It’s all on in Downing st

Theresa May and her husband Philip John arrive for the concert at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg

As taken from Lab Tested’s comment in the General debate:

The No Confidence Vote on Theresa May started at 7 am NZ time and will be completed by 9 am NZ time. The results will immediately be counted, verified and announced.

She needs a simple majority of Conservative party MP’s who decide to vote

Reuters explains

If May wins, she remains in office and cannot be challenged again for 12 months. If she loses, she must resign and is barred from standing in the leadership election that follows. However, a significant mutiny could make her leadership untenable.
It’s a secret ballot, so anything can happen. Even if she wins, the size of the No Confidence vote will be important as it will be difficult for her to get any Brexit deal past Parliament if a significant number of her party have lost confidence in her.

If every single Conservative MP votes, then the winning line is 158. The No Confidence vote was triggered by letters of No Confidence from 48 back-bench MP’s. So NO is already 30% of the way there.

It will be an interesting morning. The future of Britain and Europe is unfolding as we watch.

Audio: Julie Anne Genter on cycleways

JAG with shopping bags. Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

She admits that she has no decent data and that it’s all built on the hope that people will use it.

Starts at 7:49

Audio: Leighton Smith interviewing Simon Bridges *Updated

Leighton Smith

Part one: starts approx 7 minutes in.

Part two:

Part three:

A good lesson in how to ask parliamentary questions

The tale of the travelling cheesecake

The travelling cheesecake at Whaleoil HQ for the Staff Christmas party at a secret location in Auckland

Long-term readers may able to remember that a while ago we started a recipe of the day series and the very first one came from our wonderful writer, Deb. It was for a Turkish delight cheesecake.

There had been some banter at the time about her getting one to me via the Cook Strait Ferry as she lives in Wellington and I live in Marlborough.

Well, I forgot completely about this and, true to her word, she and her (awesome) husband nursed two of these cheesecakes up to Auckland and I, in turn, have brought one home to my kids.

Much food is couriered all around the country every day but I don’t know if a Turkish delight cheesecake has ever travelled over a thousand kilometres in 24 hours before….or been in such strange places.

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Ireland host the All Blacks

Shamrock Ireland

Good morning and welcome to the morning’s rugby match where the two top teams in the world take on one another.

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Rubgy post: England vs The All Blacks

St George cross national flag of England

Good morning and welcome to this morning’s rugby game where England host the All Blacks.

Please feel free to make your predictions and whinge about the referee in the comments section below.

Rugby post: All blacks vs Japan

Welcome to tonights Rugby post between the All Blacks and Japan feel free to make your own comments and assessments of how the game is going.

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Audio: Hosking interviews Ardern about allowing a criminal to stay in NZ

Mike Hosking.


Part 1

Starts at 7min

Part 2

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Book review of the day

Book reviews are suggested by readers and commenters.

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Today’s review comes from Jelsie

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