome word”.

After detailing its long history as a term of racial abuse, Kennedy nonetheless concludes: “There is much to be gained by allowing people of all backgrounds to yank nigger away from white supremacists”. New Zealand’s Broadcasting Standards Authority has come to the same sensible conclusion. Quote:

The Broadcasting Standards Authority says the n-word is “highly offensive”, but can be broadcast in Bob Dylan’s song Hurricane.

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The left keep mainstreaming anti-Semitism

Caption: The left – for the many, not the Jew.

Let’s get this straight: there are no Nazis any more. Even neo-Nazis are a tiny pimple on the hairy right buttcheek of contemporary politics. They’re impotent attention-whores whose only purpose is getting into a circle-jerk with relevance-deprived mainstream media. For all the yammering of hysterical ninnies, we are not about to return to the 1930s.

But, for all their fainting fits about imaginary ‘Nazis’, the great hypocrisy of the contemporary left is that they are the closest anyone is coming to even remotely emulating the brownshirts. Not only are their paramilitaries out in the streets, ruthlessly stomping on dissenters, but the left are busily reviving the festering corpse of the Nazis’ greatest grievance: anti-Semitism.

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It’s time to end the war on boys

If I don’t have to hear any more vastly privileged female talking airheads who almost certainly earn at least ten times my annual income yammering about how hard done by they are, it won’t be a moment too soon.

Demanding some kind of proxy revenge because Daddy had to work so much overtime to pay for their private education and pony club, the cancer of modern feminism is subjecting boys to a demeaning war against masculinity from a gynocentric Princess Culture that infests Western institutions from childcare to education, media and government.

It’s time to stop the War on Boys. Quote:

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Rats in your salad? Eat meat instead

Caption: Tests on rats prove that a spinach diet can be fatal.

Rat Salad is a kick-ass Black Sabbath song, but literal rat salad is a good advertisement for a strict Whale Meat diet. A newspaper reports: Quote:

A woman shopping for her young family has found a whole dead rodent in a bag of packaged salad baby spinach…The baby spinach came in two sizes, 250g and 500g.

“I was just about to put the 500g bag in my trolley when I saw the dead mouse or rat in the package,” she told Fairfax news. End of quote.

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Chicks with dicks-tionaries

Caption: A sight so hateful that grown beta males fainted right into their drinks. There were little cocktail umbrellas and maraschino cherries everywhere.

In the latest skirmish of the left’s war on reality, a woman has been turfed out of a pub for wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a dictionary entry.

The left have always had a problem with words, because words with plain meanings describe reality and reality is not a place that the left find congenial. In reality, socialism fails every time. In reality, Marxism murdered far more people than Hitler’s most apocalyptic wet dreams could ever have envisioned.

In reality, women do not have penises and men who think that they’re women are mentally ill. But in the whacky world of the left, reality is hate speech. Quote:

You might have thought it was the most innocuous item someone could wear: a simple black T-shirt bearing the dictionary definition of woman as ‘human female’.

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